Gillard Royal Commission into pedophilia politically ignored the cults of leftard faggotry and pedo-islam

Murdock propaganda downunder:

“One of the best things about life in 21st century Australia is that for the first time in human history, we are actually listening to children’s voices.

PM Gillard, instigator of the current kiddy-fiddling Royal Commission, being atheist and leftist, went for conservative pedo-church institutions. Da witch was conspicuously blind eyed patsy to homosexual kiddy fiddlers and muslim pedophiles.


Da Leftard-Sharia Deviant Alliance


“Sex offenders are being caught as young, rather than old, men – because we are listening to victims. Bullying is being addressed in schools – because we pay attention when kids say they’re scared. Domestic violence is now actually considered a crime – because this enormous cultural shift has meant neighbours and police now accept that violence against children is not a private family matter, but is everyone’s business.”

(The second time may be we’ll listen to round two and three – the children of deviant cultists, then the children of islamic cult pedophiles – both conveniently outside leftard PM Gillard’s terms of reference).

“In our own lifetimes, children have gone from being virtually voiceless – encouraged to be seen but not heard – to being acknowledged for their vulner­ability and their importance.  And now it seems the court system is doing its part to catch up.

Today we reveal a trial program in NSW courts that is breathtaking in its embrace of common sense not a phrase most of us usually associate with the legal system.

The Child Evidence Pilot is about re-engineering the court system to ensure children’s voices are properly heard, and that legal jargon, tradition and silliness are drowned out.  Judge Kate Traill, one of two judges involved in the trial, says the new system is eliciting evidence that once would have been impossible to obtain.

“To give evidence about a sexual offence is one of the most daunting and harrowing experiences any victim can endure.  When the victim is a child, the system is that much more intimidating and unfriendly.  Police, barristers and judges are required to speak plain English to the child witnesses, instead of using circuitous language and multi-barrelled questions.

Each child is assessed by an intermediary who helps them understand their own story and to tell it clearly using storyboards, toys or visual aids to clarify the sequence of events, for example.”

“This is about promoting the most important purpose of our justice system: to protect the innocent.

We fervently hope the lessons of the pilot are ex­tended into the entire legal system.  “We find barristers in the pilot are starting to mod­ify how they ask questions (in other courts), because they realise how simple and easy it is to be clear and precise,” said Judge Traill.

We respectfully submit that would be a change for the better.”

– Mick Carroll, Editor, The Sunday Telegraph, December 17, 2017.