Australian Defence now recruiting? Fit young Aussie men need not apply, insists fat leftie Marise Payne

She’s leading from the lounge, hoeing into halal KFC.  Defence Muster Marise Payne is on a recruitment drive for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to plug the hole of thousands of good service men and women resigning every year. ADF’s annual turnover (or separation rate) is 10% leaving every year, more than OECD countries.


ADF is MIA to the Left

Australia’s Defence Force has a chronic personnel retention crisis since the 1980s. ADF Command is catatonic.  It’s symptomatic of systemic dysfunction and Leftist-misguided command.  The ADF has been politically infiltrated and distracted by politically-correct Leftist agendas.  This distraction has disabled it from ADF’s core function of defending Australia to instead check boxing cultural diversity compliance.  The Left tactic is sapping the direction and will of personnel.  The ADF has gone missing in Leftist action.

Consider those in charge and the promotional PC club – parachuted puppet fatso Defence Muster Marise Payne, Lieutenant General David (get out!) Morrison, Lt General Angus (Kopassus-hugging) Campbell, Malcolm (snip snip) Cate MacGregor and the compliant Brass – pension-anxious.

Leftist ADF Command – old, compliant, pension-anxious.

“Aussie Warriors Get Out!”

..sure, if that’s your attitude cob.

If enemy islamics don’t get ya on tour, then the Military Police will, or try the PC police for offensive emails or when the Australian Defence Force Investigative Service charges ya for shooting the wrong angry bearded Afghan at night. Guilty until proven innocent?

So why would any fit young Aussie man join up when the stats show that once you have served your time (say after a dutiful 5 years, or even a career-worth 10 years) the Brass dumps you when you decide enough’s enough?

Veterans Abandoned

They impose on you a totalitarian code of silence for life.  They quickly abandon you ‘persona non grata‘ to where the bus drops you off, to Centrelink.  They expect you to be relegated to sessions at the RSL pokies, else to your own devices.

You soon realise that you’re behind the eight ball for employment transition back to civvy life.  Your military skills and experience basically get you bloody nowhere.  You compete with far more qualified peers your age. Then you find out that foreigners have taken all the jobs anyway because their bosses are of the same ethnicity.

The Australian familiar home you knew has been sold out while you were busy defending it.

Most ignorant employers presume you have PTSD and suffering depression, so they ignore you as a serving Digger, looking through you as a mental health risk.

Nice homecoming.


Defence is so desperate for uniformed fodder, that it’s spending tens of millions targeting and appealing to minority demographics other than normal fit young White Aussie blokes.  Instead, da Defence Left is going after women, bored and broke veterans, Aborigines, transsexuals, muslims and even chinese.  Even Goulburn’s SuperMax could see a recruiting van parked soon outside.

ADF Diversity Quota before Merit

Defence PR upholds that successful candidates are selected based on merit – so long as ya female, Aboriginal, transsexual, muslim or foreign.  Bonus if you’re a hybrid of all these since Defence will chuck you into PR media relations to celebrate “look we have a multicultural spokesperson in uniform – PC policy working!”

The Australian Army has a current ban on male recruits in its politically correct push to increase the female quota, including those on the front-line in combat roles.  This week’s target list of Army jobs is looking for recruits in 50 roles — but 35 of those are only available to women, including on the front line in the armoured cavalry and as a combat engineer.


Leftie Senator Marise Payne is behind this.  Cuddly wants 25% chicks armed in the Army by 2025.

There are currently no jobs available for men in the infantry as a rifleman or as an artilleryman — but both jobs are highlighted as “recruit immediately” if a female candidate comes forward.  And ADF recruiters have been told they will be re-posted if they ignored directives to target women exclusively for most new jobs.  Hoochies to be issued with privacy screens and stockings hooks.

So as a normal fit young White Aussie bloke, why would ya bother?  You’re too good and they don’t want ya.   A distressed army recruitment officer said: “This is political correctness gone mad. I don’t care if it is a man or a woman — I just want to get the best person for the job.”

