Africans trash Melbourne rental property in Footscray – Daniels ‘Africans can do no wrong’ – sees police to turn a blind eye

White house trashing in Ryan Street Footscray kicked off as soon as the Sudanese and Somalis arrived wiv da chicken nuggets from Maccas and KFC – absolute chimping frenzy!

Wiv da spicy buffalo sauce of course


So these two Negresses had booked with using a fake credit card of course, no bond, pretending to be White normal.

Every room’s Gyprock walls were kicked in, as well as the doors, door handles ripped off, pictures wrecked, the bathroom hammered, furniture thrown on to the street and television stolen.  The kitchen resembles a Maccas dumpster with nugget scraps everywhere.

African Property Rentals in Victoria


Melbourne Zoo is civilized by comparison.

Dan’s Keystone Cops (Victoria Police) dismissed the stick insects as ‘partygoers’ under a civil lease and so did nuffin.

The media report:

‘A new two-storey property in Melbourne’s Footscray has been “trashed” by about 50 youths “of African appearance” who attended an out-of-control party at the residence after it was rented for a night through online site

Late on Saturday May 5 2018, neighbours phoned the owner of the house, Kelly, reporting that carloads of African youths had arrived and created an unruly house party at her short-term rental property. They asked Kelly “What are you doing to us?

At about 2am on Sunday enough was enough, so the neighbours called Victoria Police on 000.

Dan’s Keystone Cops arrived and observed the youths were all of African appearance and so withdrew claiming it was a civil matter between the owner and the tenants.  With the Keystones in attendance on the scene told Kelly that the tenants had invited the guests, so they couldn’t enter – which was false and an abrogation of police duty to protect life and property.  The Keystones then came up with the pitiful excuse that they told Kelly it was too dangerous for her to enter and that they could do nothing to help and just drove away.

So the African youths watching on, then hoed into the chicken nuggets and out came the spicy buffalo sauce.  Check the ingredients – more rocket fuel than red cordial!

Instant zombies!  And so serious chimping went down throughout the wee hours, starting with all the furniture thrown out into the street.

All Kelly felt she could do was to watch remotely from the CCTV.

By 7:30am the negros had left for the Tarneit jungle.  When Kelly arrived afterwards inspected the damage first hand she burst into tears.  Her entire place had been trashed.

“I felt like I was watching my house burn down … It was awful.  We were saying what can we do? We can’t just stand here and watch our house being trashed. And they said there is nothing you can do.”



“The property, which had been rented for the night online via (headquartered in foreign GAF Amsterdam) sustained significant damage both internally and externally,” the police statement recorded.

Kelly told the media that the booking was made “last minute” by a person she was led to believe was a girl from Adelaide and her five friends. But it instead turned into an out-of-control party with about 50 males rioting in her home.

“So I stood out there with the police and we all looked in while I could see my house — basically windows were being smashed, neighbours told me they could hear smashing noises, massive holes in the walls, doors knocked through,” she said.

It was a Negro Zombie Apocalypse.

Melbourne’s been negroed – thanks to Amanda Vanstone’s leftist immigration

A fake credit card was used to book the rental and no bond was secured.  Kelly said she believed false names were used when the property was hired and because the damage was “malicious”, insurers weren’t going to cover the cost of repairs.

The owner doesn’t believe insurance will cover the cost of fixing the damage which included smashed windows.  The clean-up is expected to take days.  The property damage cost alone is $13,000 and unrecoverable.  The trauma psychological cost considerably more, yet rejected under Daniels Niggermunity.

The Keystones cowardly hid as PC apologists hoping perhaps the zoo keeper would turn up.  The Keystones deserve to be reassigned to point duty in the Tarneit or Dandenong ghettos for 12 months.  They’ll need riot gear and water cannon.

