Abbott Destiny – the Shaolin Temple in Shoalhaven and the China Theme Park in Warnervale

by Lorraine Sharp and Alex Norwick (AFP Candidate for Wyong).


Even before TPP globalism, is this the final proof that The Liberal Party is undemocratic and morally corrupt selling Australia to foreign interests?

Shaolin AbbotAustralia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott in June 2014 endorsing foreign chinese Shaolin Temple Concept Plan impost on Nowra.  If there’s a dollar, PM Tony Abbott, Shoalhaven Mayor Jo Gash and Member for South Coast Shelley Hancock will do whatever it takes to smooth the way for chinese cultural invasion.

An open letter to:



As with other major proposals flowing from the interests of Chinese “Investors” in New South Wales, upon inquiry there are remarkable and disquieting similarities.

Chinese ShoalhavenShaolin Temple Concept Plan submitted June 2014

Yet another Chinese billionaire funded cultural impost on regional Australia, proposed Shaolin Temple south of Nowra includes a Chinese temple, a four-star hotel and kung fu academy sert to destroy the area.

The tinsel and glitter wrappings presented to the Rate-payers/Local Residents and Public in general to demonstrate the “benefits” which will flow to the respective Shires and to New South Wales generally, are always couched in craftily designed language to deceive and to dis-inform the Public, and worse still, to distract them from the wider agenda concerning the planned collective impact of these impositions

Quite notably, periodic Media “attention” to these separate “Projects” is confined to the respective areas wherein the Project Development is proposed. Thus, neither locally nor more broadly across the State, can it be said that the Public are honestly and fully informed about these matters. So much for “transparency” from government!

Obviously, Government – Local and State – has “something to hide”.

Chinese Foreign Ownership

Despite having earlier drawn Premier Baird’s attention to the need for ICAC to investigate corruption where Shire Councils are involved with Chinese “Investors”, there has been no proper reaction. Therefore, you are aware of the corruption and you are determined to conceal it so that the Grand Scheme of advancing Chinese (not Australian) Interests at all costs, may proceed. And not very “Noble”, Mr Premier, and not very “Christian” either, Sir!

Mike Baird selling NSW to the ChineseMerchant Bankers like Mike Baird will sell their mothers for a deal

In a State where Liberal and Labor politicians are being continually exposed for corruption particularly in the present period, the age-old contempt which politicians have had for the people, is rightfully coming back to you. As for the rabid climate of political corruption, your contempt is even more evidenced in the issues of Foreign “Investment”, “Privatisation” etc. – particularly where Chinese money is involved.

It is now widely recognised that none of this Chinese “Investment” in any way benefits Australia or Australians. This is brazen Chinese Expansionism, and you politicians fall over yourselves with enthusiastic alacrity to aid, abet and accommodate it. Equally, shall we not overlook the mercenary greed of former politicians now avidly assisting this “smooth transition” to ownership of Australia by Communist China – for example by Bob Hawke, Eric Roozendal and Craig Emerson and their immediate family members.

Whilst in this letter we particularly address the issue of the proposed Shaolin Temple at Shoalhaven, the proposal in fact has far wider relevance to NSW, and it is not “un-related” to other Chinese “Investment” proposals in this State.

As a mere courtesy to addressees, we emphasise that, in an attempt at some brevity for the time being, we have spared you the onerous details, of which we am sure you have long ago been appraised. Our far more complete reports will be released shortly.

We note here, significant parallels or similarities with other proposed Chinese “investments” (or “Interests”) across New South Wales. For example:

(a)  The Chinese Trade Centre at Wagga Wagga;
(b)  The proposed Wyong Chinese Theme Park, Warnervale NSW;
(c)  Proposed redevelopment of “The Block” at Redfern;
(d)  The Waterloo development project;
(e)  The Parramatta project proposals;
(f)   Proposed Chinese “Technology” Centre Bathurst;
(g)  The Shaolin Temple Shoalhaven.

