Liberals inviting laundered Chinese money to buy high-rise for migrants to flood Western Sydney

It’s a Yuan money laundering conspiracy.  The good Aussie folk of Penrith Valley need to realise that Migrant-Spoiled Blacktown is rolling closer, replete with high-rise for Third Worlders (Arab, African, Indian, Asian, Islander) and their imported anti-Australian attitudes, gangs and crime.  The Liberal Party has invited Chinese landlords to fund hundreds of high-rise slum hubs to accommodate the Third World welfare seekers.

Selling Australia in China

“His goal is to get 10 houses which will actually qualify him to get a visa for Australia, so that he can have an Australian passport.”

– JLP property group flogging Australian residential in Kunming China.

Free Trade invites More Chinese Buying Up Australia

Free Trade kills local business.

The Liberals Free Trade with China translates to mass Chinese immigration to Sydney via the student visa backdoor.  Much of the Australia property purchased by Chinese comes from foreign money laundering and Chinese Communist Party connections.

April 2016 and Fiona Scott stands in a greenfields housing development in her western Sydney fringe seat of Lindsay, and proudly points to the spanking new townhouses and apartment complexes, one of seven such big projects in her elect­orate.

She wants more housing growth out west.  But it’s not housing for Howard’s Battlers.  It’s too expensive.  It’s for wealthy Chinese and their money laundered Yuan.  They’ll rent the new dwellings out to Abbott’s 12,000 Syrians on housing support.

Liberal High Rise for PenrithLiberals’ “Jobs and Growth” slogan translates to foreign jobs and high rise growth.


The pace of high-rise going up in Western Sydney is on such a scale that entire new suburbs such as Jordan Springs are quickly filling in what were open fields at the last election.  Glenmore Park was built over prime agricultural land.  The market gardens of the Hawkesbury-Nepean supplying vital local fresh produce to Sydney are under threat from the Liberal’s insatiable housing sprawl.

Joint backstabbing Fiona Scott and her Prime Minister are all for free trade. She has spoken in Parliament to defend the free trade pact with China.

Fiona Scott backstabberFiona, you might have grown up in Penrith, but your betrayal is unAustralian


Fiona Scott sees the future of Lindsay as part of a “global growth corridor” land and with its Chinese corporations, Chinese students and Chinese immigrants, the electorate will become more and more a Chinese Zone.

It is no co-incidence that Liberal backstabbing PM Malcolm Turnbull has made two visits to Penrith in the election campaign already.  But there are some 150 total electoral seats across the country for the House of Representatives.

Fiona Scott, a fellow backstabber is worried, and Turnbull is worried.  They ought to be. Australians have no time for backstabbers.

And the Liberals are part of a housing property boom conspiracy.

Liberal Fiona Scott development plans for Penrith

The Libs have secret development and construction deals with their donating  big developers and corporate builders to high-rise Penrith, just like what they have done to Blacktown.  It’s to house all the immigrants, Abbott’s 12,000 Third World Muslim Syrians.

At least 7000 so-called refugees from Syria are now due for Western Sydney to housing, welfare and health services.  Fairfield will cop the first barrage, but then there will be a massive overflow.  Some refugees will become part of a cheap 457 scab labour pool used by foreign businesses.  And what if terrorism develops? From those Mosques?

It is wrong. These so called refugees belong back in Syria now that the war has all but ended. The Syrian government wants them to return home and they should be helped to return home.

Scarce tax revenues need instead be channelled to properly address Aussie homelessness and the under-housing affecting Ordinary Australians across outer Western Sydney (otherwise in Canberra called the Seat of Lindsay). We have the drug problem, especially ICE thanks largely to criminal foreigners we let in.   The ICE epidemic ruining Aussie youth and families demands solutions and treatments.

Liberal Premier Mike Baird, the Liberals Right Wing Führer of Forced Mergers, was over in Lebanon in April arranging deals to bring in more Third World welfare seeking immigrants into Western Sydney – you know the Lakemba drive-by shooting types.  Think mosques; think Mr Leb attitude, Salim Mehajer of ethnic Auburn.

Penrith has fewer migrants than most of Western Sydney and we all want it to stay that way.

