Black Lives Matter – Afros best back in their native Africa

Just because an African is shot in a foreign land for robbery doesn’t mean that he is a victim.

Video CCTV confirms big fat black Michael Brown robbed a convenience store in Ferguson Missouri and had attitude in the process.

Michael Brown robs a convenience store

African fat boy Michael Brown shows criminal intimidation against the storekeeper.

Ferguson Police Chief Jackson reported that Michael Brown’s strong-arm robbery of a convenience store involved violence committed by Brown against the store clerk.

Police responded.  The Grand Jury has ruled that police action was justified.  The Grand Jury’s decision was not to indict police Officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown. End of Story.

Michaek Brown Black AttitudeBlack attitude belongs in black Africa


If Africans (blacks) in the United States don’t accept U.S. Justice then Africa is just but a one way flight ticket away to take them back to whence their race came.

The citizens of the United States should not have to endure African politics imposing on their neighbourhood.

Protesters chanting: “Stop shopping and join the movement,” should be in Liberia.

Africans back to AfricaAfricans protest your African injustice in Africa
How dare you impose your blackness on others.


Protesters wearing black t-shirts reading “Black Lives Matter”, are quite right for black lives in Africa. They have no right to emancipate black slaves in the United States.  Black slavery was wrong.  Accept the wrongs of history and return to your ancestral homelands. Black Africans have every right to be black back in Africa.


Free America RallyAmericans have every right to defend their own heritage.