Pay cash, don’t pay tax – pollies just indulge and waste it

When politicians get elected they lose all propriety for frugality as if they are elected to aristocracy.  They are very content to immorally splurge other people’s wealth for their own benefit.

When Labor Kevin Rudd came to power, there was zero government debt left by Liberal PM Howard and Treasurer Costello.  Rudd inherited a surplus of $17 billion and net assets of $29 billion.  Rudd waste left a $19 billion deficit and net debt of $153 billion.

So much for the Liberal Party’s electioneering ‘budget emergency’ of 2013.


“Do as I say not as I do”

Liberal’s PM Abbott and Treasurer Hockey failed to cut spending and reduce the government debt.  Instead they have increased federal government debt to $240 billion, costing Australian taxpayers $11 billion a year in interest – so far.  Lefty Turnbull is set to worsen that.

Over the first six months of 2015, federal politicians on all sides of politics (Liberals, Labor, Greens) have claimed almost $48 million in expenses.

On Sunday, October 18 2015 Liberal MP Julie Bishop decided to have one more drinkypoos at some polly charity bash in Perth to miss the last commercial flight back to Canberra that day.  She abused her position by ordering an empty VIP RAAF Challenger jet to fly from Canberra to Perth to pick up her and her boyfriend up and fly them back to Canberra, costing Australian taxpayers $30,000.

Julie Bishop's Red Eye IndulgenceNo red eyes on this flight!


Makes Bronwyn’s Bishop’s $5000 helicopter indulgence from Melbourne to Geelong seem rather frugal.

$30,000 wasted by Julie Bishop

The latest expenditure report for MPs and senators found that Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce had the highest total, registering $1,073,991.45 in expenses during the period, followed by Justice Minister Michael Keenan and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

Barnaby Joyce is also the worst for claiming office fit outs, totalling more than $670,000.

Barnaby Joyce Office Fitout AristocratMore frugal times


Politicians have no right or mandate to ingratiate themselves with new office palaces to serve the people?


The top ten rorters of the public purse in order are:

  1. Barnaby Joyce
  2. Michael Keenan
  3. Julie Bishop
  4. Sussan Ley
  5. Adam Bandt
  6. Tony Abbott
  7. Mark Dreyfus
  8. Andrew Robb
  9. Keith Pitt
  10. Jason Clare


Barnaby Joyce Spending Spree

Mark Dreyfus Spending Spree

Adam Bandt Spending Spree

This Christmas, Ordinary Australians should pay cash and avoid giving tax to wasteful government.