Among the “remarkable” similarities or “parallels” in these proposals are:-

1)   Recently registered “Australian”(?) company (all Chinese) representing the “Investment” offer, always obviously on behalf of undisclosed “others” – clearly the Communist China government such that a foreign power may possess Australian territory?

2)   “Difficulties” (or reneging) in meeting agreed Payment Terms.

3)   Secretiveness and deceit from the local Council.

4)   Promised “Benefits” that are never going to materialize, i.e. “jobs”.

5)   Where-ever there is a nearby airport (in use or disuse), there is an assiduous interest in its acquisition.

6)   In every case, there is a “requirement” for provision of massive residential or other accommodation – obviously for the intended influx of more Chinese hordes.  Effectively, their proposals reveal the intention to create self-contained exclusive Chinese enclaves!

  • What?  No multi-culture?
  • Will the Triads also be present?
  • Will their shopping centres also be outlets for freshly harvested human organs?
  • What Communist China Government facilities operate within these enclaves?

7)   Ineptness and or improprieties of Councils causing huge waste or loss of Rate-payers funds – and no one is held to account!

8)   Councillors’ visits to China which achieve nothing practical – and at whose expense?  In what forms are Mayors and Councillors being bribed?

9)   Some of these Projects were planned for from 6 to 10 years before local residents were even told about it.

10)   All these invasive projects are in areas of New South Wales that have been conveniently run down to the lowest common denominator hence deliberately targeted – scant social and other services, shortage of Police, high youth unemployment and serious drug and other social problems. Curious how the red carpet is rolled out in these areas to accommodate the Chinese takeover, while simultaneously locals are pushed out of these areas.

Of course there will be other “Investment Projects” on which we shall report, and these will include the highly suspicious circumstances now prevailing at Young (Lambing Flat) (where “someone” is attempting to “revise” the local Heritage & Cultural History of the area), and some “unusual” unfoldings which we are observing at the Central West town of West Wyalong, not forgetting Narrandera and it’s Chinese “Friendship Gate”. And as you know, there are yet others to be brought out into the light.

Chinese Invasion

Naturally, it behoves us to fulfill our patriotic duty and to similarly report upon these other issues, especially in context with their wider ramifications across NSW.

All of these unsavoury, anti-Australian and racist activities have been engineered and promoted by Australia’s alleged political representatives. Where now is the “political correctness” in all of this.

Notably as with all the above listed projects, in no case did the respective Council consult honestly and completely with the local community and rate-payers, and in some cases there was no prior consultation at all, prior to proceeding.

A grand scheme to re-colonize the State by China, that’s been secretly and uniformly planned and coordinated as far back as at least 2006 (and earlier), in respect of quite a number of Shire Councils with the direct involvement of State and Federal politicians (Liberal and Labor).


It matters not if it began under a Labor or Liberal government, because the succeeding governments continue on with the plan/scheme. It is what we call a policy of the state and the traitor class who owns it.

The following major points of contention in the issue of the Shaolin Temple (and other such projects as listed above), are but brief representations at this time and we shall expand upon them later.


The Shaolin Temple – Shoalhaven

Shoalhaven rifle range for ChinesePatrick Pang, the Chinese Shaolin Temple Foundation representative on what he says will be the site of a 500-room hotel at Comberton Grange.  


We reproduce an article because the liberally minded who wrote it keep referring to sites of Aboriginal interest in this area. These ‘interests’ will also be ignored because of the Chinese interest having precedence.

Ignored Community resistance – 2006

2006 “ NSW State government review panel accepts a proposal from the Shaolin as a tourist development, despite the fact the proposal has all facilities of a town or village.”

South Coast Regional Strategy states “No New Towns or Villages”.
Save the Bay – Comberton Grange / Shaolin Village.

The community of Shoalhaven are concerned that inappropriate state planning decisions that have been made, in relation to a sensitive urban development on the South Coast of NSW.

