Paul Howes typical of self-interest politicians who resign to corporate perks

In 2013, the union movement’s vocal mouthpiece, Paul Howes, was shout’n for da workers’ rights.

Howsie came out calling for the Labor Party to destroy the Greens and take it to the Libs, adhering to da party line.

A feral leftie in pinstripes staged for Green Left Weekly promo

Labor’s faceless man told leftist Tony Jones on socialist ABC media:

“I’d rather be a Howesian than an Earthian (The Greens). It’s a wonderful thing that Julia Gillard is the Prime Minister of the country.  I’m happy that we have a (Labor) government that’s taken on the big mining bosses and implemented a profit-based taxation system on the mining industry like we’ve been calling for for 30 years.”

Howsie ambition dabbled in Cougar Power


But it was all a pretense for his safe seat polly career, which never happened.

In September it was reported that former NSW premier Senator Carr, the outgoing foreign affairs minister, was likely to announce his resignation from the Senate, to be replaced by Howsie.  But Howsie support for Israel pissed of the Muslims, so f#cking Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, sent an email to Labor Party MPs and officials black-balling Howes to fill Senator Bob Carr’s Senate position.

Ibrahim Abu Mohammed’s email:

“Paul Howes has a repeated pattern of blind bias towards Israel. His appointment would not at all help the engagement effort between the ALP and the wider Muslim community. As you know we have worked very hard to marshal our community to support and successfully retain the majority of ALP seats in Western Sydney against all odds, and the choice of Paul will threaten our efforts to maintain this momentum, especially if new elections are called in next year.”

To mussie luv’n Labor, Howsie was a gonskie  and Australia dodged a leftist bullet.

So Howsie dummy spat.

In March 2014, Howes broke ranks with his own union, the Australian Workers Union, and called for all Australian trade unions to sever their 123-year old historic link with Labor.  How about against Islam, Howsie?

Howsie announced his resignation as national secretary and stepped down from the AWU on a Friday in July 2014. He quit the entire programme.  What was the point of his self-promotion in politics when corporate headhunters are dangling six figure carrots?

The following Monday, Paul Howes resurfaced at KPMG, one of Australia’s big four corporate accounting firms with a corner office, secretary, black BMW X5 with corporate swipe card car spot, platinum corporate AMEX and perks only dreampt of by AWU plebs.

Howsie’s joined KPMG renowned for offshoring Australian jobs to the scab cheap Third World.

KPMG’s put Howsie in charge of union members superannuation.

Scary.  His qualifications?  He didn’t finish high school, but chose instead to become a feral leftie and join extreme communist outfits like ‘Resistance’ then he went to Cuba to meet Castro aged 16 before becoming a trade union hack at the AWU – the only job he’s ever had.  He only got token boardroom exposure at the unions Australian Super money making arm because of who he knew in the unions, not what he knew.

The former union boss has been appointed director with professional services business KPMG – a ‘consulting partner’ (read ‘insider traitor’) into business transformation, transaction services and superannuation.  Paul Howes Ford Territory has been relegated the same fate as Ford Australia.

Howsie’s a street-smart bullshit artist who’s learnt to think on his feet and talk a leg off a table.