Australian Tax Reform begins with frugal government paying down debt to eradicate interest bill of $12B p.a.

Tax reform in Australia begins with the government living within its means, not slugging Australians with a higher cost of living via another tax.

Labor-Lite Malcolm Turnbull is all about spending like Labor. It’s all fritter and waster with little if any infrastructure, public service and wealth benefit making its way back to Ordinary Australians, especially to those outside the capital cities.

Labor-LitePolly aristocrats no different to Labor – except for the blue ties Julia


Frugality?  What’s that?

Apparently there are various options for the backstabbing Turnbull Liberal Government to slug Ordinary Australians of our already meagre and diminishing cash.

  1. GST increased to 12.5% on everything and so extract an extra $25 billion every year
  2. GST increased to 15% and so extract an extra $32.5 billion every year
  3. GST increased to 15% on everything and so extract an extra $45 billion every year
  4. Introduce a 4% Medicare Levy and so extract an extra $15 billion every year

There is a do nothing option, that is leave the GST and Medicare Levy alone, and for the government to live within its means.


Here’s a 4 point plan for the Australian national government to save $45 billion a year. Same absence of detailed calculation.

  1. Prohibit immigrants access to welfare – CentreLink, Medicare, Disability Pension, Education, Childcare – Save $20 Billion a year
  2. Cut Public Service salaries by 10% – Save $13 Billion a year
  3. Stop Immigration, deport asylum seekers, close detention centres, reducing ethnic crime – Save $8 billion a year
  4. Cut foreign aid from $7 billion to $3 billion – Save $4 billion a year

Total savings for Australians is $45 Billion a year.  So no need for any tax hike.

Labor’s massive debt blew out to $180 Billion from Howard Liberals debt free health.  Australian taxpayers risk paying $12 Billion a year juts in interest. And that’s before factoring in the Liberals’ own unilateral debt building.

So much for Abbott and Hockey’s election sloganeerng “Debt Crisis“.