Australia First Party for Lalor

The Australia First Party shall contest the Federal Seat of Lalor in Victoria for Australia’s forthcoming 2016 national election.

This electorate takes in parts of still outer south-western Melbourne and rural areas toward Geelong, and our chosen candidate is a local, Sue Jakobi.

Sue Jakobi

Lalor is the electorate where recolonisation, China-style, threatens as demonstrated by some massive ‘university city’ to be imposed upon Werribee. Tens of thousands of foreign Chinese students and their support staff and workers could be pumped into the area, a veritable enclave on Australian soil.

Sue deserves the active support of all Australia First Party members and other nationalists in Victoria.

Seat of Lalor MapLocation of Lalor

  • End Immigration

  • Default on Government Foreign Debt

  • Police da Gang Crime

  • Stop the Housing Sprawl

  • No Chinese Invasion Cities

  • Invest in Public Infrastructure

  • Act on the concerns of Aussie Locals


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