We understand that a review panel investigated the site Comberton Grangeâ as a proposal for a Shaolin Village and temple complex. This site is a Shaolin village or town as it contains all the facilities of a town. This is at odds with the main principles of the South Coast Regional strategy.

The site is owned by the people of the Shoalhaven and at 2600 acres represents 5% of the National Heritage listing as the pristine Jervis Bay catchment and Marine Park.

There is a long history of environmental threats to the Jervis Bay Catchment on this property. These environmental threats include the proposed steel refineries (three times the size of Port Kembla) as part of the Pacific City developments of the 1960’s and 1970’s that was to be powered by the nuclear power plant at Murrays Beach in the Jervis Bay Territory.

The Comberton Grange property was bought by the people of the Shoalhaven, from the Armco Steel Corporation with the people’s culture centre money in the 1980’s. The land was bought as a speculation to profit, by selling the land to the Federal Government in the 1990’s to provide a site for the relocation of the Australian Navy Armaments Depot planned for Jervis Bay.

The Aboriginal families of Jervis Bay and people who were passionate about the catchment, including Peter Garret MP, campaigned to save the Bay then. The people saved the bay then and the bay is now a Marine National Park.

The Comberton Grange property has never been open to the people of the Shoalhaven as a public space. After the failed speculation, no vision has been shown for the community, by the Council Task force.

The majority of our people have conveniently forgotten about Comberton Grange. This is a lost opportunity to give the people the chance to manage the property in trust.

Comberton Grange estate contains significant natural and cultural heritage of the people, these include the remains of the oldest homestead south of the Shoalhaven River. This homestead was hand built in 1843 by convict labour.

Whilst a task force was set up to manage the property, the homestead was lived in, then the lease was terminated and the homestead mysteriously burnt down. Although the property had been burnt, it was not beyond restoration, however, the homestead was bulldozed and every piece of evidence – which included the handmade ornate bricks – was removed from the site, leaving no trace of the people’s cultural heritage.

Elsewhere on the Comberton Grange property, Aboriginal burial grounds exist. The last Queen of Jervis Bay, Queen Rosey died in the 1960’s, she was rowed from Wreck Bay, the rowing launch was filled with wild flowers, waratahs and boronias. The Queen was rowed around the cliffs at the heads of the bay, through the bay and into the mouth of Currumbene Creek to be buried ceremonially.

No Aboriginal community people, not even the Wreck Bay or the Jerringa communities, have been consulted by council, on the sale of Comberton Grange. These are people, who have people buried in this sacred place.

Is the South Coast Regional Strategy at risk over the next twenty-five years? Is it possible now for any international government or multinational corporation, to inappropriately develop pristine and sensitive environments? Will they now get an automatic green light status, if they are prepared to spend 1 billion dollars in the name of “tourism”?

The south coast regional strategy. An exciting vision for sustainable development on the south coast over the next twenty years…

The Council taskforce has shown negligence as custodians of the people’s cultural heritage.

Shoalhaven locals ask, re: the Shaolin Temple “development”:
Who gets a 10 year “hold” on land without any holding costs – presumably no rates, no land tax & no price increment plus no regular periodic payments?

On the matter of rates, why aren’t we getting rates form the original agreed settlement date? Yet again, the Shoalhaven residents miss out. Either backdated rates or an indexed price would be the way to go, and no more concessions on building anything else above the agreed hotel & temple ever. Where’s the fairness in this deal? “Open for business” or “Open for Exploitation” ???? An old principle of Contract for me – Concede early and you’ll concede continually.

