Australia’s Labor invites barbaric female genital mutilation unchecked

Labor’s embracing of the multiculturalism dogma has seen barbaric witchdoctors cutting off girls genitalia across Sydney and Melbourne for primitive and wicked Muslim ritual.

On September 13 2012, 56-year-old Pakistani Muslim leader, Mohammedbai Shabbir Vagiri, and retired female nurse, Kubra Magennis, 68, were charged with two counts of accessory after the fact of female genital mutilation and hindering the investigation of a serious indictable offence.

Vaziri was granted bail, despite the police prosecutor opposed bail because the butcher “was a flight risk”.   “The accused has an Indian passport and was about to depart,” he said. The leftist magistrate, Chris Longley, has a lot to answer for.

Magennis was also charged with female genital mutilation offences.

In the same month, a 42-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman were also charged with female genital mutilation.   The cultural female “circumcisions” — which typically involve the total or partial removal of the external genitals — took place at a home under “some medical conditions”.

Australia’s Health Department has warned migrant groups that the cultural practice has no place in Australia.  But this is a weak response.

Slave Third World cultures like Pakistan, India and most of Africa still practice this barbaric torture and they bring it to Australia unchecked.

In March, Victorian senator Helen Kroger said the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne saw 600-700 women a year who had suffered genital mutilation.

“In many cases, this was done to these women in their native countries before they immigrated,” she said.  “However, increasingly the female children of these immigrants are also being mutilated and are being sent home to the countries of birth of their parents.”

Most states and territories have enacted legislation prohibiting female genital mutilation.
In Victoria, the Crimes Act was amended in 1996 to prohibit the performance of female genital mutilation procedures on a child or adult and to prohibit the removal of a child to have such procedures performed. The NSW laws were amended in 1994.

These bastards need to be tried for torture and causing grievous permanent injury.  The sentence needs to be 20 years for the heinous crimes that they are.

Upon sentence the convicted need to be deported to the countries from which they came to serve our their criminal sentences outside Australia and the cost of the country of origin.  The families involved need to be similiarly deported.  The mosques, if associated in the practice, should be demolished.

These barbaric foreign cultures needs to be rooted out across Australia’s immigrant ghettos (mainly Sydney and Melbourne).  Primitive cultures need to be repudiated upon arrival in Australia – else be dealt auto-deportation on the next available flight.

Labor’s embracement of multiculturalism embraces barbarism.

Labor’s Family Values