Defend true blue Australia from the Left’s evil islamisation

Aussie Pride

Aussie Patriot Rally 18 July

Speak Up for Aussie Values.

Australia for Australians.

Aussie Flag Pride

  • Australians don’t want foreign Multi-cultism.
  • Australia is Democratic not Islamic.
  • One Australian Law not Sharia Law.
  • No to Burqas, Hijabs or Nijabs.
  • No Muftis, no Caliphs, no Caliphates.
  • No to Halal.
  • No Zakat to fund Radical Islam – it is all radical.
  • No to Pedophiles.
  • No to Rape.
  • No to Slave Girls.
  • No to the Qur’an (Allah’s mein kampf).
  • No to Underage Marriage.
  • No to Forced Marriage.
  • No to Polygamy.
  • No to Female Genital Mutilation.
  • No to Patriarchy and Subordination of Women.
  • No to Mosques.
  • No to Minarets.
  • No to Islamic Schools.
  • No to Dowries
  • Lefty anarchists can take their dumb support for Islamisation back to the Islamic World.

Aussie Pride

  • No to Gender Segregation.
  • No to Beheadings.
  • No to Stonings.
  • Not to Floggings.
  • No to Honour Killings.
  • No to Calls to Prayer.
  • Not to Fatwas.
  • No to Jihadis.
  • No to Islamomania.
  • No to Taking over streets with Prayer Mats.
  • No to terrorism – it is all Islamic!
  • Ban Islam in Australia and get a shave!

Ban Islam in Australia

News Flash:

Aussie Pride arrives from interstate