Warnervale Chinese Theme Park a deceitfully conceived Chinese invasion

Australia to be the 34th Province of China?


Warnervale Chinese Theme Park
Wyong Mayor proposes to impose a Communist China forbidden city on Wyong – what the..?


Amidst all of the fanfare surrounding the announcement of the proposed “Chinese Theme Park” (CTP) near Warnervale, on the New South Wales Central Coast there is a foul odour emanating – a stench of real rottenness. The Liberal Party’s Wyong Mayor, Doug Eaton and his “clique” are “in it up to their necks”.


We note that the residents of Wyong were never asked if they wanted this monstrosity in their Shire.  Eaton and his collaborators arbitrarily made that decision without any public consultation. It was conceived in secret.  This “Theme Park” will simply be IMPOSED upon the people.  DOING IT THE “LIBERAL WAY”!

Mayor Eaton claims that he is an “independent”, but he was in fact the Liberal Candidate for Dobel in the 1996 Federal Election, and is a well known identity in the “Inner Circle” of corrupt Liberal, Chris Hartcher.  Just like Labor’s Terrigal Right faction corruption all over again.  Eddie Obeid has a beach house in Terrigal. There must be something in the water around Terrigal.

In Laboral politics, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.  Mayor Eaton now finds himself embroiled in the Liberal “Election Donations Scandal” (‘Eightbyfive Slush Fund’), as a direct result of the company he keeps. Mayor Eaton has connections; Eaton referred his friend and Liberal stooge, Ray Carter (Hartcher’s long term staffer) to a “business man”, who, Eaton said, would give him a “donation”.

Read More:  http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/mayor-linked-to-donations-scandal-20130930-2uou6.html


Mayor Eaton himself is listed on the ICAC website as promising to donate between $40,000-00 and $60,000-00 to the Liberal Slush-Fund (but he’s an “Independent”, right ??!!) There is also the matter of Mayor Eaton offering to pay expenses for two Directors of Central Coast Mariners Soccer Club to accompany him to China.

Doug Eaton, Mayor of Wyong
Mayor Doug Eaton

  • Was this at the expense of Wyong Rate-payers?
  • Who ULTIMATELY PAID those travel expenses?
  • What was the REAL purpose behind that trip ?

Read More:  http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/mayor-linked-to-donations-scandal-20130930-Zuou6.html

Since these revelations have come to light, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has uncovered a network of corruption and deceit on the Central Coast involving the local Liberal “clique” and other would-be players.

It doesn’t end there for Mayor Eaton. There is also the highly suspicious matter of the Wyong Chinese Theme Park.


After the signing of the “sale of land agreement” with the Chinese (December 2012), Mayor Eaton said, “What this proposal will do, is turn the Wyong Shire into a tourist Mecca and bring millions of dollars worth of tourism into the area. Outside the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, this has the potential to be among the biggest tourist attractions in the state”.

We say that Mr Eaton’s reference to the Theme Park as a “Tourist Mecca” is dis-information at best, or just a full-blown “Con”, and that the Theme Park will initially be mainly an entertainment centre for numerous new Chinese residents who will move into the Wyong area, and thousands of Chinese students attending the nearby new University.

Asian Century

Mr Eaton also said there was “interest” in the Council’s concept for an Airport and the establishment of an “International” University at Warnervale. (Will the “Philosophy” of “Globalism” or “Communism” be at the heart of the “Curriculum” ??) “This is very much in the planning stage, but we are talking about 7,000 Students, both local and International, and Staff of 1,500”, he said. (“AUSTRALIAN” Staff ???)

Eaton does not reveal the interested, mysterious “international” Investor, but like the Orlando Theme Park, the Wyong Theme Park, and the Wagga Wagga Chinese Trade Centre, the Government of Communist China will have a controlling hand “on the tiller”.
Very handy for a foreign government to have a University and its own airport in Australia.

