Australia’s urban rat race population now 24 million due to mass immigration fetish of 200,000 a year

Just two years ago, Australia’s population was 23 million. Today, a divergent mongrel rat race has clicked over 24 million as the latest foreign airline has landed with more immigrants. 90% of it is urban, or 70% confined to the capital cities – most increasingly foreigners flocking together.

Mass ImmigrationSydney International Airport everyday


Australia’s natural increase by births is about 5% a year – most of that from breeding immigrants after they arrive.  Nationally, the net overseas migration rate is around 11% or 200,000 plus year on year.  This is a rate faster than the following projected growth chart from shonky KPMG Demographics.  In fact, Dr Richard Denniss from The Australia Institute said in March 2015 that 2014 saw an increase of 400,000 people showed growth was happening faster than many may think.

In fact, in the 15 years from 2000, Australia’s migrant population has risen by 2.75 million people.  That’s more than the whole migrant intake during the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, which was 2.54 million.


Australia's population growth unsustainable

This rate is faster than the breeding developing countries of the Third World.

It’s all thanks to the unquestioned joint growth fetish policies of both Labor and Liberal-National coalition parties taking turns at government. Labor and Liberal alike have imposed another one million people to our shores in two years, which statistically is the fastest pace this has ever happened.

Migration-led economic growth is unquestioningly equated to economic prosperity, which is unquestioningly equated to social prosperity.  It is as short-sighted as it is short-term.  The economic demand numbers are no more than a sugar hit.  Migrant demand for consumer goods and services like housing stimulates GDP, which makes the incumbent government’s economic performance look good for economic commentators. Australia’s GDP growth is about 3% annually and the foreign migration lobby argue it is largely due to immigration.

But the socio-economic facts reveal otherwise in today’s Australia.   Infrastructure in the capital cities is lagging behind the immigration fetish coming out of isolated Canberran boffins.  They expect an extra 200,000 a year to use the same number of hospitals, schools, roads, trains and buses and childcare.  They expect 200,000 a year to live in the same housing stock and available work opportunities at a time when their Free Trade Department down the road is encouraging more jobs to be offshored.

House ownership has become unaffordable for most Australians.  Unemployment is structural especially amongst youth and anyone aged over 40. The cost of living is increasingly out of reach of many Australians especially in the cities.  Waiting lists for public healthcare and education are unsustainable.  Many immigrants add an unsustainable burden on social security.  20% of Australia’s GDP goes on funding social welfare.  Tony Abbott’s 12,000 Syrian welfare seekers on top of the 13750 humanitarian quota means 25,750 Third Worlders will be added to Australia’s social welfare in 2016.  Another 50,000 will arrive on family reunion visas and go on welfare.

Mass immigration is unsustainable.  Yet it continues to be treacherously inflicted by Labor and Liberals alike on an ambivalent Australian electorate who keeps voting the bastards back into government.  It’s as if we’re boiling frogs on Rohypnol.

Australia's population 24 millionAustralians tolerate mass immigration like date rape


And it is faster than the demographic forecasts – in August 1999 the population wasn’t forecast to hit 24 million at least until 2033.  So we are on track to double that to 50 million by 2050.  Read Population Study by The Australia Institute from 2015.

That means Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will look like Hong Kong.  The New South Wales-Queensland seaboard will be solidly urbanised from Bega to Mackay.  Greater ridiculous Melbourne will sprawl out to Colac, Bendigo, Ballaarat and Traralgon. Greater ridiculous Perth will extend from Geraldton to Albany to Esperance.

Urban congestion will be like Kuala Lumpur.  Most will be confined to renting highrise. Public infrastructure like schools and hospitals will have high security in gated communities. Poverty will be widespread such that our middle class will be lower class.  Unemployment will be beyond 30%.  Ethnic gang crime will be rampant like a futuristic Detroit, Mexico or Fury Road.   It won’t be called ethnic because ‘diversity’ will be as if we have no borders.  All law enforcement will be counter-terrorism and only travel by jet helicopter by day for self-preservation.

White Australia will have been swamped into a minority following the Aborigines and White Rhodesians.  The dominant languages will be Mandarin and Arabic. The dominant religion will be Muslim.

It will be a deculturation of Australia as we now know it, thanks to warped ideologies of globalisation, trade liberalisation, multiculturalism and islamisation. Sovereignty will have been surrendered to the United Nations. English will be taught at home like Gaelic is in limited rural parts of west coast Ireland.  The dams will have drained historically and desalination will be the only water source. There will be no wildlife left, no national parks, no Great Barrier Reef and the only fish available from high security aquaculture.

The way we are going, it will be fully shit.

Mass Immigration is destroying Australia

What to do about it? 

Let’s just say these are some ideas…

  • Immediately suspend all immigration, cancelling all immigration visas, and allowing only tourist visas
  • Immediately abolish Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection.
  • Border Protection to be incorporated with Customs and Quarantine under a new Border Protection Force staffed only by Australian citizens required to undergo extensive background checks by AFP, and in turn independently vetted by ASIO
  • Department of Immigration staff and associated agencies to be made redundant, replaced by a new Department of Population using the same offices and resources, similarly staffed only by Australian citizens required to undergo extensive background checks by AFP, and in turn independently vetted by ASIO
  • Department of Population to have a broader mandate to achieve population sustainability and cohesion, starting with setting out to restore Australia’s population to the pre-Whitlam 1972 level of 13 million, by suspending all immigration, actively and financially encouraging return of immigrants to countries of origin – such as a Ten Dollar Deport flight (a reversal to the Ten Pound Pom)
  • Align this Department of Population with a new Ministry for Deglobalisation
  • Australia to immediately formally withdraw from the United Nations 1951 Refugee Convention.  It was intended for Europeans after WWII.
  • Immediately deport all internees in detention camps in Australia and offshore back to their countries of origin
  • Immediately deport all internees in Australian prisons not born in Australia, back to their country of origin and make legislative changes to ensure their dependents go with them
  • End all Immigration visa programmes such as student visas and work visas
  • Allow temporary visas to run out, after which triggering automatic visa cancellation, unlawful non-citizen status and permanent re-entry ban
  • Reverse permanent visas to ‘temporary’ status for any immigrant not an Australian citizen, and allow these to run out and thereafter triggering automatic visa cancellation, unlawful non-citizen status and permanent re-entry ban
  • Levy a significant tax on immigrants buying Australian property
  • Withdraw social welfare access to all non Australian Citizens – including unemployment benefits, Medicare, education funding, old age pension, childcare allowance, disability pension, family assistance, baby bonus, rental assistance, etc.
  • Formally abolish multiculturalism on a whole of government basis, and withdraw funding for recalcitrant agencies of the Left
  • Ban Islam as an illegal barbaric sect Australia-wide
  • Establish a stricter testing process for Australian Citizenship:  Read about our ideas for Conditional Citizenship
  • Only Australia First Party is serious about Australia’s population and immigration

End Immigration Now!

Only Australian Nationalists are committed to ending Australia’s immigration.

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