Australia’s brilliant satirist John Clarke dies at 68, even though he was a bloody tough daggy Kiwi

No way at just 68!

This author is devastated, having a treasured memory of a close yet brief association some years ago of a brilliant, witty, true and affable soul of enormous yet untapped potential.

A funny bloody genuine larrikin Aussie or Kiwi in every sense.  He will be sadly missed.  Australia has just lost its dry comic genius; so has New Zealand.

John was in the great outdoors he loved, hiking in the Grampians mountain ranges in western Victoria pursuing his passion photographing native birds.  Along a track near Mt Abrupt late morning on Sunday he reportedly collapsed.  Tell me about caffeine before heart thumping exercise.

In the wild, looking up the sky must be a peaceful earthy natural end when it eventually comes to all of us.

Don’t take friends for granted.

Out thoughts are with his family, his two spirited talented girls, his many, many friends.

A tribute, some youngies wouldn’t be old enough to recall.  Read up on ya heritage lads and sheilas!

For those time poor…

For those wishing to reminisce:..

And for those born last week…

Good on ya mate. We’ll get rid of 18C.