The reader will of course realise that the Theme Park, the Airport, and the University, ALL being “FOREIGN INVESTMENTS”, will pay NO TAX, and thus Australian Government Revenue will be less even though, in the general scheme of things, these enterprises will directly and indirectly benefit from various Government services which are paid for by the AUSTRALIAN TAXPAYER.

All of this is “GOOD FOR AUSTRALIA, RIGHT” ? Truly sound economics ?

Additionally, don’t expect many Aussies to be employed there. Most employees will be brought in from China.  Mr Bruce Zhong, Chairman of the Australia Chinese Theme Park Pty Ltd (ACTP Pty Ltd), said, “The park would provide between 1,500 and 2,000 jobs.”   (Mark Johanson, ibtimes 3.12.12).

We would ask Mr Zhong and Mayor Eaton, “jobs for whom? Mandarin-speaking only?


We’ve heard all of this before, in Wagga Wagga, during the Chinese Trade Centre fiasco, and we know how that turned out – a complete flop when the players were exposed as IMMIGRATION FRAUDSTERS and identities involved in the Joel Fitzgibbon Affair.

We wonder why Joel Fitzgibbon is still Federal member for Hunter after he was dumped as Defence Minister for his involvement with Chinese government spies, receiving gifts, dodgy
“donations”, trips to China and accommodation from these Chinese “developers” and Government Agents? (It’s beginning to look as though these types of “Ventures” can’t get “off the ground” WITHOUT the involvement of CORRUPT AUSTRALIAN POLITICIANS!  NOTE that these same “players” also offered “political campaign support” for some Councillors on Wagga City Council.

Read More:  http://www.dailyadvertiser.com.au/story/1639973/chinese-whispers-aired-at-council/

OVER 100 QUESTIONS put forward by concerned citizens of the Wagga Wagga community about the would-be “Chinese Trade Centre” project still remain unanswered.


Are the grandiose statements made by Wyong Mayor Eaton regarding the proposed Chinese Theme Park in Wyong to be believed? When we analyse an identical type of project in Orlando, Florida, USA, AND when we review the mysteriously un-answered questions concerning the failed Chinese Trade Centre at Wagga Wagga, we would think NOT!   (See: Wyong Shire Council webpage “Chinese Theme Park, some facts”.)

Ultimately, how many UNANSWERED QUESTIONS can we expect from Mayor Eaton and his collaborators ?? And, what ??? No Theme Park “Public Relations Committee” ?


This project was originally an idea of Josephine Chen, a Taiwanese-American school teacher and Real Estate Developer. It was neither her idea nor intention that “Splendid China“, a Chinese Theme Park for Orlando, Florida USA, was ultimately going to be a Communist Chinese Agency.


Chen negotiated a deal with CTS, controlled by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the China National Tourism Administration in 1989. The agreement was that Chen was to supply the land and management services and the Chinese government would construct the building, supplying labour and building materials.

In 1993, one week before the Theme Park was to open to the public, CTS bought out Chen, assuming full control.



Chen then saw that it was clear that they intended the Theme Park was to serve as a vehicle for Communist China’s propaganda. When the Theme Park opened, it was immediately met by protestors, including Buddhist Monks.

In 1995, the Pinellas County School Board in Florida USA, voted to ban trips to the “Splendid China” Theme Park.

In March 1996, at the eleventh demonstration against Chinese Communist Party propaganda relating to certain exhibits, five college students sat down and closed the front gate of the Theme Park, while a large crowd of demonstrators watched.

In April 1996, the Representative Assembly of 1996 Florida Teaching Professionals -NEA State Conference in Orlando Florida, passed a resolution to ban personal or school trips, by its members, to “Splendid China” Theme Park.   The resolution passed overwhelmingly.

In October 1997, the brother of the fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet (Takster Rinpoche), attended the twentieth demonstration at the Theme Park to commemorate the 48th anniversary of the takeover of Eastern Turkestan.

