Waves of multiculturalism burying indigenous into memory

The repeated policy of waves of immigration to Australia, from transportation to free settlement, to gold fever, to industrial boom, to soldier settlement, to ‘populate or perish’, to refugees, to multiculturalism, have us a melting pot of cultures, like a mini-world.

I still receive my old school magazine annually. It’s now ‘spot the white’. Never did we have even an Aborigine – attend and as far as I know none since. Never was a scholarship offered by the school to an Aboriginal student. Never was there an attempt to teach all us white students back in the 1970s about Australia’s traditional cultures. Now they’re reducing the time allocated to teaching Australian history at secondary schools! So much time is spent on teaching foreign languages instead.


Education now favours business. Social policy now favours the immigrant. Both still disenfranchise the Aborigines. The white mob supposedly can look after themselves – or so the economic policy assumes. What the policy doesn’t measure is society. It doesn’t want to expose the human cost on local culture – unemployment, families forced to move away from traditional roots because of unaffordable housing etc. It doesn’t measure local displacement, depression, substance abuse, marginalisation, imprisonment or suicide.

As the numbers keep coming, the demographics change, housing demand rises, the voting patterns change, the politicians change.

Globalisation, free trade, mass immigration are diluting Australia’s culture. Who are we now, us Australians, but a mixed immigrant mob? We are told we are international citizens.

All this happens while Australia’s Aborigines and our sixth generation ‘immigrants’ (our true native born Europeans) are buried under each successive layer of immigrant crying out for special treatment and funding.

This is not a comment on race or a person’s origin. It is a comment on the rights of a people to their birthplace. Such a right should not be lost and sacrificed for any perceived benefit a newcomer may promise.

This is a call for heritage and birth rights to stand up against PM Rudd’s newcomer takeover policy and his warped Hong Kong vision for a ‘Big’ congested foreign Australia! Rudd must realise that he is on the cusp of inciting home grown vigilantes against such an affront on Australian values and way of life.

No Australian aspires to live a congested shoebox life of Hong Kong.

Rudd with his aristocratic pension and privileged superannuation beckoning to him must be convinced he is above shoe box living – ‘let them eat cake’

What the Eora Aborigines saw coming to the shores in 1788 can perhaps be appreciated by those colonial descendents now seeing their own homes and way of life disappearing around them. I can imagine their sense of terror seeing the (new) sailing ships invading. A true identity emerged in Australia from the days of the colonies. It is slated for destruction.

Rudd’s ‘Big Australia’ policy is socially degrading for Australia.

The LibLab dominant political machine remains 20th Century baby-boomer-blinkered to the short term economic data so as to drive their policies. They seem to know no better. They represent Neanderthal thinking in our 21st Century world, which demands humane and triple bottom line ecologically sustainable imperatives to survive.