Ziopatriot Sherm the Germ not sure if he’s coming or going, just silent as a lamb

Sherm the Germ has broken his dummy spitting silence to declare on an anti-White video dismissing Australian women as “feminists” and Asian women as perfect. This coincides with the expose by Australia First Party and Whitelaw Towers on the secret puppet-master of the ziopatriot movement.

But then he has said he has quit UPF, then he’s back, but then he’s taking a break at the same time.

Silence of the Shermon Burgess

Howard “Foghorn Leghorn” Crawford, who handles Nick Folkes for a sinister government dirty tricks department, is himself married to an Asian.

Folkes is married to an Asian, super clod Mike Holt is married to an Asian, Ralph Cerminara is reportedly married to an Asian and now Sherm has come out burning with yellow fever selling the message to his supporters they should breed with Orientals while putting the interests of Israel and Jews ahead of Australians.

Asian Wedding..”well all my friends are getting Asianed, they’re all staying home on the weekend, they’re all doing what they’re told.”


Yes, the ziopatriot movement is in good Jewish hands.

As its handlers try and discredit the UPF, who are the only serious contender as a political entity that side of the fence, they are authoring a doctrine of patriotism based on White Genocide. Meanwhile, this cabal of turncoats are building hate against Aussies opposing the global war on Whites.

We knew Sherm the Germ and lying Nazi Neil Erikson were traitors to the Australian people, but folks, Sherm’s latest pronouncement is biblical in its treachery — especially against the grouse Aussie women who have been duped into championing the sewer rat.

An article released just the other day is highlighting the diminishing birth rates of Australians. It provides stats that put Arabs and Asians at the top of a list of races outbreeding the original European-descended Australian nation builders.

What these anti-White racists are doing is joining in a coalition with globalist powers (and the Leftists they make a charade of opposing) to promote this program, and Sherm and Neil are trying to convert the patriot movement. Do they believe the message they’re peddling, or indeed fully understand it? It’s hard to know with a pair of drongos like Sherm and Neil. Just to spite the UPF for giving them the flick, there is no need end to the low acts they will pull. Nazi Neil has been lying at a rate that far exceeds his usual output of misinformation and slander, and Sherm has been serving as his attack Chihuahua.


That video of Howard Crawford’s last supper reveals the Judas Goat having a clandestine meeting with what he believed to be a Socialist Alliance operative.

We Fuck Goats

The ultimate intent, as AFP/WLT learned from their debriefing with Michael Allan, was to cultivate Mike as a replacement for Nick Folkes — who is planning to step down from Party for Freedom over what intelligence suggests is mental health issues — and thereby allow him to manipulate that Ziopatriot party after Sherm and Neil are allowed to sink.

Crawford is looking to set up a leftist control base once he has driven away any serious right wing opposition, or cornered them into an ‘extremist’ camp that will make support for nationalism untenable.

Given Sherm the Germ and Nazi Neil’s manic pushing of One Nation, who tie back to Crawford and his manipulations, does this mean Pauline Hanson now supports the Asian invasion through interbreeding? Clearly, this is the case.