Chinese property sharks attack on Mount Druitt

Blacktown Council is up to something sinister and treacherous.  They are well down the track of a scheme to capitalise on the bad image of the Sydney suburb of Mount Druitt to rezone it, forcibly evict Australians and sell the area off to chinese property developers.

Thanks to Australian traitor Blacktown Mayor Len Robinson, Mount Druitt is on track to become Sydney’s latest high rise chinese ghetto, following the yellowing of Haymarket, Chatswood, Ryde and Epping.

A high rise strata manager by trade, Mayor Len Robinson is programatically rezoning community land around Mount Druitt at a skyrocketing rate to build high rise apartments; even if it means forced acquisition of local homes and closing down the local community swimming pool.

Perhaps Robbo also stands to personally profit from selling out the local community to the chinese, to fund his retirement after Liberal politics?   His private Strata Management business is just one of his conflicts of interest as a councillor. And it all has resemblances to the Wagga Mayor shady deals with the chinese over the aborted chinese trade centre.

Both the Blacktown Aquatic Centre and Mount Druitt Swimming Pool are set to be sold off to private chinese property sharks to install chinese only high rise.  Chinese aren’t fools but Blacktown Council is.  This is prime land, right alongside the railway, giving easy access to transport.

The Australia First Party is a wake up to the chinese tentacles and to Liberal profiteers and foreign loyalists.

So far, only Australia First has linked the sale of the pool by Blacktown Council to
the Chinese property developers.  This weekend Australia First held a community meeting and demonstration at the Mount Druitt Swimming Pool.

Save the Mt. Druitt Swimming Pool from the chinese sharks!

Mt Druitt Pool

Loyal Australians are called upon to defend western Sydney from the Chinese property sharks.

A recent report from commercial property multinational, Colliers International, has found a recent escalating appetite for Australian property by the billion chinese. This has been sparked by China’s State strategy and laws encouraging chinese citizens into offshore investment.

China’s share of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Australia tripled between 2007 and 2012, under Rudd-Gillard Labor.  In 2012 Chinese outbound property investments around the world set a new record of around US$4 billion, a trend that is continuing into 2013.

Chinese appetite for Australian real estate assets has grown significantly due to the relatively sound Australian economy, close proximity to China and regulatory changes from both the Chinese and Australian governments which have made it easier for them to invest their wealth in Australia.

chinese urban invasion of Australia

Foreign loyalist, Colliers has had a dedicated property sales team in Shanghai for the past twenty two years deliberately to encourage chinese investors to buy residential, commercial and rural property in Australia.

Chinese real estate developers, china’s 1.1 million millionaires, its 115 billionaires, chinese banks, China’s state-owned enterprises and China sovereign wealth funds are snapping up global real estate markets, especially Australia’s.

Make no mistake this is a deliberate long term property acquisition strategy by the chinese state.  Watch the Sydney Water Board site in Sydney’s CBD now owned and controlled by chinese state owned Shanghai Greenland Group.  It is set to become Sydney’s tallest residential building, and mandarin speaking residents only.

Make no mistake. Foreign ownership is control and it is permanent.