Shaolin Temple

The proposed development is for a Shaolin Village which will be a high quality tourist and residential complex run by the Shaolin Buddhist order. The Village will accommodate:

A Buddhist Temple Sanctuary with religious facilities, convention centre, amphitheatre and cultural centre, with residential accommodation for resident monks within the religious complex (numbers currently unknown):

A Kung-Fu Academy for up to 500 students with residential accommodation within the Academy;

An Agricultural and herbal farm for traditional medicinal uses;

A 500 bed 4 star hotel with ancillary rooms for staff accommodation (up to 30 rooms);

Up to 300 dwellings comprising:

  • self-contained independent living villas/ adaptable housing for the aged (so long as they speak fluent Mandarin)
  • detached and medium density residential developments
  • a small retail, commercial, professional and community services centre
  • a 27 hole golf course and associated clubhouse (optional).

The overall development will be sited within a landscaped setting.

For further information  at:  NSW Planning (Major Projects)

Sound Familiar?

South Coast Register – Letters: ttp://

At the beginning there were talks about creating over 3000 jobs – then over 2000 and, later, 1000 and now about 50 jobs and in some years to come maybe another 200.
Council has sold the land with a quarry and the quarry licence for peanuts. Of course, we are still waiting for the full payment. Did Shoalhaven residents benefit from that?

The answer is, No.

As we all know the Shaolin temple will be built first on the land in a traditional Chinese method (without nails, etc.) by Chinese tradesman familiar with this technique. Will Shoalhaven people get those jobs? No. Will Shoalhaven people work at the temple? No, monks only. Would they work at proposed school? No. Chinese students are required to help. Would they work as a herbalists etc.? No. Would they work in local shops and cafes? Yes, but they have to speak Mandarin. How many locals can do that? Please note that none of the Shoalhaven schools teach Mandarin.

Local golf courses are rather struggling financially. Would the buses coming from Sydney with Chinese tourists be visiting our golf courses? No. They will have their own. If any run-off from this golf course affects the quality of Currumbene and Jervis Bay waters there will be no tourists swimming in the bay, no business for diving, dolphin and whale watching.

So where are the economic benefits for the region? Oh, there is one more thing – they will not be paying any taxes since Shaolin is a religious organisation.

~ by K. Nilsson, Old Erowal Bay.

3 July 2014 – Shaolin complex will be a gated community
By ROBERT CRAWFORD, South Coast Register:

“The long-talked about $360 million Shaolin complex development, south of Nowra, has been described as a “gated community” which will attract predominantly Chinese nationals, whose lives will be determined by the Shaolin Foundation. A report in response to Environmental Assessment Submissions by consultants Conybeare Morrison for the proposed tourist and residential development at Comberton Grange has cast doubts the project will have the major spin-off for the Shoalhaven, as is often touted. In the report the consultants said the residential component would attract predominantly Chinese nationals wishing to live or retire in a precinct with an Asian culture, or Australian Chinese-Australian retirees seeking a retirement opportunity in a “gated” community that provided specific attractions and care.

“Residents are not likely to have work commitments in Nowra or the surrounding area,” the report said.

“As the development is under one ownership (the Shaolin Foundation), the foundation has the right to determine the overall mix of residential occupancy in the development.” The report said the “predominant marketing aim of the development” was to cater to specific senior and ethnic groups, with accompanying services and lifestyle provision. [

But the establishment keeps saying that we are a multicultural country

We insist that there area  heavy mix of Somalis, Muslim Arabs, Indians and pacific Islanders! And a Centrelink office to service all the dregs of multiculti!

The precise nature of the development was an integrated Buddhist tourist and residential development, with residential a minor component. The report assumed that 50 per cent of shop owners within the complex would probably be Chinese and would live within the development, raising questions about how the proposal might benefit the local community if the Shaolin Foundation decided who lives in the complex.

The number of retail staff is estimated to be 100 in stage one and 400 in the ultimate development. The $360 million proposal comprises a Buddhist temple sanctuary complex, kung-fu academy, 500-bed four-star hotel, commercial shopping precinct and community centre and permanent housing residential development for the Falls Creek area. Over the years there have been promises of thousands of jobs for the area as a result of the project.

