Australian supremacist vies for Longman to keep Caboolture White

Having endured a long day of innuendo based smear-mongering over his campaign in the Longman by-election, Dr. Jim Saleam had to turn to Crikey’s big effort.  Crikey ‘journalist’ Charlie Lewis asks whether Dr Saleam can be allowed to run for parliament at all.

That’s a good one.

Mr. Lewis is convinced (sic) Dr Saleam is a White supremacist and a convicted criminal and he posits: Jim Saleam: why can a convicted criminal and former neo-Nazi run for parliament’ – Crikey  “Is a dual citizen really less eligible for parliament than someone convicted for organizing a racially motivated assassination attempt?

Charlie Lewis – unemployed smear journo

White supremacist“?

How about simply someone who rejects the ethnic cleansing by immigration of Australia’s European identity?  How about someone who simply rejects the intrusion of Chinese imperialism into Australia?  No, that is racism, and not just racism, but White supremacism.

Convicted criminal“?

Better he should look at the un-convicted criminals of Australia’s parliaments, but putting that swipe aside, whatever happened to journalistic inquiry?  If Dr Saleam was ‘convicted’ on the word of a mental patient or upon the word of a Royal-Commission-proven-corrupt political police officer – would he at least receive a reprieve?  Apparently – not!

Former neo-nazi“?

Well, that’s better than being a current one.  What if Crikey realised that just prior to a meeting held in Sydney last weekend (a forum ‘Beyond Hansonism’) a couple of neo-nazis caused damage to the Australia First Party’s headquarters building?   What if Crikey realised that this ganglet has some affinity to members of a former neo-nazi gang funded in part by a Liberal Party operator (caught on film saying it) and who targeted Dr Saleam personally and Australia First Party generally?  What would his slur mean then?

Assassination attempt“?

Dr Saleam always thought that the prosecution case against him run back in 1989-1991 was that two men committed an indictable assault and a malicious damage with a shotgun and that he and a fourth man had given them a gun and the orders. No attempted murder charge. No assassination attempt.

Time marches on and so does the ‘evidence’??   But now that Dr Saleam has a signed confession from one of the men that Dr Saleam was not involved in the crime and that the Special Branch officer made him say it – might the journalist take another course?  Why do that?  It gets in the way of a ripper yarn.

Should Dr Saleam be angry with journalists who are either liars or idiots?

On the contrary, this is a case of Dr Saleam’s profile being actually built by their lies.  As Australia First Party campaigners have found, an assortment of young voters seem to think that anyone talked about, as he is, must have something going for him.

Crikey is a dumpster for sacked Fairfax journos – Paddy Manning, Jonathan Holmes.  Dr Saleam says, “let me be direct: vote for ‘the assassin’ on July 28!

Meanwhile, it is understood Pauline Hanson gave a dinner invitation to Canadian AltRight impressario Lauren Southern, who is now on a speaking tour of Australia.

Southern arrived in Australia wearing a T-shirt emblazoned “It’s ok to be white.”

Implications: Pauline has some affinity with being “white” ; or perhaps, that Southern is some sort of nationalist.

We shall not speak for Miss Southern past a certain point to suggest her comments in Australia really will not assist the genuine nationalists because constructing a nationalist movement is not the intention of her listeners. However, we can and we will speak about Pauline. What does Pauline believe? Her meme says it all and would-be nationalists should remember it!

In the Longman by-election, One Nation is now flanked by Australia First Party.  Is Pauline up to tricks?

Liberal backer and financier, Rupert Murdock’s News Corp in its newspaper The Australian on July 13, 2018 ran a similar neo-Nazi slur article attacking Dr Saleam’s credibility to run for the Seat of Longman. The Australian’s political reporter Ben Packham, based well away in Canberra has run an article entitled ‘Vote for racist in Longman before LNP say unions‘.

The union movement is urging a vote in the Longman by-election for a self-declared white supremacist and convicted criminal ahead of Liberal National Party candidate Trevor Ruthenberg, in what’s been described as a leadership test for Bill Shorten.

Queensland Council of Unions general secretary Ros McLennan, touted as a future Labor candidate, has authorised election material telling voters: “On your ballot paper, number every box in order of your preference and put LNP Trevor Ruthenberg LAST.”

“Following the directive would mean putting Australia First Party candidate Jim Saleam, a former neo-Nazi, ahead of Mr Ruthenberg.”

Dr Saleam told the Courier Mail “I don’t deny that I am a white supremacist. I am saying to you that I am an Australian nationalist in the tradition of Henry Lawson.”  His top three campaign issues in Longman were ending immigration and the refugee intake; opposing all forms of overseas labour; and opposing Chinese imperialism in Australia.