Anti-Australian elitist culture most entrenched in parliamentary entitlements

Once in political office, the culture of elitism afflicts politicians in Australia.  They think they can claim taxpayer-funded entitlement to travel and attend friends’ weddings, visit wineries, take helicopter rides to political party fundraisers, have Italian suits tailored, arrange plush fit-out of their offices, swim in Ironman carnivals and bicycle races, take sabbaticals in exotic destinations, lavish on five-star junkets around Europe, wine and dine at 3 hat restaurants and acquire private libraries.

It’s not misuse of parliamentary entitlements. It is blatant rorting of the public purse, misappropriation and morally corrupt conduct.  It needs to end.

Transparent higher parliamentary salaries need to entirely replace the regime of parliamentary entitlements.

Tony Burke abusing privilegesOver-pearled Bronwyn Bishop’s ousting of Labor’s bad school boy Tony Burke.

Burke:  now your $5000 helicopter aristocratic extravagance means payback bitch. We too know all about parliamentary entitlement!  I’m off to Labor’s 2015 $5 million extravaganza pep talk in Melbourne.

What do they deliver us citizens when they’re in power?

  • Denying Australian citizens the inherited wealth of our ancestral taxpayers – cutting public health, education, infrastructure
  • Ideological indulgences, like Global Warming alarmism, until our national treasury is whittled bare
  • Ideological indulgences, like Neoliberal Globalism dumbing down Australian industry to a Third World level playing field
  • Flogging off our national assets to foreign interests
  • Encouraging mass immigration to prop up short-term economics, buying up urban housing to deny young Australians a home
  • Encouraging Third World immigration to further sap taxpayer wealth to provide welfare dependent racial enclaves
  • Tariff removal so cheap imports can destroy local industry and cause inter-generational unemployment

“Then us pollies are outta here!  We’re here for a good time not a long time!”

Labor Party Conference 2015 Cost over $5 million in pariamentary entitlementsBad boy up the front at Labor’s Pep Talk in Melbourne!  All expenses paid by ordinary taxpayers.

A clear choice between the successes of the past or the demands and fears of the scary borderless globalist future.

What workers?  What taxpayers?  It is our turn in office now, look out parliamentary entitlements!

Bronwyn Bishop Helicopter IndulgenceTony, I think I’ll deserve damehood and ambassadorship in Europe after this stint.  I’ve done my ground work.

 Parliamentary Entitlements 2015

 Parliamentary EntitlementsElitist Pigs in the Taxpayer Trough