Cronulla: Marauding Lebs ignored by government in 2005, now morphed into terrorists in 2015

For decades before the Cronulla Uprising of 2005, the New South Wales Government and its police force ignored repeated waves of violent Leb gangs out of Lakemba, terrorising Sydney beachside suburbs like Cronulla.

That is what caused the uprising by beach-going locals on just one afternoon.

Over 48 hours following the Cronulla Uprising lasting just one afternoon, waves of car convoys of violent Leb gangs from Lakemba Mosque proceeded to terrorise Sydney, attacking locals and property at Arncliffe, Kogarah, Rockdale, Brighton Le Sands, Sans Souci, Kurnell, Maroubra, Penshurst, Sylvania and Cronulla.  The Lebs in multiple convoys of up to 60 vehicles were angry, carrying club locks, baseball bats and steel bars, yelling out they were travelling to Cronulla to start another riot against the Aussies.

Lebanese Gangs enroute to Cronulla

Police did little.  Labor Premier Morris Iemma was member for Bankstown and so did nothing. Iemma was a fool, a traitor and morally bankrupt, like his incompetent police minister at the time Carl Scully.

Morris Iemma pro-IslamWhen government sides against Australians…what can locals do?

Since then, matters have only got worse.

Middle Eastern violence emanating out of the south-western Sydney has been allowed to snowball under both Labor and Liberals.  Premier Barry O’Farrell turned a blind eye as well.  Premier Smiling Mike Baird appeases and hugs the bastards.  Sydney’s Arab Ghetto nightly has reports of drive-by shootings, home invasions, drug busts, gun crime, gang bashings, organised crime by outlaw motorcycle gangs, rape, murder, ram raiding of shops and ATMs.

Middle Eastern crime is south-west Sydney is so bad, police called for a special NSW Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad be formed.

Says everything.

It’s all thanks to the Leftist ‘open-border’ Good Samaritan immigration policies that have naively invited the Turd World into our homes and impose multicultural dogma to ensure the Turd World cultures never assimilate with Australian social mores and Christian standards. It’s inviting Ebola patients from West Africa and then years later trying to deal with the internalized plague outbreak.

In 2009, independent journalist Andrew Bolt summarised that our national government had effectively brought the sectarian gang warfare of Lebanese Beirut, circa 1975, to New South Wales.

Cronulla ten years on

“They call themselves MBM – the Muslim Brotherhood Movement – a gang of 600 men who boast they are the toughest and best young street fighters of Middle Eastern descent in Sydney. MBM claims to be the biggest of four new gangs to emerge on Sydney streets in the past year…

Even hardened private security guards have expressed concern to police about the indiscriminate “punch and run” tactics of MBM members… Police say that a fortnight ago MBM members embarked upon a campaign of random assaults on men who crossed the path of a mob of about 100 toughs stalking Darlinghurst and Kings Cross during the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. A week ago about 30 MBM members intimidated private security guards at government car auctions at Smithfield.

The emergence of MBM also coincides with the rise of two other urban Sydney gangs – the Parra Boyz or Asesinoz MC and Brothers For Life or BFL.

Police say BFL – with a logo featuring crossed machine-guns – is not dissimilar to MBM in its extremist views, but membership numbers are unknown. Police describe Asesinoz, comprising teenagers of Middle Eastern decent, as “tough kids” who use the video-sharing website YouTube to promote Islamic extremism and anti-Australian actions…

Its creation follows that of the Notorious bikie gang, comprising members of Middle Eastern and Pacific Islander extraction, more than a year ago after a split in the membership of the Nomads motorcycle club.”

(Andrew Bolt)


Ten years on from the Cronulla Uprising, Sydney is under constant threat from Middle Eastern Arabs and their disturbed offspring.  The gang violence has morphed into terrorism.

Since 1973 Liberal and Labor immigration policies have let the Turd World into Australia’s once defended Western society.

Liberal and Labor multicultural policies have encouraged their backward cultures.

Liberal and Labor state governments have followed suit and allowed the ethnic violence to morph into ethnic terrorism.

Islamisation of Australian urban society in 2015 is well underway.   Arabs breed faster and so ethnic south west Sydney in 2015 has swollen into a dominant Arab enclave.  Former Punchbowl Boys High School principal, Islamic Jihad Dib in March 2015 was elected Labor’s MP for Lakemba.

Sydneysiders no longer feel safe buying a coffee in the centre of Sydney or attending ANZAC Day services.  NSW Police as well qs our Federal Police are going into lockdown as their stations become targets of terror

NSW Police have foiled numerous terror plots in Sydney over recent years. The silent Muslim community play down the radicalisation as affecting only a few.  But it only takes a few rabid nutjobs to cause harm.   Still Labor and Liberal politicians play the escalating terror threat as lone wolf attacks.  Crap!

Two months ago 15-year-old Arab Islamic teen Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar terrorised NSW Police Headquarters in Parramatta on Obtober 2 murdered police accountant Curtis Cheng.  The Islamic teen terrorist was a product of pro-Islamic Arthur Phillip High School.

Police raided Islamic Arab residences in the ghetto last week after terror threats had been made against nearby Merrylands and Campsie police stations.  Islamic Arab, Talal Alameddine (22), remains in police custody charged with supplying the gun to Jabar.

Today Sydney Counter Terrorism & Special Tactics Command officers raided and arrested five Islamists in south-western Sydney (Little Beirut) over yet another jihadi terror plot. This time they were targeting the Australian Federal Police headquarters in Sydney at 110 Goulburn Street near Central Station.  One of them is a 15 year old Arab teen.

Islamic Terror Plot in Sydney

Police say he and four Islamic Arab conspirators, including Ibrahim Ghazzawy (20), are involved in ‘formulating documents connected with preparations to facilitate, assist or engage a person to undertake a terrorist act’.  Four Islamic Arab men, including three already in custody, have also been charged over the alleged plans to target government buildings, including the Australian Federal Police offices in Goulburn Street.

The Islamic teen arrested is a product of pro-Islamic Bass High School.

So move over Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad.  The Lebs have upped the ante.  Their gang violence and organised crime has morphed into full-blown domestic terrorism for Sydney.  Now NSW Police need a specialist Counter Terrorism & Special Tactics Command unit.

Last month Premier Mike Baird announced that $25 million is to be spent fortifying Sydney police stations mainly throughout Sydney’s Little Beirut.  the first ones to be security upgraded are Parramatta, Merrylands, Campsie, Bankstown and Punchbowl.

Says everything!

It says everything about the idiocy of open borders, about the failure of multicultural and about the plague of Arab Islamic crime destroying Sydney.

Send the bill to Canberra and have the Immigration Department pay for these social costs. They let the scum in.

On November 27, 2015, the very top brass of NSW’s Police made a startling admission that officers are actively becoming the targets of terrorist groups.

Australian taxpayers money by the millions and millions and millions is being diverted away from needy Australians and public investment to pay for the costs of immigration harm brought up us.

Who’d want to be a police officer in Sydney now?  The police salary is just $65,000 to risk your life every day.  If you’re injured/killed in the line of duty, your compensation/insurance payout is pittance. Barry O’Farrell got rid of the life long pension for NSW Police.

Today, truly patriotic Australians commemorate the Cronulla Civil Uprising.  Ten years ago the patriotic festival was an Aussie community plea to authorities to wake up to the Arab violence they have imported and imposed on the rest of us.

The trojan horse is within our gates.


“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

      (Marcus Tullius Cicero 106 BC – 43 BC at the time of the fall of the Roman Empire)


Australian Sovereignty ReclaimedLong live the Australian cultural message of Cronulla December 11, 2005!