Australia First RESOLUTIONS for 2016

by Dr. Jim Saleam.


Well, Happy New Year to all.

Australia First Party looks forward to an expansive and active 2016.


I advance ten resolutions, an effective ‘wish’ list for 2016:


1. The Party shall re-apply for Federal registration no later than January 31 and achieve Federal registration again.

2. The Party shall open up a number of new social media outlets and branches in several locales throughout Australia, all squarely based upon activism.

3. The Party shall join an Australian Nationalist union or federation with other Nationalist parties and organisations to uphold Nationalist principles and ideals against the rival views of civic patriotism and Ziopatriotism.

4. The Party shall formally unite with one or more Australian Nationalist organisations.

5. The Party shall increase its formal membership regardless of its unification projects, by at least a third on current figures.

6. The Party shall contest the Federal poll and some Council polls throughout Australia, so as to develop itself organizationally.

7. The Party shall join the Alliance For Peace And Freedom, an association of Nationalist parties currently based in Europe.

8. The Party shall demonstrate in struggle that Nationalist principles and ideals cannot be actualised by even the most active of patriot groups pushing ‘anti Islamism’ as a substitute for anti-immigration struggle, asserting as they must and which leads to political confusion, a patriot consciousness instead of the nativist Nationalist ethos.

9. The Party shall demonstrate in struggle that Nationalist principles and ideals are not part of the fake conservative patriot movement and that we will overcome in struggle the plethora of Liberal Party ‘anti Islamic’ conservative satellites and win (at least) a part of this movement to Australian Nationalism.

10. The Party shall adopt a major pamphlet:

The True Cause Of Australian Independence‘ – this is currently being authored, as its guide to the Nationalist political struggle which is directed against Chinese imperialism and all other foreign influence in Australia.

Environmental Conservation is part of NationalismAustralian IDENTITY, INDEPENDENCE, FREEDOM