Is Lakemba Australia’s centre for Muslim money laundering to Jihadists?

ASIO ought to consider drone strikes on Muslim Lakemba in Sydney on the basis that repeated news of ISIL support is coming through – ethnic gang crime, terrorist recruits, hate preachers, Islamic propaganda bookshops, money laundering to fund ISIL.

But then ASIO relies on all its so-called “intelligence” from the US.

Last month, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph on September 18 reported a money transfer business in the Muslim melting pot that is Lakemba in Sydney’s efnic south-west was identified as a Muslim money laundering racket and so it was suspended from trading after links were traced to direct funding of Muslim terrorism.

When a Lebanese family sets up shop as a money transfer business in Lakemba under the name of Bisotel Rieh Pty Ltd, the Australian Government thinks no worries, she’ll be right.

Bisotel Rieh, with headquarters in Gillies Street, Lakemba and a branch in Lebanon, is owned by the sister and brother-in-law of known terrorist Khaled Sharrouf who is fighting with Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, and has posted images online of his seven-year-old son holding a severed head.

LakembaMuslim Drive through Lakemba – herd ’em out for live export


Sydney based “BR Money Transfer” has also had its licence suspended by money-laundering watchdog AUSTRAC after it was revealed $18 million was laundered into Lebanon.    ASIO thinks it might have links to terrorism in the Middle East.

So the Labor billions in funding followed by the Liberals’ hundreds of millions in new funding of ASIO must be paying off.   The pay peanuts get monkeys budget argument must have sunk in.

A decade prior, in June 2004, ASIO got the Australian Federal Police to crack down on a Sydney based money laundering syndicate based in you guessed it, Lakemba!  Arrested for Muslim money laundering were Arab males aged 41 and 37 years, a 42 year old black male from France, and a 49 year old Arab.

So Bisotel Rieh’s head office in Lakemba is owned by the sister and brother-in-law of known severed head holding son of terrorist Khaled Sharrouf.

Khaled Sharrouf

What is ASIO doing with all the millions of Australian taxpayers wealth thrown at it by Labor and Liberals, if it can’t even link number one terrorist Khaled Sharrouf to money laundering?

Dudes, get out of Canberra and set up a white van in downtown Lakemba and you will be getting close to the action (and better placed to call in accurate drone strikes).

It has been reported that Bisotel Rieh transferred $21 million from Lakemba to Lebanon via Turkey illegally.  Other large money transfers have been made via Muslim Malaysia to Lebanon to finance terrorism in the Middle East,and likely eventually to ISIL terrorists in Syria.

Bisotel Rieh happy to fund ISIL