5 June 2023

Australia First Party

The only truly Australia party for all true Australians.

Aussie Pride

Aussie Patriot Rally 18 July

Speak Up for Aussie Values.

Australia for Australians.

Aussie Flag Pride

  • Australians don’t want foreign Multi-cultism.
  • Australia is Democratic not Islamic.
  • One Australian Law not Sharia Law.
  • No to Burqas, Hijabs or Nijabs.
  • No Muftis, no Caliphs, no Caliphates.
  • No to Halal.
  • No Zakat to fund Radical Islam – it is all radical.
  • No to Pedophiles.
  • No to Rape.
  • No to Slave Girls.
  • No to the Qur’an (Allah’s mein kampf).
  • No to Underage Marriage.
  • No to Forced Marriage.
  • No to Polygamy.
  • No to Female Genital Mutilation.
  • No to Patriarchy and Subordination of Women.
  • No to Mosques.
  • No to Minarets.
  • No to Islamic Schools.
  • No to Dowries
  • Lefty anarchists can take their dumb support for Islamisation back to the Islamic World.

Aussie Pride

  • No to Gender Segregation.
  • No to Beheadings.
  • No to Stonings.
  • Not to Floggings.
  • No to Honour Killings.
  • No to Calls to Prayer.
  • Not to Fatwas.
  • No to Jihadis.
  • No to Islamomania.
  • No to Taking over streets with Prayer Mats.
  • No to terrorism – it is all Islamic!
  • Ban Islam in Australia and get a shave!

Ban Islam in Australia

News Flash:

Aussie Pride arrives from interstate