Apr 25: ANZAC Day, 100 years on

They’re all gone now, a hundred years on, this special ANZAC Day.   Rest in peace great great uncle John at 21.

Australians with New Zealander ANZACs, served their country’s duty, paid the ultimate sacrifice – else lived out their lives with horrific trauma kept personal to protect loved ones.

ANZAC values have always been about honour – personal and national – defending Australian values before a very real enemy threat reached Australia

In The Great War, Australia lost arguably it’s best generation of men.  Many country communities never really recovered.

Freedom, democracy, Christian Western decency and the right to national sovereignty

All of which The Hun (Germany) a hundred years ago had taken by force across an innocent Europe

We heeded the call again and again from then WWII through to this year’s Afghanistan.  The times and wars have changed, but the call and honour are as our ANZACs.  Our ANZACs live in our serving men and women.

Generations on, we continue to speak the same tongue and enjoy the same freedoms and rights our forefathers fought for, who sacrificed to make us then so ‘lucky’ as they.

Side by side with our Kiwi cousins, Australians have always heeded the call to fight to defend these values

True Australians always will. When we stop heeding the call to defend our lucky country, our luck may run out.

Our ANZACs served and died for nothing less.

Never take their sacrifice for granted.

Lest we forget.

ANZAC Values