Conservationists lost in Tasmania once The Greens invited extreme socialist necrosis

Tasmania is likely headed back to the bad old days of loggers versus greenies, because The Greens party went politically feral.

There was no doubting Giddings’ Labor’s socio-economic incompetence and the unemployment quagmire and depression she festered.

Giddings and Gillard Labor have only entrenched Tasmania’s timber/forest polarisation, due to either simpleton Giddings or through Gillard treachery.  Labor Giddings and Gillard have used Greens votes.

Conservationists of Tasmania, have blindly entrusted The Greens.  The Greens cleverly gained conservation support since The Franklin River campaign.  But they went feral and have supported ineffective carbon taxes, same-sex marriage, unlimited third world illegals, an unlimited welfare state for all, loose euthanasia, decriminalising illicit drug use.

Sarah Flood-Gate Young

The Greens sell hopelessness and drive substance abuse.  Their ‘gay’ and ‘boat people’ evangelism is toxic and despised.

Tasmanians are Australian proud, hard-working, traditional people. So bullshitting immoral scum is smelt a mile away.

The Greens’ manipulative wedge in minority government has been seen as illegitimate and a wake up call to ordinary Tasmanians not to ever trust The Greens again.

Although the Tasmanian Greens have denied they are left-wing, their stance on a range of social and environmental issues shows they are a party of the radical left.  They embrace extreme socialism, encouraging foreign economic illegals by the tens of thousands, homosexual parenting, while snubbing the plight of ordinary and struggling Australians.

Faggot Family

In many countries, The Greens party would have been tried and sentenced as traitors and their immorality condemned as an anti-Christian cult.

It is no wonder that the Liberal vote is set to reverse a 14-year trend.

Tasmanian Liberals leader Will Hodgman could well be a catalogue garden gnome.  Tasmanians have become so desperate for hope that Liberal candidates won’t win votes, instead they will just fill the disaffected void.

Time to plough back.

Tasmanian Gangrene