Washington Democrats Post fake news of the week

Another week, another litany of anti-Trump hateful conspiracy crap dreamt up by leftist Hilary diehards in the Washington Swamp.

Churning the propaganda this week is brought to gullible copy-paste media interns, courtesy of leftist Amnesty International, leftist Jeff Bezos‘ Washington Post, leftist Jeff Zucker‘s CNN and NBC, the leftist Washington Press Club, leftist Mark Elliot Zuckerberg‘s Facebook, the UK leftist Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, yet more Hillary emails, and otherwise Anonymous Leaks Inc.

Note any left leaning pattern?

“Debbie and Donna reckon it’s that ‘soft power’ shit”


So what’s the fake dribble this week that has so saturated copy-paster networks like your leftist ABC?

  1. President Trump asked FBI Director James Comey to shut down the FBI’s investigation into sacked national security advisor Michael Flynn investigation, and when Comey didn’t, Trump sacked Comey.  CNN’s source?  “A source with knowledge of discussions inside the White House”
  2. The Washington Post faked that President Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador in a White House meeting last week, jeopardizing a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State and threateningnational security. The story was based on anonymous leaks (from Jeff Bezos office).
  3. It is believed that Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad’s Government has authorised the hangings of 13,000 rebel inmates and burned their dead bodies in a 2013 purpose built crematorium in within Sednaya prison outside Damascus, in order to hide evidence as revealed by a satellite photo.  Source:  Stuart Jones, acting assistant secretary for the State Department Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, citing “credible human rights groups, nongovernmental sources, as well as “intelligence assessments.”


Conspiracy Gotcha’s have become a Democrat Blind Obsession

Every time the Washington political press freaks out and goes into full panic mode against President Trump, the blockbuster, Watergate-volume story always unfolds the same way.

First the news starts leaking or breaking. Newsrooms from the Potomac to the Hudson become seized and fixated on every morsel of the delicious story. News flashes zing around the internet.

Then it hits cable television and the press starts slinging the most salacious and scandalous accusations they can whip up, charging the president with the highest crimes imaginable.

Each time, these reporters sink deeper and deeper into a fantasyland as they dream bigger and bigger. THIS TIME, they keep thinking, we FINALLY got him!

Poor old Water Gate has been plagiarised ad nauseum exposing a litany of dead cat bounces.

  • Comey-Gate
  • Flint-Gate
  • Russian Interference-Gate
  • Tape-Gate
  • Golf-Gate – In March The New York Daily News “reported” Trump was “golfing for the ninth time since taking office seven weeks ago.” He hadn’t. Golf Digest had previously reported President Obama played 306 rounds of golf while in office.  “The 306 rounds over eight years averages out to a little more than 38 rounds a year, which is well above the national average of 19.3,” according to the magazine, but it didn’t feign similar outrage over those stats.
  • Unmasking-Gate  (don’t ask)
  • Ivanka Trump merchandise-Gate
  • Tom Price’s Stock Trading- Gate

All unfounded, but the bases for new Hollywood plots.

Since Trump was elected US president, losing Democrats in Hillary denialism have conjured anything to try to distract Trump and to fabricate some impeachment crap, yet Trump doesn’t do cigars.

Trump has hit back with Wiretap-Gate, and Fake-Gate.

Feeding the Chooks