Australian Nationalists won’t curry favour with Gautam Adani: Indian curry munching rapists bugger off!

Gautam Adani, it’s like this see.  Australia has the most coal in the world which can supply all the energy Australians need for the next millennia.  But the globalist Greens want 100% energy renewables to de-industrialise us until we are Third World.  The unions are in 457 bed with them.  The globalist Labor Party wants $50% renewables and the globalist Liberal-Nationals want 23% renewables.

It’s the Carbon Tax Cult evangelizing the Climate Change Fraud.  We’re a wake up.

Meanwhile the Labor Party in Victoria and South Australia is shutting down coal power stations, closing down manufacturing, sacking thousands of Aussie workers and placing Aussie homes in cold darkness.   Turnbull’s Coalition Party, a globalist hybrid, wants to flog our coal to the Third World (China, Asia, and now India) for the royalties and bribe a $1 billion rail line in Queensland to some billionaire curry muncher.

We find this 18C offensive to Australians.

Labor’s Annastacia Palaszczuk (pronounced ‘palliative chook’) is secretly currying favour with Adani prepared to gift access to our nation’s vital aquifers.

Takes one treacherous type II bastard to sell out to another

We Australian nationalists say bugger all that.  Leave our unsullied Australia alone!   Put Australians first!

Build clean coal power stations such as in the La Trobe Valley to supply cheap domestic energy for our own households and industries.  We can then manufacture condoms for the Third World to alleviate India’s uber-breeding crisis.

1.3 billion Indians is breeding enough!  Keep your backward rape culture to yourselves!

George Christensen curries favour with Gautam Adani – another treacherous type II bastard selling out to another

Australia’s Native Soils, Aquifers and Reef are Australia’s!


Australia First Party is the only political party in Australia that utterly rejects globalisation of our nation.

With the leftisation of the Greens,  Australia First Party is the only political party left in Australia that respects the conservation of our traditional heritage – our natural heritage and our cultural heritage.

Australia First Party is the only one committed to addressing the root cause of the degradation of Australia – foreign imperialism and mass immigration.  We are committed to ending and reversing both.

So Third World curry munchers, slope heads, rag heads, multinationals – just bugger off!

Keep Australia Third World Free!

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