‘Australian Made’ label is a fraud

When Australian grocery shoppers see the ‘Australian Made’ label (a green triangle with the gold outline of a kangaroo) the marketing message to consumers is to trust the food product because it is reliably Australian Made.

Australia Made logo


Read the back of the product to see the ingredients typically come from outside Australia.

Made in Australia from AnywhereMeaningful food labelling, or fraudulent crap?

The ‘Australian Made’ logo as well as the ‘Australian Grown logo’ are clever marketing tools of the grocery industry, conjured up in 1999.  They are a dubious attempt to provide Australian grocery consumers with country of origin labelling.  Yet both labels are ill-defined and ambiguous and so unreliable for consumers.

Read More: https://www.choice.com.au/shopping/packaging-labelling-and-advertising

Such labelling is a scam administered by a department within the Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ACCI) and the National Farmers Federation, probably benefiting a few inside scammers to secretly finance their elitist lifestyles.

So how about ‘Previously proudly made in Australia‘ or ‘Designed in Australia then sent to China so we can compete with Chinese imports‘ or ‘Packaged in Australia‘, ‘Sold in Australia‘ or ‘A friend of the factory owner once visited Australia‘..?

Australian Food Labelling ShamWho friggen knows?

The government bureaucrats who regulate Australia’s vital food labelling and standards are just biased and overpaid employees of the multinational grocery industry, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).  This lot are corrupt and should be publicly exposed, denied taxpayer funding and the FSANZ shut down many years ago.

Let the truth labelling:movement defy the globalists/leftists, the current ‘country of origin labeling’ should read:

Australian Ingredients logo

Consider familiar supermarket brand ‘Always Fresh’ and its smoked oysters made in China:

Always Fresh Smoked OystersCountry of Origin:  Product of the People’s Republic of China (your fresh Shanghai outfall)


Meanwhile, until the FSANZ Board is sacked, Australians wanting to rely on buying genuine 100% Aussie owned, grown, made foods should look for the ‘AUSBUY‘ logo below:

Ausbuy supersedes Made in Australia

As far as we can tell, AUSBUY seems dinkum. It is not owned or controlled by some corporate industry group with ulterior motives.

AUSBUY claims to be the true voice of Australian owned businesses, promoting Aussie-owned businesses and advocating legislation that supports and protects Australian owned producers and growers.  AUSBUY claims to support Australian owned businesses to keep profits in Australia, support local jobs and reinvest in the Australian economy.

The minute we find out they allow anything non-Australian in any way shape or form, we’ll can ’em very publicly.

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