The navy and air force have similar PC recruitment quotas. Of 18 jobs listed for the navy in the next six months just one is open to male recruits. None of the seven targeted air force roles is open to men, unless they are indigenous Australians – No Abo No Start!

Muslims like the Jomaa organised crime family have infiltrated Customs and Border Protection. Key ports like Melbourne, Darwin and Newcastle have been sold to Chinese control.

Former Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi warned “politically correct and gender ideology” was likely to “compromise the effectiveness of our front line combat capability.

The recruitment policy comes from the top. At an International Women’s Day speech in Canberra this year Chief of Army Lieutenant General Angus Campbell said: “We aspire to have 25 per cent representation of women in Army by 2025”, causing dissension in the ranks.

So?  Why?

When Air Force female technical camp participants have to do a confidence building course at RAAF Base Wagga, it’s ‘lipstick-on-a-pig’ stuff. Our male finest pilots will get shot down in the first combat engagement – no testosterone, suppressed warrior instinct.

ADF Suicide Twice National Average

And why would ya join when your ADF peers battle rates of suicide in and out of service double the general population?  Between 2001 and 2015, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) found 325 certified cases where people who had served at least one day in the ADF had taken their own life and found that more than half of those incidents included individuals who were no longer serving in the defence force.

Men who are no longer serving were found to be 14 percent more likely than the general population to take their own lives, and that figure rose for young males between the ages of 18 and 24 who are twice as likely to die by suicide than people not in the ADF.

Why would ya bother?

Join the ADF, get nuggeted

Lads, if you wanna get ya balls nuggeted and a broomstick up ya rear, then there’s a career job for you in the Royal Australian Navy.

Girls get special treatment. Just ask recruits ‘processed’ through:

  • The Navy’s HMAS Leeuwin naval training base at Fremantle, Western Australia
  • The Army’s Balcombe Apprentices School at Bonegilla, Victoria
  • The Australian Defence Force Cadets at Duntroon, Australian Capital Territory

Bunk up with a Muzzie

And as a normal Aussie bloke they now expect you to train and serve with muslims carrying automatic weapons and bayonets.

In 2015, the Army got in its own Imam…”vital to making the ADF a better fighting force.”  That’s so if you get captured by jihadis in some desert shithole, you’ll be able to quote the Quran so they won’t behead ya.

And our Navy got Captain Mona raghead Shindy, who said of ISIS:  “The barbaric nature and ideology of these groups has nothing to do with Islam and we should work to limit their appeal to vulnerable Muslims, preventing the use and advertising of ‘Islam’ in their name.”

Bravo Zulu’d know, as an evangelist for Canberra’s promotion of Islam across Australian society.

Who are we fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq?

But as a good Christian loyal to Australia, dare speak up and feel the wrath of The Royal Australian Navy.  It has dismissed several sailors for posting anti-Islamic comments on social media.  Belonging to patriotic groups like Australian Defence League and the Knights of the Jedi Council won’t get you a promotion none.  Not even larrikin banter is permitted in snowflake Defence.

And especially if you’re a traditional Aussie independent leader like one Major Bernard Gaynor.

Die in unAustralian Wars

In June 2014, the brass ostracised and terminated Major Bernard Gaynor’s Army commission after his three tours of duty in Iraq serving in Army intelligence.

Major Gaynor questioned the moral cowardice of the army’s leadership and that it was inevitably leading to a complete waste of the service and sacrifices made by thousands of Australian military personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq. Major Gaynor raised this privately, but then when it was ignored, publicly.

He stated at a Melbourne conference in March that year:

“It is my unpleasant duty to inform you that the Australian Defence Force has a fundamentally broken approach to religion, an approach shaped partly by the triumph of bureaucratic administration over battlefield considerations but mostly by political correctness.

The ADF has a fundamentally flawed understanding of Islam. Just look at Iraq. I was one of the last Australians to serve there. All the politicians and military hierarchy were saying the withdrawal of Western military force was based on success. And yet al-Qaeda today controls more of Iraq than it ever did while Western forces were in the country. 