In 2012 when the plans went on public exhibition it included suggestions about 1000 people would be employed to build the project’s many facilities and even more jobs were expected to be created once construction was finished, with about 1300 positions catering for a predicted 150,000 visitors a year.

Shoalhaven Mayor Joanna Gash confirmed the proposal would pay rates to Shoalhaven City Council.


By JOHN HANSCOMBE, South Coast Register: ‘Temple developer gets another interest free year’

The developer behind the Shaolin temple project will enjoy another year-long interest holiday on the land at Comberton Grange it is buying from Shoalhaven City Council. Council voted on Thursday night to waive interest payments on the $5 million loan it provided for the developer to buy the land until June 30, 2015, a decision slammed by Cr Andrew Guile.

(So will council be giving all the residents a free ride too? Ed.)

“Shoalhaven City Council has clearly crossed the line when it comes to responsible management of public funds,” Cr Guile said. “This amounts to an extra loan of $295,000 which would mean a total debt to council in 12 months time of over $5.3 million. Council’s sweetheart deal for this developer just keeps getting better.”

Cr Guile said he was also dismayed when, under questioning, general manager Russ Pigg conceded that should the temple deal fall over or not proceed for any reason, the chances of recovering the outstanding interest payments were virtually zero.

(Throwing council money away just like Wagga Wagga Council did with the Chinese trade Centre. Ed.)

“Clearly this $360 million project would provide an economic stimulus for the local economy but it now seems that the Mayor and most councillors are being led blind by a developer that either cannot or will not perform under the cosy contracts set up in 2007. “How can we have any confidence that a development of this size and scale is likely to proceed when its backers can’t even service the property loan with an interest rate of under 2.7 per cent?” he said.

Our Argument:

Community consultation has been a series of sham acts to deceive the people of Shoalhaven.

So what’s it really all about ?

We refer to the 100 still unanswered questions about the proposed Chinese Trade Centre at Wagga Wagga.

Interestingly, the government talks “land rights”, justice and so on for Aboriginal people. Generosity with the public purse for Aboriginal issues (when it suits authorities). But these same authorities show contempt and dismissiveness towards the Aboriginal community and walk right over them, grossly disrespecting the sensitivities of Aborigines and or earlier promises given to Aboriginal communities.

In 2005, Premier Bob Carr appointed Frank Sartor as the first Minister overseeing the Redfern Waterloo Authority and exercising planning powers over an area of inner western Sydney[I n this role he invoked the ire of the Redfern Aborigines with his rejection of a plan by the Aboriginal Housing Company to redevelop “The Block” and for suggesting on Koori Radio that the Company’s chairman, Mick Mundine should “Get off your backside … and bring your black arse in here to talk about it.” Sartor later apologised for this remark. The irony is that it is now Mick Mundine selling it all over to the Chinese.

A Chinese-based property company that hired former NSW treasurer Eric Roozendaal as its vice-chairman after he quit politics was among the largest donors to the NSW Labor and Liberal parties last financial year.

According to election funding returns published by the Australian Electoral Commission on Monday, YuHu Group (Australia) donated $200,000 to the NSW branch of the ALP during 2012-13, including $100,000 in June last year. It also donated $100,000 to the NSW Liberals during the period.

YuHu chairman Huang Changren donated a further $150,000 to the NSW ALP in November 2012 and $40,000 to the NSW branch of the Liberal party during the financial year, the records show.

Eric Roozendaal: Vice-chairman of YuHu at Eastwood shopping centre in December last year. Photo: James Brickwood

Last October a YuHu Group subsidiary, YuHu Property, purchased the Eastwood Shopping Centre complex and has development approval for a $200 million redevelopment, according to its website.

”The company will invest an estimated $200 million to redevelop Eastwood Shopping Centre and adjoining properties into a mixed-use site in the future,” it says.

”The redevelopment of Eastwood Town Centre will be a major development project determined by the local council of the city of Ryde and supported by the New South Wales government.”

