Election Update

The election count continues.

The formal vote tallies of Australia First Party will have improved over previous Federal electoral performances.

We expect to have 1000 votes in Lindsay and 1500 in McMahon (New South Wales), 2600 in Lalor (Victoria) and a comparative score in Solomon in the Northern Territory.

Australia First Party in Lalor

A Senate team in Western Australia may ultimately win some 4000 votes, placing it well a head of a plethora of minor groups. This campaign has re-established the name of ‘Australia First’ in Western Australia.

Australia First Party WA Senate Candidates 2016Australia First Party WA Senate Candidates 2016: Lyn Vickery (left) and Brian McRea


Members of the party who served on the polls yesterday noted a determination on the part of many of our voters to cast a ballot for Australia First. People looked for us, eagerly took our how to vote cards, commended our struggle and praised our candidates.

One woman called us: “the true hope of Australia”.

Australia First Party in Defence of the Australian People

It confirms our long held view that Australia First Party does not have ‘voters’ as such – we have followers.

The name of Australia First Party is known at a community level. It is the name not simply of a group people cast a ballot for, but of a nascent national movement to defend the nation, to win Identity, independence and Freedom. Its reputation grows as the people’s champion.

The President of Australia First Party, Dr. Jim Saleam, said tonight: ” I thank all those candidates, campaign workers, donors and voters who make up our struggle. We have placed national issues into the public debate, particularly the China ‘Educity’ in Victoria. We have met new supporters and developed our talents.

The party now resumes its regular activism.

Jim Saleam in Lindsay


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