But the Sudanese and Somali rape gangs straight from civil war Africa, have already taken control of the night in St Marys, St Clair, and Prestons.

Liberal Sprawl Carpet to the Nepean

Liberals destroying Penrith Valley

The Liberals have targeted the Penrith Valley and the Nepean Region (Seat of Lindsay) as a Priority High-Rise Hub for mass immigration housing.  That is why the Liberals’ Badgery’s Creek Airport White Elephant is for direct international flights to Western Sydney to these new Third World high-rise ghetto hubs.  Penrith is just one of the ghetto hubs and the flights in and out will be 24/7.

Turnbull’s “Jobs and Growth” = Foreign Jobs, High-Rise Growth

It’s Turncoat Bull!

Urban Taskforce high-rise hubs for SydneySecret Liberal-Developer Target:  Another million Third Worlders for Western Sydney by 2030


The Liberal’s growth plot for Western Sydney is that all open spaces are to be built upon, those near rail as high-rise.  All farmland from Oran Park to Pitt Town is to be acquired for migrant housing sprawl.

The Liberals through mass immigration housing demand will force the quarter acre block and backyard to become unaffordable, so houses like this will become a thing of the Aussie past.

Penrith Quarter Acre Block

Like Right Wing forced council amalgamations, the Right Wing Liberals will force Aussies out of quarter acre blocks – by introducing land tax on principal dwellings, hiking council rates to blazes, by upping utility connection charges, even a backyard or window tax – wouldn’t put it pass them.

So the new Liberal way of life imposed on Western Sydney is for this.

Penrith Growth Centre

The big developer/builder donors bribing the Liberal Party call it a ‘construction boom’, ‘urban renewal’, ‘revitalisation’.  Its all part of this apparent ‘economic transition’.  No, it’s just more migrant high rise sprawl.

In May 2015, the Liberals signed off on their 20 year Blacktown Boom Plan for another 200,000 migrants squished into high-rise by 2036, as well as high-rise hubs for Seven Hills, Rooty Hill and Mt Druitt.

  • Blacktown’s migrants expected to rise to 540,000 by 2036
  • 23-storey residential towers
  • 18-storey commercial towers
  • 14,500 new dwellings will be created in Seven Hills and the Blacktown CBD
  • 180ha business parks in Blacktown and Seven Hills

Labor’s Blacktown mayor Stephen Bali is frothing.   “We know last year 7200 people moved into the area, which is the biggest population growth for a council area in NSW. High-density living will give people an opportunity to live, work and play in Blacktown,” Cr Bali said.

Blacktown High Rise DevelopmentArtists impression of Blacktown CBD by 2036


If you think Blacktown has gone the dogs, the recent high-rise is just the beginning, and Liverpool and Penrith are next.

The great Aussie dream of ‘Owing our own Home‘ is to be eroded to ‘Lucky to be a Slum High-rise Renter and Find Me Car Still on the Street in the Morning‘.


Meanwhile Labor’s school leaving candidate,  Emma Husar, reckons national security and migration are not as potent election issues. She’s got refugee connections, and expects Australians in Penrith and the Seat of Lindsay to turn a blind eye and instead focus on education, health and transport.  She conveniently ignores the fact that the pressures and congestion on Sydney’s education, health and transport come from the annual flood of immigrants.

Migrants are buying up Penrith pushing up house prices so that young people growing up in Penrith will have to move away from their home and out of Sydney, because migrant demand have made housing prices and rents unaffordable.

The Liberals have a secret deal with Beijing to allow a massive $170 billion Chinese Medicine research centre called the National Institute of Complementary Medicine,to be located behind the University of Western Sydney campus.  Initially it will have a presence near Parramatta, but the ultimate plan is below for Kingswood.

Chinese Medicine Centre planned to UWSChinese Gated Community for Kingswood


It is intended to house thousands of Chinese students to study there, and once they graduate they can stay in Australia – Western Sydney.  The relationship was formalised a year ago with a memorandum of understanding between the institutions to develop Australia’s first Chinese medicine clinical service in Sydney.