However, the general manager of YuHu Group (Australia), Holly Huang, said the donations were unrelated to the planned development as approval had been given prior to the company’s purchase of the shopping centre.

Ms Huang said after the company entered Australia in May 2013 ”a lot of people approached us”.  ”A lot of Chinese community friends introduced us to the parties to understand how the system runs in Australia,” she said.  Ms Huang said she could not comment on Mr Huang’s personal donations as she only spoke for the company.

YuHu’s website features pictures of Mr Huang and politicians including former prime ministers Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard and former treasurer Chris Bowen.

Mr Roozendaal, a former NSW treasurer who earned a reputation as a prodigious fundraiser while general secretary of the NSW ALP, quit the NSW Parliament in May last year. Two months earlier, in March, he had travelled to China at the invitation of Mr Huang to tour some of YuHu’s projects.

”After the inspection, Eric expressed that he would promote international communication and cooperation between YuHu Group and Australia government,” the company’s website states. [selling out Australia, Ed.)
Ms Huang said ”a lot” of Australian politicians visited China during the period to meet Chinese investors and the company first encountered Mr Roozendaal at a promotional event in Australia.

She confirmed Mr Roozendaal was working as YuHu’s vice-chairman offering advice on ”strategic planning” (Is this how to use insider knowledge?! Ed)  He’s quite skilled on HR systems and staff training.

”In strategic planning he can provide a lot of useful information to the company. That’s his value.”

Mr Roozendaal declined to comment. (How would  traitor reply?)

Interestingly, many state and federal politicians (Bob Hawke, Carr, O’Farrell’s son) are on the gravy train of Chinese ‘investment‘, investment that benefits only Chinese not Australians!   Traitors !!!!

These poor “impoverished” (?) political pensioners who assist the Chinese takeover, are reaping millions of dollars for their service to the Chinese (in their “new” jobs) are still drawing massive pensions from the Australian government (Australian Taxpayers) –

Hawke receives over $500,000 a year and Roozendaal $120,000 a year and many others are also on the take.

We have a further suspicion about local Councils and their involvement with Chinese. Why does ICAC not investigate these “deals”, “investments” and the politicians involved in selling out Australia and Australians future for the benefit of their own personal wealth. The politicians who supposedly are elected to put the interests of Australians first are like grasping parasites feeding off the corpse off Australians.

We call for an immediate ICAC investigation into state government and local councils re’ China. Or will it be like the Fitzgibbon Affair and assisted immigration fraud – ignored whenever Chinese money is concerned.

We note the long belaboured smiling “assurances” we have generously received from politicians across the years that “We need Foreign Investment”, and “It’s good for Australia ! ” Yes, yes, we see how “good” it’s all been for Australia. That’s why Joe Hockey is “struggling” so hard with the Federal Budget and making life ever more difficult for “Australians” ! and “strangely”, the vast bulk of this “much-needed Foreign ‘Investment’ is coming only from China and the Chinese, and none of it benefits Australia; just the Chinese. So, the word “Foreign” has now become synonymous with “Chinese” …………..Yes?

Ever so carefully, our entire National Ownership, Economy and Sovereignty and Cultural future, is being placed in the hands of the Chinese …”accidentally” of course.

It would be ever so remiss of us to not relate that there is a remarkably sustained public perception that Australia’s ‘elected’ politicians are driving a concerted anti-Australian campaign to dispossess us in our own country. Of course, this anti-Australian agenda is an exercise in racism in its worst form . So much for your political creativeness with anti-discrimination ‘laws’ which, effectively, only ever are exercised against Australians. You have imposed a “rights industry” for all but the whole collective of European Australians and the Aborigines.

Now we witness a new wave of ‘RIGHTS‘ which are being held to even prevail over all others..


Obviously, we are sarcastic! But the fact is that once an imperialism gets a grip, there is no telling what it may do. We fight for Australian Independence as the only alternative to re-colonization and dispossession.

Chinese Imperialism