While everyone is watching the spread of the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria, we’re not noticing that areas where British and American troops fought and died in Afghanistan are being taken by the Taliban even before NATO forces have left the country … Helmand Province is being overrun by the Taliban. It is next to Oruzgan Province, where the Australian military was deployed and 40 Australians died. 

“You have a responsibility not to leave complete chaos but that is what we have done by leaving things half-baked,” Gaynor said, describing the bloody schisms that have opened in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan in the wake of the departure of US and NATO forces from the region.  The mission in Afghanistan was based on an absurd plan. Even the NATO mission statement said it was to set up a state under Sharia law. This is absurd if the object is to set up a democracy.”


On June 30 2014, Chief of the Defence Force, General David Hurley, AC, DSC, on his last day in the job, wrote to Gaynor detailing why he was no longer fit to serve in the Army Reserve.

Yet the cancer that Gaynor predicted has spread, deepened and metastasized into Afghanistan, and Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.  General Hurley towed the idealistic notion of committing Afghanistan to a magical overnight Western democracy, a nation shaped for centuries by tribalism, Islam and the rule by force.

Share Military Secrets with our Enemies

And expect to train and serve alongside slopes – the ADF runs recruitment ads in Chinese.
The accompanying video is a warm and fuzzy profile piece with an invader who will possess a combat firearm just as China asserts its militaristic intentions on our doorstep.

When Chinese forces land, that gun supplied to her by our own government will be one less that China has to pay for. They may as well cut out the middle man and point our own forces at us. It will save time and they have already paved the road for Chinese ownership of our country.

It is a fact that China considers any person of its race to be a citizen of China regardless of where they are born, while those born here are regarded less of a citizen than those who are not.

Don’t bend over in the ablutions

And why would decent Aussie blokes now join up, when the Army, Navy and Air Force has gone pro-Faggot quota?

Just knowing how to shoot straight is not enough, nor being straight for that matter.  More importantly the Army of da Left prescribes being culturally inclusive and diverse.

Defence has its own homosexual marching troupe in Sydney’s annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, sending a strong political message that the ADF has gone alternative and prioritised Leftist agenda ahead of military merit and traditional Christian values. Faggots now get more rights in the ADF than ordinary decent blokes.

It’s wrong but it’s a clear a present confirmed message from the top – normal fit White Male Fighters are no longer welcome in Australia’s PC Defence Force.  You now have to have something wrong with you – its called ‘diversity means inclusion’.

This Mardi Gras had a long history of openly vilifying Christian values, and especially the Catholic Church against its traditional stance on decent traditional marriage.

So Australia’s Defence Force (Army, Navy Air Force) has jointly prioritised its leftist PC cultural agenda war against decent traditional Australia society, ahead of genuine external threats against our Australia’s national interests.

This makes the thinking and the leadership lost, if not AWOL.

Frankly, the entire colluding brass knobs embracing and dispatching leftist politics need to be decommissioned and fast-tracked into early lucrative pension well out of harm’s way.  Clearly, if they are not the solution they become the problem.

It was Leftist Labor’s PM Paul Keating on November 24 1992, who declared that decent Christian standards in the ADF would be lifted to unleash homosexual moral depravity.  And so the slippery slope took hold.

Defence force chief General David Hurley said that marked an important step in the evolution of the ADF’s policies and practices on diversity.  The RAAF introduced its Diversity Handbook for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual pilots – God help us.  The Army has removed longstanding restrictions on women serving in front-line combat units – God help the front-line combat units.

Men distracted to help women and fairies, no such luxuries in combat!

So What’s a Decent Aussie Soldier to Do?

Well, on July 26 2017 U.S. President Donald Trump announced a ban on transgender people serving in the military.

He stated:

“After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow……Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming…..victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.”

Trump’s announcement is “a military decision”to prevent the previous Obama administration’s attempt to “erode military readiness and unit cohesion.”

