Immigrants stealing Australian jobs are fueling our growing underclass

Many ordinary Aussies are being forced on to the Centrelink scrap heap because of immigrants arriving in Australia at the rate of 400,000 every year, stealing Australian jobs and livelihoods.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), in March 2013, Australia’s resident population was 23,032,700, representing an annual increase of 397,400 people or 1.8 per cent.  Most of that growth, some 60%, is made up of immigrants. Another 30% is made up of those immigrants breeding.

Net Overseas Migration (NOM) includes the combination of those leaving Australia and those arriving.  Far more are arriving and that is why the figure is about 400,000 a year, every single year – so an extra 4,000,000 (basically another capital city) every ten years!   Most of them stay in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, but Perth and Darwin are recently starting to feel the pressure.

That is why it is almost impossible to get a decent job in these cities.  The competition for a decent job in urban Australia has become global, and many corporations favour immigrants ahead of Australian workers because immigrants accept lower pay, sometimes up to 30% less because the desperate immigrant will take anything.  And immigrants who employ staff discriminate by employing their own, shunning Aussies.

Australian Graduates can't get jobsOct 2014: Teaching Graduate Ashleigh Garven of Newcastle (NSW) is one of thousands of Aussies who can’t get a full-time job teaching.


Most of the immigrants are from the UK (Brits fleeing the ethnic mass invasion from Africa and Eastern Europe) and from New Zealand (Kiwi’s fleeing the invasion from Pacific Islanders and Chinese), and otherwise from China, India and Vietnam.

In 2011, immigrants into Australia claimed 81,000 new jobs while 38,000 locals lost their own jobs.  Analysis by the ABS confirmed that while immigrants account for less than 30 per cent of Australia’s labour force, immigrants have claimed more than half the jobs created since the start of 2010.

Migrants Go Home

Since the demise of the Australia union movement, most jobs are contract based so employers can offer any rate they choose.  Migrants take anything and any rate, so they get the work ahead of Australians who seek decent pay for a fair day’s work.   Don’t let anyone fool you, Work Choices are here and have been here since Howard Liberals’ 1998 industrial relations reforms.  It is part of a dumbing down of the Australian decent wage.  Without work, Aussies are quickly becoming a growing underclass in their own country.

Aussies from Sydney, The Colvins, can’t get work. So to support their young family, they are forced to rely on the dole – rebranded “Newstart”, except there is no new start for Aussies.  Only for immigrants.  The wife gets $445-a-fortnight from the Newstart allowance while her fiance gets a few hundred dollars from a parenting payment.

Australian Families StrugglingAussies on the breadline


Belinda Colvin cannot remember the last time she bought clothes for her children. She cannot afford to go out, and her family lives on two-minute noodles and spaghetti on toast.

The family became homeless in June and managed to get government housing just outside Campbelltown in outer south-western Sydney.

“We get $400 a week between us. We spend $250 a week on groceries and $50 on fuel and then we are only left with $100. I cannot remember when we last went clothes shopping.”

One of her main concerns is that she cannot afford to buy the most nutritional food for her children, Conner, 4, Cayne, 3, and Deejay, almost 2. “I cannot spend $30 on a roast because that is almost a quarter of my food bill. The meals we eat tend to be spaghetti; last night we had two-minute noodles and the night before spaghetti on toast because it was the day before pay-day.”

We just want a normal life, like ordinary Australians used to have.

Labor back bencher Kelvin Thomson said using 457 temporary migrant visa holders to fill labour shortages means young Australians are missing out on employment.

Immigrants stealing local jobs

“This approach of saying: ‘Let’s not worry about training our own and bring in 457 visas’ is very short-sighted.”  It is also discriminating against Australians!  It is estimated that 80 major new resources projects worth $92 billion will start in Australia by 2015.  Most of the labour hire will go to foreigners on 457 visas and the like.

