Mark Scott’s ABC: Asylum Broadcasting Corporation

Australia’s national broadcaster’s saturation and infatuation with illegal migrants on Manus Island sets a new precedent for Leftist propaganda in Australia.

Since the Liberal Party emphatically replaced the Labor Party in the September 2013 national election and illegal boat arrivals stopped as a result, the ABC has run the “asylum seeker” topic as its number one national media campaign.

It is a personal war. Labor’s Leftist leader Julia Gillard appointed fellow Leftist Mark Scott to head up the ABC.  Scott is a man on a mission to evangelise socialist ends like no borders, oneworldism and the welfare-dependent anarchist state.  He knows his enemy is the new Liberal Government and that he will not get another government job while Leftist Labor is out of power.

Mark Scott has embarked on a concentrated attack against the policies of the Liberal Government who now pays him.

The look of leftist indignation, or is it just plan arrogance?

Mark Scott Leftist Indignation

Consider recent saturation headlines by the ABC on the topic, and like Joseph Goebbels, Mark Scott knows that if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

  • Manus Island death: New information suggests detainee’s … – ABC
  • Witnesses describe graphic scenes during Manus Island …- ABC
  • Many Manus Islanders say they blame Aust Govt for detention … – ABC
  • AM – PM defends Morrison over Manus Island mix-up 24/02 … – ABC
  • Manus Island detention centre violates prohibition against … – ABC
  • Morrison says he got it wrong on Manus riot – ABC
  • Manus Island: Immigration Minister Scott Morrison confirms … – ABC
  • Manus Island: PNG police fired shots twice during asylum … – ABC
  • Manus Island detention facility on Monday night, according to …- ABC
  • Manus Island: Violent breakout at detention centre occurred … – ABC
  • Manus Island riots: Two investigations underway as … – ABC
  • Manus Island detention centre that left one asylum seeker dead …- ABC
  • Manus Island: Eight arrested after breakout at PNG … – ABC
  • Manus Island unrest: PNG prime minister Peter O’Neill says … – ABC
  • Manus Island violence: Witness says guards attacked asylum … – ABC
  • Manus Island riot: Body of asylum seeker Reza Berati to be … – ABC
  • Morrison under fire over Manus Island riot – ABC
  • The morality of Manus Is can no longer be avoided..- ABC
  • Manus Island riot: a plague on both your houses – The Drum (aka ABC)
  • Manus Island riot: Body of asylum seeker Reza Berati to be returned to Iran.- ABC
  • Candlelight vigils held for slain asylum seeker Reza Berati who died on Manus Island- ABC
  • Former Sri Lankan military officer Dinesh Perera now acting manager of Manus Island – detention centre. – ABC
  • Manus Island death: New information suggests detainee’s fatal injury suffered inside detention centre.- ABC
  • Manus Island unrest: PNG prime minister Peter O’Neill says locals not involved in detention centre violence.- ABC

Of course the big lie is those illegals who have had $5000 cash to pay people smugglers to queue jump for a better economic life in Australia, are not illegals at all but poor asylum seekers fleeing persecution.

Scott has many media outlets to propagandise his campaign reaching to a national captive audience – ABC radio and television news stations, The Drum, Insiders, Q&A…  Goebbels could have only dreamt of such saturation mind power over the nation.

Dare criticise Scott’s agenda and you are out on a limb – consider columnist Piers Akerman, earlier this month being struck off the ABC’s Insider political programme, after a call to Scott from Gillard.

Scott would prefer to cover Leftist GetUp’s staged candle lit rally in Melbourne, supporting the agendas of illegal immigrants with $5000 cash to pay for illegal boat passage into Australia.   For Scott, it is vitally important to use all of its powers to repress the truth.

The ABC will air to TV the Greens call for Scott Morrison to resign as Minister, because Morrison has managed to stop the boats.  The hypocritical Greens said nothing when under Greens Labor 1000 illegals died at sea.  Greens Labor invited the boats – 50,000 of the illegal bastards who’ve since contaminated urban Australia and sucked taxpayer welfare dry.

But when Mark Scott and his ABC machine take sides against the Australian Navy, publishes classified intelligence material to harm Australia’s diplomatic relations with Indonesia.

It is Mark Scott who needs to resign.  Abbott’s Leftist Communication Minister, Malcolm Turnbull is the real wimp in this affair.   Sooner or later one will fall on his dagger.

Malcolm Turnbull and Julia Gillard