The Australian Government has issued a proposal to make vaccination compulsory for international travel, with travellers requiring a QR vaccine certificate to leave the country. However, there is no consensus yet on whether that will include domestic travel.

The proposal has been backed by the government’s expenditure review committee.

The committee supported the proposal for the vaccination certificates for quarantine-free travel, which would link a person’s QR pass to their medical status in their MyGov account.

Scott Morrison isn’t keen for the proposal to be limited to international travel and wants it rolled out domestically as a means to compel the plebs to take their hinky vaccine. Nevertheless, it’s not yet a done deal, with the party room divided over the authoritarian plan, which would pave the way for the introduction of a social credit system.

This is not how the government describes it, however, as it talks of a four-phase plan to reopen the country once 80% of the country has used themselves as big pharma guinea pigs. We prefer it remains closed but that we are allowed to travel abroad. This poison-carrot and stick approach is one we would expect from Beijing.

As yet, though, the Coalition party room cannot achieve consensus, as several conservative MPs are opposing this opportunistic erosion of civil rights. Meanwhile, other MPs are more than willing to go against every supposed conservative fibre of their being and support the plan for international and domestic travel. They’ll only rule it out in supermarkets and other “essential activities,” the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

If the proposal passes Australia will join France and Britain in requiring the mark of the beast on all who attend sporting events, clubs, cafes, tourist attractions, cinemas, and basically, who step out of their front door. This rush to authoritarianism even has China laughing, as their mouthpiece the Global Times gloats about our government’s ideological hypocrisy.

Today’s Daily Mail reports how the government’s nationwide “COVID vaccination blitz” is set to begin, with stadiums and car parks transformed into jab sites by “flying squads” of nurses, as the head of Australia’s ironically described TERRORISM (sic) vows to crackdown on anti-vaxxers.

The plan was cooked up by Employment Minister Stuart Roberts, Foreign Minister Marise Payne, Health Minister Greg Hunt and Home Affairs Minister Kevin Andrews and submitted for review by the expenditure committee last Wednesday. The fact the Employment Minister is involved gives the strongest indication the social credit vaccine-passport will thereafter be mandated for all workers. No jab no job.

The actual passport itself would be placed into a digital wallet, using technology promoted by the Civil Aviation Society known as a ‘Visible Digital Seat.” This will supplement a deal brokered with Davos giants Apple and Google “to allow digital wallets on both iPhone and Android devices.” You can’t get more Great Reset than that.

Qantas will be playing their part by rolling out a digital health pass for international flights, which will be needed for anyone hoping to get aboard one of their aircraft.

Proof of vaccination is already (and not unreasonably) required to forego routine quarantine in Britain, the US and the People’s Republic of Canada.

While Federal Tourism Minister Dan Tehan expressed his wishes for a vaccine passport system implemented for domestic travel, industry sources dismissed the idea because it’s too hard to apply domestically. Internationally yes, domestically no. Go figure. Anyway, as you’d expect, the Tehan wally beamed, “Ultimately, in the end, it’s the best way to keep our community safe that’s what the plan is.”

Safe is a relative term to the political elite since it won’t protect anybody from the Davos Gestapo.

Still, the minutiae of detail are yet to be sorted, such as the storage of Australians’ vaccination status, which cannot be done under the DFAT, but might be feasible with other agencies such as Services Australia or Home Affairs … if that makes you feel any better.

Regardless, there are still MPs who aren’t convinced domestic vaccine passports are a good idea for a supposedly free society. Nationals’ George Christensen, Alex Antic, Gerard Rennick and Eric Abetz, all Liberals, have indicated their concerns.

Senator Antic said that he was “concerned a domestic COVID vaccine passport will lead to discrimination against Australians and create a two-tiered society.” Like, we don’t have one already.

“Australians should not be denied access to services based on their willingness to undergo a medical procedure,” he admitted. “This is an incredibly slippery slope and may well set a precedent for further discrimination in the future.” Right on!

We’re unsure whether or not vaccine passports will pertain to the Prime Minister’s fellow members of the Hillsong Pentecostal ministries.