Here the choice of visas available to foreigners to steal Aussie jobs:


    •  400 – Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity)
    •  401 – Temporary Work (Long Stay Activity)
    •  403 – Temporary Work (International Relations)
    •  416 – Seasonal Worker Program
    •  420 – Temporary Work (Entertainment)
    •  417 – Working Holiday
    •  461 – New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary)
    •  462 – Work and Holiday
    •  457 – Temporary Work (Skilled)
    •  476 – Skilled – Recognised Graduate
    •  485 – Temporary Graduate
    •  488 – Superyacht Crew
    •  942 – Crew Travel Authority
    •  988 – Maritime Crew
  •  Sponsored/Nominated work visas
    •  186 – Employer Nomination Scheme
    •  187 – Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
    •  188 – Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional)
    •  190 – Skilled Nominated
    •  457 – Temporary Work (Skilled)
    •  887 – Skilled Regional
    •  892 – State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner
    •  893 – State/Territory Sponsored Investor


It is a bloody disgraceful sell out of Australians’ right to work in our own country ahead of foreigners.

As Australians, we value our way of life and take pride in our nation and its people. No wonder Aussies are becoming less tolerant of immigrants.

On the issues of immigration and asylum seeker policy, however, Australians seem worried. Maybe even confused. In 2010 the Scanlon Foundation reported that 47 per cent of those surveyed thought immigration levels were too high.  Back in 1991, 73 per cent of Australians thought we were taking in too many immigrants.  The difference can be explained by the fact that more immigrants were surveyed in 2010.  Immigrants are not going to be critical of immigration – it is self-defeating.

Close to 25 per cent have a negative attitude towards Middle Eastern Muslims – no bloody wonder!  If only Australians were surveyed, the figure would be closer to 100%.   Vietnamese-born and the Lebanese-born have above-average unemployment rates of 9.7 per cent and 8.4 per cent, respectively, and below-average participation rates (58 per cent and 45.3 per cent).  So they come here and go on Centrelink payments.  Immigrants should have no right to Centrelink payments.  Welfare is funded by Australian taxpayers to support fellow Aussies trying to find a job.

A Monash University study by population experts Dr Bob Birrell and Dr Ernest Healy in 2013 has found that mass immigration is harming the job prospects of young Australians. The independent report entitled ‘The Impact of Recent Immigration on the Australian Workforce‘ has found that about 200,000 migrants who arrived in Australia over the last two years had found work, which equalled the total number of new jobs created in Australia over the same period.   So basically all the newly created jobs went to foreigners, dumping Aussies on the unemployed scrap heap in our own country!

Aussie workers on the scrap heap

Australians face ferocious competition from the new arrivals, especially in less-skilled jobs in areas such as manufacturing, retail, construction and food services.

“This had a harmful impact on the level of employment, participation in the labour market and the working conditions of other Australians, particularly young people,” Birrell said.  “There is a strong case for a re-evaluation of migration policy in these circumstances.”

It comes as the nation’s annual migration program is at a record high of 210,000, and the country is awash with a million temporary entrants, most of whom have been handed work rights by our government.

High immigration has bipartisan political support from Labor, Liberals, Nationals, Greens, Palmer United, Bob Katter and even Pauline Hanson. They are support 457 visas.  They are all traitors to our nation. None of them is listening to the concerns expressed by ordinary Australians, who in a recent Galaxy poll showed that 70 per cent of Australians don’t want the population to hit 40 million by 2050, which is what it will be under current migrant intakes.

The Monash report said that high immigration was continuing as unemployment was worsening – there were 418,000 Australian-born people out of work in November last year compared to 338,000 four years ago.  And the total number of Newstart and Youth Allowance recipients had soared from 501,000 to 672,000 over the same time.

Dr Birrell said that young people without post-school qualifications faced serious problems getting work in the current job market, and they often competed with temporary migrants in the hospitality and retail sectors.

“Yet these are the very industries that have been hardest hit in the recent slow down in employment growth,” he said.

The belief that Australia was “importing a highly educated addition to its skilled workforce, which is helping to fill skilled vacancies is largely incorrect”, he said.

End immigration immediately! 

Give Aussies a fair go!