Anti-Australian hateful leftie attempts to hijack Eureka Flag spirit

by Dr. Jim Saleam, June 12 2017

The Culture war around the Southern Cross (Eureka) Flag has heated.

Since we commented here last week about the new film by Warwick Thornton on the matter of the Southern Cross flag, the debate / discussion has gone national.  He bites the hand that feeds him.

Warwick Thomson’s sheltered workshop doco:  ‘We Don’t Need No Sit Down Money

Film production ‘Barefoot Communications’ – Screen Australia welfare for sit down Aborigines funded by White Australian Taxes

We are advised that versions of the article by leftist propagandist Kim Stephens of Fairfax Brisbane Times has appeared in paper and electronic versions across the country, sparking other comment.

This article says that the Southern Cross flag is the Australian “swastika”, and that it has been “hijacked” by extreme nationalists and racists. It contains a photo of our logo for ballot papers as registered by the Australian Electoral Commission.

All this is culture war stuff and the nationalists intend to win it. We do not intend smear mongers to falsify the nature of this essential Australian icon.

Let me go to the start: the nationalists have hijacked nothing.

As we endlessly repeat, the Southern Cross flag had been ‘hijacked’ in the 1970’s by a group of China-Maoist-line communists. They concealed their loyalty to the Peking imperialists by making references to having an independent Australia free of US and USSR influence. They also talked of a new constitution after the Whitlam sacking.

In August 1977, a group of university-based nationalists opted to employ the Southern Cross flag as the only possible symbolic representation for an Australia First movement. Step by step from that time, nationalists redeemed the flag from these people and other despoilers of it.

Today, it is used by nationalists and other patriots and that is proper and historically correct.

Australia First Party considers the widespread use of the Southern Cross flag by nationalists and other patriots as a blow to those who wanted to wage a particular culture war (sic) against the Australian people.

It means a defeat for them.

Whether or not we use the Southern Cross flag as part of our electoral logo, or fly it ourselves, we urge all pro Australian groups to do the same.

It is not the possession of a party but a people’s flag.

In the current climate, we would to use Henry Lawson’s words “fling out the flag of the Southern Cross” against those who would colonise our land, dispossess us of our heritage and its promise and turn us over to the good graces of an Asian trade zone.

Warwick Thomson defiles Australia’s Eureka Flag as an Indian Sanskrit symbol for good fortune. 

Well Wazza is subservient to this flag of Anti-Australian hate.

First World Democracy was always going to be better for Australia’s Aborigines than Third World Japanese Tyranny.