So here is your solution for a military career that respects Christian values and decency, that is well-resourced, well-paid, properly trained and focused on military professionalism, faggot free with improving quality support for veterans.

Sadly , the ADF has lost its way.  Don’t flog a dead horse while Command instruct the horse to play dead.

Fit young capable decent men of Australia should join the United States military for the foreseeable future.

Canberra’s defence policy is that Australia continues to rely on United States military might for Australia’s national defence anyway, so in all practicality you will be serving your nation ‘Australia’, yet in a far more effective, career rewarding and supportive capacity.

Selected Comments

Nathan:  “I served 5 years, and did my time overseas.  After career prospects in “civvy street” didn’t work out too well, I decided to go back to the ARA.  18 months later, and im still on a waiting list waiting to get back in.  What ever happened to “supporting our veterans” or “best person for the job?  I loved my time in the army, and would love to serve again, but I’m beginning to feel like why am I trying so hard to fight for an army who won’t even fight for me.”

Theo:  “I see Mal the Poodle walker wants Australians to help the Madman fight Korea, okay, send the women.  The only one in the top job with any brains is Julie Bishop.”

King:  “OMFG.  Australia is screwed. Gender politics has gone completely INSANE! I am truly gobsmacked at this.”

Paul:  “Lol, go ahead ladies. Let’s change the Nasho act as well to ensure only women from 18-35 are drafted next war. Let’s get the girls out of the gender studies classes and into the field. You wanted equality, well here’s your chance feminists.”

Ann:  “As a female person, I believe my safety is compromised by having less men in fighting in aggressive roles. I had confidence that the best outcomes possible happened as a result of male fighting soldiers. I don’t care about “gender” equality, I only care about my safety. This is madness equivalent to demanding that 50% of males give birth. (laughable, but these days they can!!!!!!!!!!).”

Gloria: “This is absolutely ridiculous. I would prefer strong men defending my country, not weak women who don’t have to pass all the tests.”

Jim:  “Physically and psychologically men are built for fighting and aggression and women are not , that’s why for the past 10,000 years all soldiers have been men, it’s a big mistake having women in the frontline.”

Wayne: “Each of the three Services has set female participation targets to be achieved by the year 2023. Targets are being manipulated against males to achieve these targets, hence the ban on males.  To recruit more females to meet these targets females are treated in a way that benefits them and disadvantages males.  From a Report titled “Women in the ADF” – for direct entry pilots in the RAAF the RAAF has a two-year length of service for females commencing on graduation from the initial operational conversion course but for males it is much longer. A longer return of service is apparently unattractive to females – but not so for males. This special dispensation for females allows female pilots to leave the RAAF and get better paying commercial pilot jobs much faster than their male counterparts. This is not equality.”

James: “@Wayne Look what has happened to Victoria Police – now a laughing-stock.”

Scott:   “What ridiculous comments you make. Have you ever served your Country mate? No would be the your answer. Then what would you know what it takes to be a soldier? Men are fitter, stronger and mentally tougher in the Army. That is a fact and no PC waffle from you will change that.”

Malcolm: “Sad day for Australia. Political correctness has gone mad and needs to be stopped. Surely most Australians are offended by this.”

Chris:  “What a load of, well words fail me.  Should this not be the best person for the job?  The Armed forces are not a playschool for the P.C mob nor the politicians. We are talking serious stuff here.  This is pure and utter discrimination.  Can one imagine the outcry if they said males only? Poor Australia. Where has my country gone?”

Raymond: “This is what happens when the United Nations gets control of everything Australian?”

Wladek:  “Simple question. Is Australian Army above labour law? Is such decision is breaking of employment law?  Or we are living in lawless country where special and narrow-minded PC brigade can break ANY law to fit them?”

Perhaps you can try what this author applied for at age 17, but which one’s mother refuse to sign off on.

Then, should Australia ever be militarily under threat, such superior military training would prepare you in better stead to kill the enemy well above the sad PC joke of the current Leftist ADF.

Such is the honorable true role of our Australian Defence Force, worthy of our ANZAC forefathers’ respect.