Mal’s Malfeasance: $70M compo to illegals, $122M to pop deviant marriage question

Malcolm Turnbull as PM is out of his depth. The Turnbull Coalition Team’s namesake ought to direct his hot air to all the freezing Ordinary Aussies this season who can’t afford extortionate electricity in our coal and gas rich lucky country.

But yet again, like spend thrift Rudd before him, Labor-lite backstabbing Turncoat is in Canberra for his narcissist self.

When the electoral sharks eventually circle, weak-as-piss Mal will be shiny suit goneski and right back at his Goldmans Sachs global banking desk, there waiting for him.

And when pollies bleat like in Parliament today, ya gotta be suspect they’re diverting public attention from the anti-Australian news of their own making.

Like Mal misappropriating $70 million of working Aussie taxes gifting bullshit compo to bludging illegal immigrants on Manus Island.

Like Mal misappropriating $122 million of working Aussie taxes to ask Australians if they reckon Oxford Street faggots should degrade and denigrate the institution of Marriage.

And that’s on top of the many billions squandered on his personal leftard policies like arbitrary renewables subsidies that do squat, and the billion dollar monthly interest bill to fund Turnbull Coalition debt.

So why pay tax to the Canberran bastards?



  • Pay cash, don’t declare it
  • Accept cash, don’t declare it
  • Buy second-hand or at least local – to keep our dwindling wealth in Australia
  • Never trade or engage with a non-Aussie
  • Vote NO against the bully leftard faggotry
  • Vote Australia First Party.  Or if we’re not in your area this time, Contact Us

Today the Anti-Australia Bias Corporation (ABC) reported is daily trifecta serve of leftist propaganda:

  1. Boat Illegals rights
  2. Deviance
  3. Trump hate

On the first two:

Malcolm (what deficit) Turnbull genuflects on the leftist lawyers extortionate compo claim of $70 million for illegal migrants.  The same bastards paid people smugglers to transit multiple countries in order to fraudulently claims 1950s style asylum in Australia to reap a lifetime on Aussie welfare.

Leftard Victorian Supreme Court Justice Cameron Macaulay ruled this morning that the 800 Third World illegal scum on Manus Island are entitled to $80,000 each in compo.  Like this makes them equivalent to millionaires where they crawled out from.

And the leftard lawyers like Gillard’s old Slater and Gordon take their cut.

Struggling on tropical Manus Island in the South Pacific

  • Did we ask these illegal immigrants to come to Australia?
  • Did we ask them to smuggle themselves in by boat?
  • Didn’t we actually offer them each $20,000 just go back home?
  • Haven’t hundreds of other illegal immigrants gone home with no problem?
  • Aren’t most of them fake refugees?
  • Isn’t Papua New Guinea actually in charge of Manus Island?
  • Isn’t PNG actually responsible for the locals who invaded the compound in one riot, killing one detainee?
  • Aren’t the detainees responsible for criminal behaviour and damage?
  • So how did we end up with the bill?

Because Malcolm is a closet woos faggot supporting leftard ideals in his fantasy world.

And worse…most of the brown scum detainees believe a $70 million compensation settlement is not enough.

And Mal’s captain’s call on a $120 million postal indication of faggot fever is probably not going ahead anyway.

Like Rudd, Mal’s delusional like an anointed king that he commands power to extract $120 million like it’s out of his arse, so can splurge it on some dud poll that does nothing.

Da fucknuckle has early onset for sure.