Cranbourne Carlisle school principal Cheryl Irving accused of raising anti-Australians

Send your kids to Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School and watch them be steadily radicalized to hate Australia, to hate Australians and to reject our values.

In Melbourne’s outer south-east pasture come suburbia, the Third World have moved in.  Cranbourne school principal Cheryl Irving, who must be one of the few Anglo’s left, last week felt compelled to have her muslim flock observe Islamic Muharram instead of singing the Australian national anthem at assembly.

The kids at this public primary school are no older than 12 for goodness sake!   Yet Ms Irving actually invited all the Muslim children to walk out of assembly before the national anthem was played.  And so 40 of them did.

Can’t blame the kids.  They were just doing what they were told – becoming radicalized by do-gooding naive Ms Irving.

Australian National Flag

Cranbourne not so long ago was a regional country Victorian town well outside Melbourne originally situated on reclaimed swamp land.  The local Blacks were ‘moved on’ unceremoniously by colonial means.  Now the new colonists from the Third World are moving in – and the muslims are amongst them.

No doubt Ms Irving has probably replaced the photo of The Queen with the Prophet Mohamed to appease the Islamic parents.  Multiculturalism supplants the local for the foreign.

Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School - many cultures except AustralianA “good school” to send your child to be radicalized


Islamic Muharram supposedly a month long primitive ritual observing the death of some ancient Islamic preacher in Persia 1300 years ago.  But in Australia who gives a shi’te?

Next all the girls will be required to wear headscarves and be taught separately from the boys.  Sharia, FGM, preaching jihad next Ms Irving?

Labor’s Minister for Education in Victoria, James Merlino, has backed Ms Inving’s segregation decision claiming all schools must embrace foireign diversity, no matter how bizzare and anti-Australian.

James Merlino Minister for EducationThe Islamic finger points


Former president of the Islamic Council of Victoria, Ghaith Krayem: “No one, regardless of religion or ethnic background, should be forced to sing the national anthem.”  He would. Deport him!

Hizb ut-Tahrir (HuT) hate preacher Uthman Badar told a crowd of about 500 immigrant Muslims last Sunday in Sydney’s Islamic south west enclave. Badar instructed them that Muslim children in Australia should not be forced to sing the Australian anthem.

He would. Outlaw Hizb ut-Tahrir and deport the lot!

Uthman Badar

ASIO has identified a number of Islamic radicalizing schools across ethnic urban Australia, particularly Melbourne and Sydney.


Radicalizing schools in Sydney:

  • Epping Boys High School (17 year old jihadi preacher)
  • Condell Park High School (Ginger Jihadist)
  • Arthur Phillip High School (Jihadi 15 year old Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad – the Parramatta police shooter)
  • Sydney Boys High public school (teen wannabe jihadis radicalized by firebrand Sheikh Feiz Mohammed)
  • Sydney Islamic College

Numan Haider

Radicalizing schools in Melbourne:

  • Lyndale Secondary College, Dandenong North   (Endeavour Hills stabbing terrorist Abdul Numan Haider – image above)
  • Maribyrnong Secondary College
  • Darul Ulum College of Victoria, Fawkner
  • Ilim College, Broadmeadows (3 campuses)
  • King Khalid Islamic College of Victoria, Pascoe Vale
  • Minaret College, Springvale
  • Islamic College Of Melbourne, Tarneit
  • Al-Taqwa College, Truganina (Hoppers Crossing)
  • Al Siraat College, Epping
  • East Preston Islamic College, Preston
  • Australian International Academy of Education, Coburg North   (don’t be fooled by the name, it’s pure Islamic)
  • Dandenong South Primary School
  • Islamic Museum of Australia, Thornbury (teaches Islam to Islamic schools), funded by Australia Post CEO, Ahmed Fahour.
  • and now Cranbourne Carlisle Primary School.


Islam is an evil cult.  It is anti-Australian, murderous and must be banned nationally.


Julia Gillard encouraged islamic only educationAnd who let the breeding vermin, in?