Australian Greens hypocritical about CO2 emissions

Frothing climate alarmism:  “Australia needs to urgently and substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions, actively support international mitigation measures to reduce global emissions, and plan to adapt to climate change impacts which are now inevitable.”

Yeah, yeah.

Sydney Smoke like BeijingSo today Sydney’s blanketed in bushfire smoke, yet Da Greens are silent about its CO2 emissions.


Sydney smoke is not CO2 says Greens Greens:  “but it’s renewable smoke


Greens license to burn?  Ok, so burn more clean coal, stay warm!

Coal vilified by hypocrite Greens

Buy a coal fire burner for you home!  Bugger the solar and wind; this is serious winter!

Brickettes, the way to warm winterBrickettes, the way to warm your Aussie winter.