2016 Budget needs balls not sink holes: Default on government foreign debt

Australia needs to end its spending addiction, cold turkey, and start living within our means at a national and household level.

Those in charge in Canberra need balls to budget within their means. Massive inherited Labor-Greens debt has corroded our national wealth.  The Liberals-Nationals have only exacerbated that debt.  Both Left Wing and Right Wing coalitions respectively are globalist, putting foreign and international interests and agendas ahead of Ordinary Australians.   The Labor-Greens coalition is demonstratively Marxist Globalist, while Liberals-Nationals is demonstratively Neo-Liberal Globalist.

Both are globalist in policy and agenda to the expense and spiraling detriment to the wealth and prosperity of Ordinary Australians .

The double dissolution trigger is there ready to wipe out Senate supply delinquency.  Abbott and Hockey were gutless not to deploy the trigger in 2014 when they had a massive mandate from voters.

Once we referred to the concept of ‘leadership‘; now it is just ‘those in charge‘.

In Victoria, Premier Jeff Kennett had the balls in 1992 to defibrillate Australia’s second populous state back from the brink of bankruptcy. Previously under Labor’s black witch of socio-economic depression, Labor’s Kirner & Cain Squander Era (1982-1992) had amassed a $2.2 billion budget deficit, a net public sector debt of $33 billion and budget sector debt of $16 billion. And that was just for one state – Victoria.  Labor had ballooned the public service like the Soviet Communist Era (1917-1992) – Totalitarian conversion (Tsar to Lenin) to Gorbachev’s re-establishment of Russo-nationalism.

Kennett delivered desperate leadership and we all sighed relief from the abyss.  Kennett stopped the rot and retrenched 50,000 public servants.  Despite the indignant welfare reds bleating in the streets, Victoria grew and Victorians voted Kennett back into power in 1996. Labor’s Kirner and Cain are now dead, buried and history.

It’s about having balls, not dreaming of some red star handout utopia.

Marxism is an IllusionLefties rely on handouts, never earning a living.


Greens-Labor Coalition for Bankruptcy

The Greens-Labor Coalition’s reckless back-of-an-envelope extravagance shredded billions of our national wealth.  Labor’s Rudd-Gillard-Rudd Squander Era (2007-2013) left an Aleppo-like national treasury.  Rudd saw the GFC and arrogantly upped the ante.

By the time Narcissist Kev,  Big Bum Gillard and Lollygobbleblissbomb Milne spat the dummy into their perky polly pensions, the Australian government debt was nudging $250 billion. Total gross foreign debt was $1.5 trillion (100% of GDP), and $153 billion was committed to unfunded “future estimates” (pipe dreams).


Fiscal Comparison

Kevin ’07 inherited a surplus of $17 billion and net assets of $29 billion from former Liberal PM John Howard (guided by Treasurer Peter Costello).  Compare that with previously Liberal PM Howard in 1996 had inherited from Labor’s PM Paul Keating a $14 billion deficit and net debt of $83 billion.  History makes Labor red faced whenever they discuss budgeting.,

September 2013:  Budget papers reveal that incoming Liberal PM Tony Abbott inherited a $19 billion deficit from Rudd and net debt of $153 billion.

So where are debt-meisters Kev and Julia now?  They’re luxuriating in taxpayer palatial digs, else jet-setting on taxpayer funded hols and sabbaticals. Labor’s Shorty, Albo and Plebs are already registered future fellows-in-waiting following our Kev into Harvard Kennedy School. Labor’s red stars booked in to for the polly pension red carpets lined with gold cards.  Remember Labor’s true believers?

Australia’s Greens-Labor induced total debt is now well over $5 trillion.  Our foreign debt is $1 trillion, five times bigger than when John Howard sent “debt trucks” through suburban streets in the lead-up to the 1996 election.  Our national debt is more than 60% of GDP.  Last time that happened, we were trying to save Australia from being overrun by the Japs in WWII.

Australia's Debt

The monthly cost of Canberra’s interest bill on its debt are approaching $1 billion

So bugger tax cuts, concessions and election sweeteners.  There is no need for sweeteners to get re-elected. That is what the double dissolution in July is for.

Labor frittered Australia’s wealth.  Labor’s Bill Shorten can now only think of spending more. Greens’ Richard Di Natali is convinced the parliament exists to spend.  The $80 billion Gonski-or-Else mob, $22 billion a year NDIS-or-Else mob will never be satisfied until Australia is as bankrupt as Greece and Venezuela. The Global Warming Carbon Cult wants to impose a $8 billion a year revenue sink hole on Australia.  Ignore them saboteur red star lefties!

Greens Labor Budget Sink HoleGood place for Bill Shorten, Chris Bowen, Richard Di Natali and Adam Bandt and their fiscally reckless reds

An Economic Nationalism Approach:

Hip Pocket

Default on Government Foreign Debt

  • Australia’s Liberal/ Labor oscillating governments have gambled our national wealth, letting debt habitually snowball year on year Read More
  • Australia’s Government has a duty to its citizens before all others.  Domestic austerity is not an option.
  • Who created the debt?  Negligent financial practices by Labor-Greens in government and then perpetuated by the Liberals-Nationals
  • Who loses if Australia defaults? – Foreign investors, Foreign banks, Foreign multinationals
  • Australia domestically and Australians individually benefit at the expense of foreigners
  • Restore Australia’s Government Debt Ceiling to a frugal resilient 20% of annual GDP, sufficient to withstand prolonged foreign turmoil

