Antifa Anarchists getting more violent and assaulting police at University of Melbourne

Another Liberal Party speech at a university and organised violence is there to assault politicians and police.  The universities keep allowing the melee to continue – Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and yesterday, September 12, 2014 at the University of Melbourne.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was at the university to officially open the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity.   Up to 200 protesters tried to push through police lines and were shoved back repeatedly as PM Abbott’s official opening went ahead anyway.  Police just copped it from the violent protesters, perhaps because Abbott naively accepts such violent protest as free speech.

At one point a few protesters fell on a nearby car after police shoved them back from the doors of the building on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Grattan Street. A police officer was punched to the ground by one particular protester.  Free speech is not assaulting police.

Police assaulted by Antifa Anarchists

Protesters targeted police and television footage shows violence against police trying to prevent about a few dozen accessing the building.

The media releases by the National Union of Students claimed that the protest was by university students against the Liberal Party’s May budget to cut university funding.

However, the real organisers were not students, but by Leftist Anarchists connected to Labor Party socialists, the Green-Left, the Socialist Alliance, Socialist Alternative, Leftist radio stations like 3CR and denialist Communists.  Plibersek is in bed with the lot linked by speed dial from her iPhone.

A few students at Melbourne University were selectively quoted.  The core protest had nothing to do with the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity.   It was another opportunistic public protest against Abbott’s political Right politics – Budget cuts to public education, public health and public welfare- the ‘Bloody Age of Entitlement whingers.’

Protest organisers were both female – Jade Eckhaus and Sarah Garnham of the National Union of Students are just a useful front for quotes to the mainstream media.  Candidates now for Emily’s List for certain.

But the following photos are of a violent Anarchist male, not a student, who was observed on national television punching a police officer outside the Peter Doherty Institute yesterday.

Protester at Peter Doherty Institute wanted for assaulting policeThis swept-back Brylcreem is no student !

Police assaulted by Antifa Anarchists

National Union of Students ThugWhy do the police not prosecute this Redhead Brylcreemer?  Clearly he’s an installed thug, with ADHD aggressive attitude, probably fueled with ICE like most violent Anarchists.

Since Labor lost power in the national election, Leftist have been in denial and desperately sought public spotlight to be seen to be relevant.

Attacking the Liberal Party Budget is their campaign strategy to try to galvanise disparate groups into public protests. Anyone anti-establishment from CFMEU thugs to tree huggers, to squatters to muslims to transvestites is encouraged to protest against Abbott. Remember March in March?

Labor phones in their pit-bull Anarchists to do Labor’s bidding and Tanya Plibersek denies all involvement as she smirks at the television evening news of her riot.  Same organisers, different rally.

Leftist activist, Ezekiel Ox (not his real name), says he’s expecting protests against the Abbott government to continue.   “This is a budget that is explicitly for the ruling class in society to hold onto their profits, to hold onto their power and it’s going to attack the majority of us. And so, we need to sustain, to fight back in order to tell the government. We need to be out on the streets saying we do not accept this and that’s why it’s wonderful that it’s for four months, people have been discussing it, arguing about it, and coming out on the streets to show their distastes and disgusts.”

As one commenter observed:  “No one hates like the Left”.  “It is just 200 morons impersonating students who are sooking that others will not be forced to pay for them to attend university.”

And the university protests around urban Australia are becoming increasingly violent. With the G20 approaching, Brisbane is sure to see violence.

National Union of Students
A front for violent Leftists