Anthony Main (union official, Leftie extremist, thug) charged by police with criminal damage

Melbourne’s number #2 Leftist thug and serial rabble-rousing mastermind Anthony Main has been charged with wilful damage to property under the Summary Offences Act.

Police issue Anthony Main with a court summonsVictoria Police detective hands protest organiser Anthony Main a court summons.


City of Yarra councillor, Mr Main, a resident of Collingwood, was handed a charge sheet by police as dozens of community members formed a picket line near a preliminary drill site in Fitzroy North.

It is alleged Mr Main damaged temporary fencing at a drilling site in Collingwood, but as a vocal member of the militant Socialist Party, he has accused police of targeting him when he was shouting abuse and ripping down private fencing.

Thug Anthony Main

Councillor Anthony Main


Main man:  “It highlights the point they (the police) don’t have much on us and that’s why they’re trying to change the laws to deal with us with these new move-on powers.”

Main has never had a proper job.  He likens himself to being a Professional Protester and has always relied on the public purse.

Socialist Party Anthony Main

Anthony Main is a serial peste. He has a history of Leftie extremism, violent street protests in Melbourne, and thuggery. He is a henchman only second to Stephen (the red wart) Jolly.

Yarra City Councillor Anthony Main