Aid to Indonesia to cease until Indonesia stops illegal boats setting off

Rudd’s Green Foreign Labor Government has endorsed illegal Turd World boat illegals since Rudd in 2007 removed all the effective deterrents in place by the previous Howard Government.

The Rudd invasion is approaching 50,000 illegals by boat since Kevin ’07 came to power.  That translates to 50,000 on Centrelink welfare, on Medicare, on our streets, stealing emergency housing from Australia’s homeless and taking Australian jobs.

Rudd PricesIt was always all about smiling me


Rudd’s latest Papua solution is another Rudd Fraud.  Papuans have expressed a committed and violent machete solution to any foreigner or Muslim trying to steal control of tribal land- Rudd endorsed or otherwise.

Australians take nationalist heed!

While Abbott’s Liberal Party offshore solution is a weaker similar backdown away from John Howard’s solution that frankly worked.

Australia First Party will solve Australia’s Boat Invasion Crisis immediately.

Australia’s military has access to satellite coverage of the Indian Ocean and the Timor Sea.  It can detect any boat heading toward Australian terriotory (Ashmore Island, Christmas Island) and with its fast Navy patrol boats can intercept any boat.  This needs to be done.

But until the illegals entering Indonesia from third countries like Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iraq without return tickets, without Indonesian Visas, are rejected and returned by the Indonesians to the country of origin:

  • All Australian aid to Indonesia will cease.
  • Australia’s Ambassador to Indonesia, Greg Moriarty, to be immediately recalled.
  • Labor’s Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange and Muslim Exchange Programmes will be immediately axed
  • Labor’s Indonesia Country Strategy will be immediately be axed.

Border Control is Our Soverign Right

Rudd's Invasion