Only Australian nationalists put the interests of Ordinary Australians first

The major political parties in Australia do not truly represent the interests of Ordinary Australians or stand for our nation’s integrity.

The Liberals and their National Party lapdogs stand for globalist vested interests of Right Wing politics loyal to the conservative power elite of big business.

The Labor Party and their union hacks stand for globalist vested interests of Left Wing politics loyal to socialist welfarism and foreign interests.  The Greens are just an extreme loopy version of Labor, along with the extremists like the violent Socialist Alliance and Socialist Equality Party.

There are so-called independents that are really just stooges for these major parties and will preference their votes accordingly, so making no difference.

There are other vested interest political parties with either a simplistic and useless single issue agenda, else with a hidden alliance to foreign interests, else with no ideas about running the nation.

Australia First Party is the only truly Australian nationalist party registered in the 2016 Federal Election that exists for the perpetuation and benefit of Ordinary Australians and for Australia’s national interest, forsaking all others – foreigners, multinationals, Right Wing politics, Left wing politics.



Nationalist is Not Left nor Right ! 

The Left and Right are both Globalist

So beware who you vote for in the election:

Liberal (Conservative Right Wing) Stooges

  1. Liberal Democratic Party
  2. Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party
  3. Mature Australia Party
  4. Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)
  5. Family First Party
  6. Australian Country Party
  7. Citizens Electoral Council of Australia
  8. Outdoor Recreation Party (Stop The Greens)
  9. Palmer United Party
  10. 21st Century Australia
  11. Country Liberals (Northern Territory)
  12. Australian Christians

Fake Patriots (Liberal Hard Right)

  1. Australian Liberty Alliance
  2. Rise Up Australia Party
  3. Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

Greens (Extreme Left Wing) Stooges

  1. Socialist Alliance
  2. Socialist Equality Party
  3. The HEMP Party
  4. Australian Equality Party (Marriage)
  5. Australian Progressives
  6. Renewable Energy Party
  7. Science Party
  8. The Arts Party
  9. Health Australia Party
  10. The Australian Mental Health Party
  11. Voluntary Euthanasia Party
  12. Drug Law Reform Australia
  13. Consumer Rights & No-Tolls
  14. Upgrade Democracy
  15. Australian Cyclists Party
  16. Australian Christians
  17. Australian Sex Party
  18. Pirate Party Australia
  19. Secular Party of Australia
  20. Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting)
  21. Online Direct Democracy – (Empowering the People!)



Single Issue Parties

  1. Seniors United Party of Australia
  2. Australian Defence Veterans Party
  3. Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party
  4. Australian Recreational Fishers Party
  5. Animal Justice Party
  6. Smokers Rights Party
  7. Bullet Train For Australia
  8. Australian Antipaedophile Party
  9. Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting)
  10. Upgrade Democracy
  11. Australian Cyclists Party
  12. Consumer Rights & No-Tolls

True Independents

  1. Nick Xenophon Team
  2. Sustainable Australia
  3. Glenn Lazarus Team
  4. Jacqui Lambie Network
  5. Country Minded
  6. Democratic Labour Party (DLP)

Australian Nationalists

  1. Australia First Party (NSW) Incorporated.


D'Arcy W. DoyleDefending Australia’s way of life


Join and Vote Australia First“Don’t vote informal. Someone’s got to stop the bastards!”

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