Holiday in Third World Bali if ya bonkers

Why would anyone want to endure Bali?  It’s cheap for a reason.  It’s a Third World Shithole.  Getting there with Alan Joyce’s cheap unreliable Jetstar is hit and miss, and then getting stranded in Denpasar Airport is irritatingly similar.

Stranded again in Bali with no travel insurance

At present, Bali’s Mount Agung volcano is spewing volcanic ash into the sky grounding all flights. With all that CO2 and sulphur, da Greens must be fuming.

Yesterday Denpasar airport cancelled 445 flights, including 196 international flights impacting about 59,000 passengers. So tens of thousands of foolish Australians are stranded, just like two years ago in July 2015 when Bali’s Mt Rinjani and Mt Raung did the ash thing. Seems the travel agents like STA Travel have short memories and flog Bali to unsuspecting young Australians.  It’s the commission stupid.

Mount Agung’s this time threatening to erupt, so stranded Aussies could be there for days or weeks until the massive ash cloud dissipates.

So stranded travellers are making makeshift beds on the terminal’s dusty floors. Others are getting a dodgy Third World sweaty bus to Surabaya some ten hours away to connect to a dodgy string of ferries and flights across Indonesia.

And the local flights are flown by Third World Indonesian pilots.

Good luck. Even AirAsia and AirAsia X flights in and out of Bali and Lombok have been cancelled, and they usually fly through anything.

Insurance Council of Australia’s spokesman Campbell Fuller said “should travellers find themselves affected by flight cancellations to and from Bali due to volcanic activity, they are urged to contact their travel provider in the first instance regarding alternative arrangements”.

He said that while travel insurance policies varied, “in many instances, travel insurance policies will cover financial losses caused by cancellations or substantial delays brought about by circumstances beyond the customer’s control”.

However, travel agents said that cover ceased on most polices last week.

Some 75,000 people have fled the area surrounding the volcano and are now living in shelters across Bali. The volcano which last erupted in 1963 killing almost 2000 people.

Shithole or what?

Ya must be bonkers to go to Bali anyway.

  • The island of Bali, Lombok and Indonesia generally is Third World – primitive, backward, broke, corrupt, lacking sanitation, lacking civilized amenity and infrastructure, lacking law and order, lacking democracy, lacking government interest, lacking morals, lacking everything that First World Whites take for granted back at home.
  • The brochures and postcards are eye candy lies
  • It’s run by backward Indonesians, who hate Australians
  • The water is shit – that’s why people get Bali Belly
  • The streets smell and are full of rubbish and rats and stray dogs that are sick or have rabies

  • Balinese just try to rip off tourists at every opportunity – you even have to haggle for an icecream
  • The toilets don’t flush – too First World!
  • The rice is toxic and the street vendors don’t know what hygiene is
  • The bars spike your drinks
  • The muslims blow you up
  • Indonesians can’t drive, especially scooters and there are no road rules anyway
  • If you get injured, you will die of infection in the hospitals – run by Indonesians
  • If you’re a White woman on a crowded Bali beach, groping Balinese masseurs constantly hound you for ‘touchy feely’
  • Money exchange brokers rip you off – count your fingers
  • They put drugs in you boogie board case
  • Yobs and outlaw bikies go there to deal in drugs like at the HD Bar on Jalan Patih Jelantik.

Bali is a bogan turps junket of paralytic bingeing and hooliganism. Jetstar direct to Denpasar cops onboard westie brawls all da time. The lads get shit-faced and facedown in a Kuta laneway with a Vespa idling on their back, else locked up with five drunk mates in Denpasar’s interrogation after a mid-air ruckus.

This type 2 fattie is a ‘unit’ alright.


Aussies are wiser to holiday in Australia instead.  Our beaches are better for starters and we actually have clean water and food standards.