Pauline Hanson’s One Nation – straight cucked!

So what’s ‘cucked‘ you might say?

Answer: a demographic adjective derived from ‘cuckold‘ as popularised in the United States to mean an ideological weapon – those who place foreigners before their own countrymen.

Originally, it was a pervert’s S&M term for a white male watching on as a black male sexes his wife.  ‘Cuckold‘ is derived from the practice of the cuckoo bird, that eats another bird’s nested eggs then lays its own in their place, leaving the unsuspecting parent to rear its young, thereby ‘cuckolding’ that parent bird.

Voilà!  Pauline Hanson!

This is a tag for those who would literally take on offspring from outside-races into their family (or by extension into their nation) and treat them as their own – literally.

One Nation party fits these pyjamas. They are with it as snug like a pair of bike pants – a so-called “Nationalist” party, which goes out of its way to stress that “Australia is multiracial”, even more so than the bloody mainstream parties!

One’s already confronted Pauline personally on her absolutely cucked policy on multiculturalism.

She went on to point out that “Yugoslavs and Ukrainians”, “Italians and Greeks” all “assimilated” well to Australian culture. She then went on to use these examples to excuse non-white immigration into Australia(!)… provided they all assimilate, of course…


Pauline Hanson goes Cuckservative

Recalling this conversation, reminds one of the infamous “Brangelina” adopted Third World cucks!  WTF?

10 interesting facts about BrangelinaPathological altruism gone mad

One tagged along recently to a small meeting chaired by Pauline’s SA Senate candidate, Steve Burgess. just for a sticky-beak.  He opened the meeting, not with a welcome, but with.. “Australia is a multi-racial society. Everybody agree…?

As if that hadn’t made one sick enough; he was met with a unanimous and resounding “Yes” from the 16 or so around the table.

Discussing this with Steve the same day one confronted Pauline.  He also defended Asian immigrant “Australians”, saying, “they work hard…” Bit of a stark contrast to Pauline’s ’98 rhetoric about “defending Australia” and “Australia is being swamped by Asians”.

But hey, she’s cleared that all up for us – we all just got the “wrong” idea, after the media fabricated footage of her literally saying those words: “Australia is being swamped by Asians“.

Straight CuckedSteve loves his new boat kids more than his old kids. They assimilate very well!


A wander into Steve’s page on to Pauline’s personal One Nation website brought no surprises.

Steve fights for Australians. Well, that’s good. But unfortunately, his definition of the term Australian, just like Pauline’s, I’d take it is straight out the Greens play-book.

Steven Burgess Manifesto “Come here, work and we couldn’t care less who you are.

We’ll even fight for your rights!”

Consider Pauline’s hybridized “One Nation” policy on multiculturalism, one has to wonder how this garbage can be palatable to any of Pauline’s followers.

The conclusion is reached that they obviously haven’t read it. It states that, while being for Multi-racialism, they will “abolish multiculturalism” and “promote assimilation” and nationalism to the non-white hordes.(!!!)

Pauline Hanson has assimilation cut out for her Yep, gunna teach this lot some “Australian Nationalism”…then sit back while they ASSIMILATE?


It’s also interesting to note the amount of friendly publicity Pauline’s been receiving the last month or so, compared to the sort of publicity the rest of the movement is used to. More to the point, compared to the negative publicity Pauline received back in ’98!

Pauline Hanson luvs her niggasPauline’s had to do a lot of virtue signalling to regain status as a mains stream politician


She’s definitely managed to assimilate the media, which leads many of us to certain harsh conclusions. In fact, she’s turned her whole ideology around!
Keluarga Pelangi Memiliki 3 Warna Kulit BerbezaPauline’s the New Black!


One question this author would like to put to Pauline and her crew is this: how much of One Nation’s funding has come from sources tied to the Liberal Party and / or Zionist sources?

Given her policy about “Islam” which is a lot of mixed up stuff about stopping Muslim refugees and terror  – really serves the interests of involvement in the Middle East for Israel’s interests, I just have to know. Just askin’.

Pauline Hanson Licorice Allsorts

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