Lalor’s Susan Jakobi – “I will end the drug catastrophe on Australian families”

Australia First Party candidate, Susan Jakobi, is contesting the Federal Election in 2019 in the electorate of Lalor in Victoria in the west of Melbourne.  The Federal Division of Lalor is located to the west of Melbourne in old grazing country north of Port Phillip Bay.  The electoral seat is centred around Werribee and includes adjoining sprawl suburbs of Hoppers Crossing, Tarneit, Truganina, Wyndham Vale and part of Point Cook.

A stalwart for Australia First Party since 2016, Susan Jakobi contested Lalor in 2016 receiving some 3232 votes, then again stood for the Victorian state electorate of Cranbourne in 2018 to try to boot out anti-Australian leftist Premier Daniel Andrews.


Ms Jakobi knows well the Lalor electorate and community concerns which extend across Australia.

Afflicting many Australian families is the scourge of drugs, mainly imported by foreign ethnic gang organised crime syndicates, who bottom feed on our vulnerable innocent Australian youth and under-privileged and devastating their work prospects and loved ones.

We are pleased to update Australian’s on Ms Jakobi’s Electoral Platform for 2019.

No, it’s not the Liberal-National’s $125 one-off token discount on increasingly unaffordable electricity and gas bills for senior Australians.  It’s not Greens-Labor’s pie in the sky unaffordable electric cars mandate for 2030.

Australia First Party policy goes to the core of what ordinary Australian families need.

Ms Jakobi proudly pledges:

My Drugs Abuse Eradication Programme 

  1. Introduce Parental Authority for compulsory detoxification of addicts under a Peoples Commission for Drug Addiction.
  2. The Drug Eradication Programme to be funded from monies reallocated from Foreign Aid in the 2019 Federal Budget. – Australians First!
  3. The Peoples Commission to be Authorised under the Department of Defence, with paid delegates from Family and Community Organisations, and representatives from Public Service Departments.
  4. The Commission to develop facilities to provide physical and psychological health recovery services for addicts; and to extend into medical, residential, employment, and lifestyle activities under ongoing supervision.
  5. Recovered addicts to be guaranteed continuing, productive full employment in a Public Work Service Corps, securing independence, integrity and self esteem.
  6. Australian Traditional Culture and Heritage Values to be reinstated to regain a purposeful, bonded and inclusive community. No future multicultism/plague immigration agenda.
  7. Drug Syndicates will forfeit assets, and continue at their own peril.
  8. If you don’t fight – you lose!



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