Spending Cuts

  • Canberra and the states and territories need to live within their means
  • Reduce government spending on non productive welfare all round by 5%
  • Delay Defence massive procurement spending
  • Slash foreign aid by 50%, limiting it to our region such as annual cyclone response and recovery re-building
  • Scrap the up front payments to higher education providers – one of emeritus flunkus Gillard’s socialist frauds
  • Scap all funding related to global warming/climate change programmes
  • Scap all funding to the United Nations
  • Scrap all subsidies to big business and especially to foreign corporations operating in Australia
  • Scrap all tax concessions and exemptions to all organisations not benefiting Australian Citizens
  • Scrap the utopian Gonski and NDIS, instead explore New Zealand’s initiatives in these sectors
  • Rummage through every expense programme concocted by Rudd-Gillard-Rudd and simply scrap it
  • Stop searching for Malaysia flight MH370 and send the $100+ million bill to the Malaysian government
  • Withdraw all Defence involvement from Afghanistan, the Middle East and Africa
  • Cancel purchase of F-35s and delay Navy submarine and vessel purchasing until Australia can pay cash
  • Deport all criminals convicted of an indictable offence (non-Australian born, offspring of non-Australian born)
  • Crack down on politician expense claims nationally – support Senator Nick Xenophon’s bill calling for an independent expenses umpire and to mandate pay docking of politicians for the full costs where they have rorted taxpayers. (Bronwyn Bishop would now be in a bedsit).


Boost Revenues on Means-Test Basis

  • Close tax loopholes for tax cheats like the offshoring multinationals and recover lost taxes
  • Recover HECS Debt from foreign students by charging/financially penalising the respective foreign governments
  • Impose a quarterly land tax on all residential properties excluding the principal residences of Australian Citizens
  • Tax exports by those who are not Australian Citizens or small businesses 100% owned by Australian Citizens
  • Introduce a tax specific to foreign banks and financial institutions operating in Australia
  • Reform seasonal work industries to increase work for Australian Citizens and reduce work for foreigners
  • Establish nuclear waste storage in South Australia
  • Mine and sell enriched uranium to nations approved under the Non-Proliferation Treaty – United States, Russia, UK, France and China, but not India.


Reduce Household Cost of Living

  • Nationalise fuel pricing (petrol, diesel and LPG) and reduce the excise so it is affordable to Ordinary Australians
  • Reduce local government rates and redefine local government duties back to Rates, Rubbish and Roads
  • Reintroduce solar rebates to households to minimise residential electricity costs
  • Impose an urban migrant tax (all non-Australian born) to encourage immigrants out of the cities and so lower housing demand and residential housing prices in the capital cities

Australians living week to weekOrdinary Australians are living week to week

Public Investment

  • Invest in national infrastructure – public transport, integrated freight, hospitals, schools, vocational training and trade apprenticeships
  • Invest in WA’s Forrestfield-Airport Rail Link and Rangelands economic diversification
  • Re-establish a public Australia Citizens’ bank with affordable credit and subsidised interest rates on savings (only for Australian Citizens – especially to benefit Aussie farmers and Aussie small business owners)
  • Increase funding to the Tax Office, ASIC, ACCC, APRA and overhaul their publicly accountability
  • Commence feasibility study on a uranium enrichment facility and nuclear power plant in the Upper Spencer Gulf region to supply SA electricity needs

National Restoration

  • Scrap all the Free Trade Deals – they only benefit big business exporters, yet kill off local businesses
  • Stop cheap import dumping and impose tariffs on imports that compete with Australian domestic manufacturing
  • Set up a dedicated Australian Corruption Court based in each capital city with Royal Commission powers to investigate all forms of corruption in any aspect of Australian society
  • Nationalise criminal law under one Australian Crimes Act, and remove judicial discretion in sentencing
  • Nationalise and overhaul Family Law Reform and Family Courts
  • Increase funding to Border Protection and Quarantine to better protect Australia
  • Re-establish cabotage in shipping and airlines, disallowing foreign carriers to service domestic routes
  • Increase funding to CSIRO in fields directly supporting Australian industry, but not Climate Change
  • Increase funding to Australian Federal Police and state policing to crack down on crime – especially guns, gangs, drugs, money laundering
  • Ban corporate donations to political parties anywhere in Australia
  • End immigration, scrap all humanitarian, family reunion, student working visas, 457 and similar visa types – they only increase the social burden and deny work to Australians
  • Withdraw Australia from the 1951 Refugee Convention and the Climate Change Convention 2016
  • Deport all Manus Island illegals back to their countries of origin, maintain the Nauru offshore detention centre arrangement
  • Cancel Abbott’s intake of 12,000 Syrians
  • Non Australian Citizens to pay an immigration levy and have no access to Medicare or Centrelink
  • Reintroduce Department for Small Businesses – to open dialogue, introduce an independent Small Business Impact Statement on any new policy proposal or any new legislation from the federal bureaucracy or parliament; give small business a fair go/protections against market-exploiting big business and foreigners, reduce red tape and compliance costs, shift the administrative burden of BAS and employee Super to appropriate government agencies, develop a Small Business Industrial Award, introduce an Effects Test in competition policy.
  • Re-introduce one year National Service – various options, and with voluntary extensions
  • Introduce Conditional Citizenship and mandate new Australian Standards for Citizenship, retrospectively back since Whitlam’s Imposed Invasion of 1972.


Greens Labor following VenezuelaThe Greens-Labor Coalition want to follow Venezuela’s Left into national bankruptcy


Lefties will be pleased to learn they can find full-blown leftie paradise flying today from Melbourne to Caracas, Venezuela for US $2000.

That’s ONE WAY chaps.  Buy your ticket!

Lefties unAustralian