Cassie Orrock for Blacktown Council

Cassie Orrock How To Vote

Our Platform:

1 . No CBD residential tower system at Mt Druitt Station.

This would be for immigrants who have not arrived in Australia yet. It will force out local small business people.

2 . Council must relieve the housing crisis

We would lease vacant property and provide facilities to Aussie homeless.

3 . Beat the new Ice (drug) crisis!

Council must assist the victims and to expand the system of neighbourhood watch to undermine criminal organisations which work against our youth.

4. Blacktown City should not be a ‘refugee welcome zone’.

This fuels criminal groups and terrorism. We oppose the policy of the State government to settle so-called refugees in our City.

5 . We reject ethnic-cartels trying to take control in Blacktown Council.

6 . Public housing needs a defender!

It must not be sold to private companies like SERCO which use intimidation against tenants.

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