Manus Island Detention Centre closure sees Third Worlders revert to primitive BAU

So illegal brown skins demanding Aussie welfare aren’t to get their smuggled promise.  On Manus Island, 606 asylum fraudsters have been served their eviction notices and one way flights home.  PNG has cut water, food, power, reverting to Third World Business As Usual. Brownies get used to this, cos youse are going home!

In a final notice posted by PNG immigration authorities on Sunday November 5, the men were told the PNG Defence Force would start to take control of the site from last Monday.  It warned any illegals defying eviction will be trespassing and to expect force removal.

The illegal brownies have a nasty rape habit which doesn’t help matters.

Rapefugee Rajeev Rajendran – PNG locals have had a gutful

PNG Immigration Minister Petrus Thomas earlier this week said PNG also had no obligation to deal with asylum seekers found not to be refugees.

“PNG has no obligation under the current arrangement to deal with these cohorts and they remain the responsibility of Australia to pursue third-country options and liaise with respective governments of the non-refugees for their voluntary or involuntary return,” Mr Thomas said.

May be Dan Andrews can offshore test his assisted dying OJ flavoured secobarbital.



What are these criminals got to complain about anyway?

They had enough cash to pay people smugglers, then they get free board and lodging on a tropical Pacific Island resort.  Da golly Greens got leftard lawyers Slater and Gordon to con a judge to order Australian taxpayers to compensate them $70 million for destroying their accommodation and rioting.  That’s approaching $40,000 each!

Slater and Gordon principal lawyer Andrew Baker hived off an extra $20 million thanks very much – thanks Julia, Kev!

Illegals like Benham Moghimi (his real name) reckons the $40,000 is not enough.

“They tortured me and they are still torturing me and the $70 million for me is not enough,” he said.  “Because so far 1,300 registered and it means we will get less and less money, and it’s not enough for my future treatment, for my counselling, for whatever the Australian Government has done to me these past four years.”


Australian Border Force deputy commissioner Mandy Newton told a parliamentary committee recently that 52 detainees had agreed to voluntarily return home after told they were being paid $US25,000 ($A31,948) to do so.

Now they’re getting free return flights to cost Australian taxpayers another $1.66.

Bugger that.  Let the bastards rot and distribute Dan Andrews OJ flavoured secobarbital.

Newton said many of the 606 detainees were refusing to leave the Manus Island processing centre because they didn’t want to cook or clean for themselves.

Give a toss.  What sort of message is that sending the da Third World welfare seekers on standby in Indonesia?  As if Trump was ever going to take them.  Yet fun loving Turncoat, playing up in the Narev desert has agreed to take Trump’s 30 illegal Latinos – MS13 street gang members from El Salvador.  Nice.

What sort of merchant banking deal’s this Mal?


Things are looking up, but.

Papuan Tribal Justice

Pissed off local Papuan natives have started sending the brown scum a message.  “The locals are sending their sons, they are sending a couple of guys to deliver a message. They are saying ‘if you don’t want to die, stay where you are’.”

Locals have begun looting equipment from the Manus Island refugee processing centre, while Papua New Guinea authorities look on.  Apparently a few opportunistic locals have acquired fans, chairs, tables, rubbish bins and other items from the site after it was abandoned by security guards and other staff on Tuesday morning.

Native locals have been giving the illegals ‘da death stare‘ through the perimeter fence.  One illegal reckons he was threatened after approaching the local natives.  “When we approached them they started swearing [at] us and using abusive words. We care about our safety, so we just said ‘just take whatever you want’.”

One illegal, muslim Imran Mohammed (his real name) reckons “No one is willing to leave, but we don’t have any choice if they use force.”

Da illegal 600 have barricaded themselves inside the compound’s wire fences, refusing to leave the centre amid fears they would be attacked if they ventured outside the gates.  They repaired and secured damaged wire on the compound’s perimeter fences to protect themselves from possible attacks from outside, as tensions mounted.

Refugee bleeding heart advocates fear the “powderkeg” situation may erupt into violence and have been told by local chiefs that their lives will be at risk if they leave the camp.

We’s comin ta get ya brownies

Greens senator Nick McKim, who is on Manus Island to interfere in PNG politics, reckons the closure of the centre and departure of all staff had left the refugees “at the mercy of the PNG navy with no food or drinking water”.  He told his accompanying leftard media entourage that about 100 Papuan natives had rallied in the nearby town of Lorengau on Tuesday morning, asking for the refugees to be sent to Australia and not brought into their community.

When Greens froth and golly, the world is good, it’s just a wonderous thing.


Selected Comments:

Joy:   “What sort of a boat could you buy for $500,000, find their own way home and hock it?”

Deborah:  Pay $10,000 of their own money to boat people to come here. Then our government gives them $25,000 plus a free flight home on private jet. No wonder they come here. They don’t want to cook and clean for themselves, did they have servants doing this for them in their country. Wish I could live on an island away from everybody, be independent, don’t think the government would pay me though, being an ordinary Australian. If politicians run a business the way they run the country, would be bankrupted so many times over. crazy

Dan2:  “Small price to pay compared to the huge welfare bills that would cost Australians if they stayed. Maybe we should send the invoice to Rudd.”

Jason:  “But Labor and the Greens want to gift these economic refugees with residency, as a prize for jumping the queue. Money grows on trees too.  Still paying for Labor and cleaning up their mess years later. Yet Australians want them back in power LOL.”

Alan:  “Every time we have a labor government in power we end up with a stuffed up country and ruined economy. Older voters have really short memories and the younger voters are conned too easily and this mess is what we end up with.”

Glen:  “Dump them in the pacific and make them swim home, cancel the compensation first. And just have a new ‘shoot and sink on sight’ policy for any unauthorized boat.”

Warren:    “It makes me sick that we can’t house the homeless here, give the elderly a decent pension OR even give anyone after the birth of late 70’s a pension. Yet we’ll spend 100’s of millions of dollars on illegal people entering the country who have never and will never pay taxes to make this great country what it is. We’ll house them, school them and pay them probably the whole time they’re here.

$70,000,000 would give 1,000 retired elderly couples $70,000. If they were to spread that out over time it would give these elderly folk, who’ve supported our stupid government with taxes for around 50 years and extra $5,000 – $10,000 a year. Not heaps, but probably enough for them to eat properly and make sure the heater stays on in the winter.”

Just let the Papuans at ’em