Single Mothers’ Fiscal Cliff

In a few days’ time, Gillard Labor’s shunning of Australian single parents will cut off Child Allowance to Australian single mothers, fathers and carers of dependent children aged 8 years or older.

This will immediately force single parents on to lesser unemployment benefits joining the government’s Centrelink dole queues.   Across Australia more than 100,000 single parents dependent on government support are set to be driven into deeper poverty from January 1, 2013, in just three days’ time.

Gillard’s Fiscal Cliff for our single mothers draws nigh.

Single Mother a Gillard Policy VictimNursing student Nancy Sarpi says Newstart would set her back about $100 a week, making her need to give up her car and possibly a good job along with it. Photo: Jason South  (Sydney Morning Herald, October 10, 2012)

Kerry Davies, of Australia’s National Council for Single Mothers and their Children, said: ”This is going to affect over 100,000 families and it will make life impossible for them … Newstart is inadequate for the unemployed and I don’t know how they expect people with children to live on that.”

Gillard’s dispassionate motive is to save itself $728 million over four years.  All the while Gillard’s Illegals Policy budget for 2012-2013 is just over $1.044 billion PER YEAR!

Immigration and Citizenship Budget 2012-2013, offshore estimated expenses

Cost of Illegals to Australia

So Australian single mothers are losing out to Gillard Labor’s illegals.

But then Gillard is not a mother.  Miss O’Ginny is more overseas than out listening to ordinary Australian communities, so it is clear where her allegiances lie.

Wayne Swan world's greatest treasurerLabor’s Treasurer Wayne Swan
Didn’t even get close to his promised budget surplus anyway – 6 months out!

And the ludicrous counter policy proposed by the Once Were Greens is to introduce a Wealth Tax so that wealthy Australians pay 50% income tax to fund more economic illegals.

Boat Illegals