TOTAL WAR must be declared to win the battle against drugs and the resultant sewer grade society affecting all Australians.

I]  Develop a Commonwealth Civil Defence Emergency Task Force under the Federal Defence Power, to instigate compulsory national anti-drug programmes, for eradicating the drugs scourge on families and citizens.

ii]  To include a Peoples Commission for Drug Addiction, with paid delegates from Family and Community Organisations, to ensure eradication procedures and outcomes.

iii]  Create an Emergency National Action Plan for physical and psychological recovery services for addicts; to extend into medical, residential, employment, and lifestyle.

iv]  All drug detections to be mandatorily referred for National Action Plan rehabilitation. Rehabilitation aims from detoxification preferenced to criminal action on addicts. No repeats!

v]  The Civil Defence Task Force to secure/build and manage detox and rehabilitation sanitoriums, with specialist staff, and also engage private organisations as available.

vi]  Parental Authority for compulsory detoxification of addicts to be introduced. Support for parental input on detoxification to be available.

vii]  The Civil Defence Force to establish a Community Service Militia Corps, suitably trained, and with overriding powers to undertake all directive, and administrative applications of the National Action Plan.

viii]  Recovered addicts to be guaranteed continuing, productive employment in a Public Work Service, securing independence, integrity and self esteem.

ix]  The Drug Eradication Programme to be funded from monies redirected from Foreign Aid, closing of Immigration and Refugee Programmes, and drug derived assets forfeiture – Australians First!

x]  Live injecting rooms, promoted under simplistic fallacious arguments for harm minimisation, to be closed.

xi]  Drug syndicates/suppliers feeding off the misery of citizens and families, will continue at their own peril.

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