Last Sunday, a large rally in Rome was conducted against the ‘compulsory vax’ policy of the Italian state. About twenty thousand workers and other patriotic people assembled.

During the event – in the style of the Melbourne rally a few weeks ago which saw the assault on the headquarters of the CFMMEU by angry construction workers – hundreds broke off and ransacked the offices of the General Confederation of Italian Labour.

Members of the nationalist party Forza Nuova (New Force) were in the crowd. As a result, a few leaders and some other members of Forza Nuova were arrested and are still held in prison awaiting ‘questioning’ by the magistrates.

Then the real game began. As happened in Melbourne, the workers’ protest, thanks to propaganda from media and political players, became a ‘far right’ plot and calls were issued by some parties in the Italian parliament for the banning of Forza Nuova.

Under Italian law, the Constitution allows the banning of only one type of party. That is an organisation that would “reconstitute the Fascist Party”. Reasonably, such a case would fail against the nationalists of Forza Nuova. However, it is possible for the Parliament to dissolve a party by decree, although certain criteria have to be reached. An effort is being made as I write to fabricate such a case.

It should be understood that Forza Nuova has grown considerably over the last eighteen months. Its policy positions have resonated amongst broad layers of the people who reject the state ‘lockdowns’, the continued immigration and the tightening of the economic screws against ordinary people. In a major development on the ground, Forza Nuova has now begun to absorb many of the activists and cadres of another Italian nationalist movement (‘Casapound’) which had begun to drift away from its hitherto nationalist ideology and politics. Forza Nuova has become a ‘threat’ to the Italian political and economic establishment.

However, as we have learned, even the obvious is seldom the whole truth. An Italian nationalist alerted me to a significant article (as below). The item explains that Forza Nuova is part of the Alliance For Peace And Freedom (APF) and has lent its support to nationalist and patriot parties in Serbia which are keen to resolve the Kosovo mess. Because the EEC, NATO and the US have come together to create a lawless semi-autonomous province (Kosovo is Serb territory), it has opened the door to the drug and ‘refugee’ trades. Forza Nuova’s leader, Roberto Fiore, has played a certain diplomatic role (if I may coin a phrase) in uniting various Balkan forces against the globalist powers. That cannot be forgiven.

It is to be hoped as it appears it will indeed be the case, that Forza Nuova will overcome this hurdle.

Is Kosovo Threatened by the European Far-Right? A Commentary on Forza Nuova and its Balkan Connections