Chinese developments are cultural cleansing.  Buying up of new and old housing drives up prices, but worst of all it means cultural cleansing. The Penrith Lakes project, the North Penrith unit blocks and the surge of sales in St. Marys shows it all in motion.  Ultimately, Penrith is to become a so-called ‘growth corridor’ full of Chinese business people and Chinese students.

What about universities for Australian students? Local jobs that build and create wealth for Australians? Jobs not competed against by cheap contract labour? A liveable and environmentally friendly far western Sydney that is part of a local economy and Australian lifestyle? Is globalism really the future?

There are even secret plans to add a new railway station on the Western Line behind the university with signage all in Mandarin.

The Liberals have a secret deal with natural health giant Blackmores, Beijing and UWS for a $450 million residential development at UWS Westmead campus, only for Chinese nationals.  Blackmores has donated $1.3 million towards research into complementary medicine at the University of Sydney in exchange for naming rights on a professorial chair.

Chinese buying Australian property

Thornton Central High Rise Invasion

Just north of the Penrith Railway Station, the old defence site, some 50 hectares,owned by the Australian public, was flogged off by the Labor Government in Canberra through Colliers for $40 million to corporate property developer Landcom.  Developers Landcom and St Hilliers are currently building massive high rise on the site and selling it off the plan to Chinese money launderers.

Thornton Park

The NSW Liberals migrant high-rise taskforce, UrbanGrowth NSW claims to have a ‘mandate‘…”to coordinate and deliver a portfolio of major urban renewal programs.”  The so-called mandate comes from Liberal Premier Mike Baird.  The commuting congestion impact on the Penrith rail line and the M4 with be chaotic.

Consider the scale of recent property flogging across Western Sydney spruiked by Colliers:

  • 110 George Street, Parramatta for $81,675,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • 58 Railway Parade, Burwood for $80,000,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • 18 Smith Street, Parramatta for $47,450,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • CSIRO Blacktown $45,000,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • Defence Site North Penrith Thornton Park $40,000,000- for migrant high-rise
  • 87 Marsden Street, Parramatta for $33,150,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • 75 George Street, Parramatta for $32,550,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • 121 Henry Street, Penrith for $31,025,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • 8 Australia Avenue, Homebush for $30,150,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • 93 George Street, Parramatta for $28,750,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • 132 Marsden Street, Parramatta for $25,425,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • 3 Horwood Place , Parramatta for $25,400,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • 3 Columbia Court, Baulkham Hills for $20,500,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • 17-21 Macquarie Street , Parramatta for $18,750,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • Jordan Springs Portfolio (various) for $15,898,145 – for migrant high-rise
  • 12-14 Butler Street, Hurstville for $15,325,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • 2-6 George Young Street, Regents Park for $12,425,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • 14 Railway Parade, Burwood for $10,850,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • 90 Phillip Street, Parramatta for $10,600,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • 96 Phillip Street, Parramatta for $9,300,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • 8 & 10-12 Evan Street, Penrith for $8,100,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • 25 Rance Road, Werrington for $8,100,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • 521-527 High Street, Penrith for $7,650,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • 708-712 Woodville Road, Fairfield East for $6,500,000 – for migrant high-rise
  • 25 Grose Street, Parramatta for $6,000,000 – for migrant high-rise.


Penrith City is being sold out by the Liberals and their donor bribing developer corporate mates.

The Liberal Party has worked directly against the Australia First Party and other patriots in the Lindsay electorate. The Liberals faked up the ‘Protect Penrith’ group to seemingly oppose the building of Mosques in Kemps Creek. This group has ground money out of people for useless court cases and then run some demos to praise up a councillor, Marcus Cornish, as some great leader who would save us from the Mosques – all while Cornish supports Chinese developments around Nepean and the Penrith Valley!

Australia First is not Right Wing nor Left Wing. The Liberals are Right Wing and Labor-Greens are Left Wing. If the people of Lindsay (Penrith Valley and along the Nepean) want to become swamped like immigrant Blacktown, then vote Liberal and say goodbye to your Aussie community.

Australia First Party are Aussie Nationalists. We oppose all immigration.  Indeed we are the only party that pledges this.  We are the only party putting Australians first.  Australia First Party stands for Independence, Identity and Freedom for Australians.

Vote for Australia First Party for Lindsay“..someone’s got to stop the bastards!”

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