Melbourne has clearly descended into a negro zombie apocalypse.  The end started in 1988 when PM Hawkie invited in hordes of savage Somali pirates and dumped them on mainly Melbourne. Then in 1991, PM Keating invited in horsed of savage Sudanese and dumped them on mainly Melbourne. Then PM Howard ramped up the invites and his immigration muster Amanda Vanstone (2003-2007) put out the sugar and all the African fire-ants swarmed mainly across Melbourne, but also Perth.

Of course they’ve  al bred like Africans and now Melbourne has descended into a zombie apocalypse.  Melbourne’s has potential to become a marvellous alternative to pig hunting tourism. Bring on ‘zombie hunting tourism‘ where visitors can live fire practice with their choice of weaponry and pack dog breeds.

Property owner Kelly rightly summoned police to defend her property, but go Dan’s Keystones instead. Police arrived and timidly used the civil law excuse, so Kelly was instantly abandoned by law enforcement.

This is unacceptable and police ineptitude constitutes criminal abrogation of public duty to defend and protect.  Such absconding is complicit in the criminal property damage that ensued and the Victorian Government deserves to be sued if not a collective community class action taken against it by each Victorian so neglected by Victoria Police.

Indeed, Victoria Police leadership need to show cause as to why the service should not be dissolved for its gross and repeated dereliction of duty as a police force. Graham Ashton and the entire senior ranks of the Victorian Police need to be dismissed for gross misconduct in their failure to combat Melbourne’s organised crime crisis – that over the past three years or more has intimidated Melburnians to a state of fear and siege.

Once the police had relinquished all responsibility, as property owner, Kelly was within her civil rights to take the civil law into her own hands and go vigilante.


Option 1 for surviving da Zombie Apocalypse – lots of lead!

“if you do what we say, we won’t hurt you”

That approach would have messed up the paintworkand well might have got Kelly into a spot of bother with the police eventually returning, unless they were too busy fighting negro zombie invasions in Melbourne elsewhere.   Although the bodies could have all been thrown into a skip and the place hosed down before police returned.

Option 2 for surviving da Zombie Apocalypse – Let Go the Hounds!

Owner Guards dogs are a smarter choice, especially since they can be trained to go for the bits that facilitate breeding. Compare purchase price, maintenance and training costs.

Why?   The dog(s) cop it not you – you can always buy more dogs next week.

Defensive dog breeds can be professionally and demographically trained to defend one’s property

(Upon intrusion, just unleash at least a trained pair, turn a blind eye and deaf ear; then half an hour after all is quiet, phone police and express genuine concern..for the dogs and the mess)

Short-Term Rental Disasters and How to Avoid Them

  • Don’t rent to non-Whites
  • Secure contract with booking agencies for them to refund all damage cost of their clients (else FU)
  • Demand citing work/character references from each booking applicant
  • Have an expert solicitor draft a lease contract which must be pre-signed by each tenant.
  • Limited occupancy to 2 adults and 2 children at all times
  • Take out landlord insurance and ensure coverage for malicious damage
  • Mount a photo of Zulu in the living room


Lt. John Chard:  “If it’s a miracle, Colour Sergeant, it’s a short-chambered, Boxer-Henry .45 calibre miracle.”

White Afrikaners have over the generations acquired a learned experience in dealing effectively with black savages.  Australia, and in particular Melbourne, could well benefit by their influx.  An encouraging exchange of monkeys in return would help sway monocultural cohesion downunder, what!

Melbourne has potential to become Australia’s fastest growing vigilante incubator.

  • Social Media traffic frenzy
  • Property Security Systems – grills, alarms, CCTV, patrols all booming
  • Leading the nation in dash cam sales
  • Self-defence training enrolments
  • Baseball bat sales up
  • Firearm licensing and gun club membership
  • Forget the screen doors of old, guard dog breeding, training and sales are booming for sound reason.
  • One could do worse than rearing a pair of pup Boerboels, Angentine Mastiffs, Canary Mastiffs, or Japanese Mastiffs.

Melburnians will never have a problem with rampaging Negros again – social media promoted parties a specialty.

Lesson for Canberra – learn from the American experience of Negros

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