In March 1998, the Orlando Sentinel reported that Citizens Against Communist Chinese Propaganda asked US Attorney General Janet Reno and the US Department of Justice to investigate “Splendid China” for violation of the Foreign Agents Act.

In May 1999, it was reported that the Splendid China Theme Park was losing 9 million dollars a year and was deemed to be a commercial failure. Some forty six Chinese nationals working at the Theme Park requested political asylum in the U.S, claiming that they were being held at the Theme Park against their will.

In November 2000, the Orlando Business Journal reported: “Amid allegations of financial mismanagement, the former president (Sunny Yang) of the Splendid China Theme Park, has been sent back to China.”

In December 2003, the Theme Park closed. Since then the Theme Park lay in a state of disrepair, as vandals, thieves, arsonists and undesirables made it their playground. The property passed through several owners and in 2013 was bulldozed by “new owners”, a U.S “based” development company, who are said to be building apartments on the site.

Chinese in WyongBut the Australian corporate media won’t report this.


Of course Wyong Mayor Eaton knows the history of the Chinese Theme Park in Orlando, Florida.   And surely his Liberal mates have informed him of the fate of the Chinese Trade Centre at Wagga Wagga!  So, what’s the REAL STORY in Wyong ?

Mayor Eaton would have us believe that Packer’s Barangaroo Casino plays into the equation. Chinese are obsessed with gambling.   We say, indeed it does, but not for the reasons Mayor Eaton states. Mayor Eaton tells us, “The idea is the Chinese will come to Sydney to shop and play the Casinos, then make a short trip to Wyong to visit the Chinese Theme Park which pays homage to their home culture”.  Please, Mr Eaton! Enough with the deceptions.

Why would high rolling gamblers from China want to go to a Chinese Theme Park 80kms away from the casino?   Why would people want to see a Panda exhibit with no Pandas?

How, practically speaking, does Mayor Eaton propose getting hundreds of people from Sydney to Wyong and back – EVERY DAY and NIGHT – to keep the Theme Park viable?

How will the Chinese Theme Park benefit local residents of Wyong?

How will the Theme Park benefit the Shire of Wyong?

If this so-called Chinese Theme Park is to be a true display of Chinese culture, will we see exhibits of the “Cultural Revolution-Red Guards” with the grizzly “executions” by mobs on the street, Cheng Guan (Council “Cops”) clubbing poor street pedlars to death on the street, Uighurs and Tibetans being brutalised, live organ harvesting from non-consenting Falun Gong members, forced labour camps, torture and executions, fleets of Communist
China’s white EXECUTION VANS ?

Perhaps the Communist China Government will proudly admit that this Theme Park is actually funded from the proceeds of their lucrative Organ-Harvesting “Programme” involving the murder of thousands of Falun Gong.


We also note the Chinese Foreign Affairs Office and Office of Overseas Affairs are involved in the Wyong Theme Park, just like in Orlando Florida.

In fact, the Chinese Travel Bureau will set up shop at the Wyong Theme Park. The real “theme” to this park is a Communist Chinese Command Centre, for espionage, recruitment of “Agents”, and other Chinese government operations. It will have links to other Chinese operations around the nation, the Chinese Embassy in Canberra (operation central) reporting to and taking orders directly from -Beijing.

Warnervale Chinese Theme Park owned by Chinese Government

We note the “Communications Interests” ‘attached’ to this venture. And we look forward to perusing the detailed Plans – Architectual Drawings – and Specifications of the complex
when they are APPROVED.


Since the Chinese Cultural Revolution first began, people have been and continue to be persecuted, tortured, humiliated and murdered by the Communist China Regime. The situation in Tibet, the issue of the Falun Gong prisoners of conscience , the Uighur people and the persecution of Christians – are all cases of Chinese repression.

Currently in China, a “Production line” of LUCRATIVE live organ harvesting (Murder !!) from thousands of non-consenting “Donors” (per year) continues, churches are being demolished, and forced labour camps of Torture and Organ-Harvesting are the order of the day. There are 36 such Camps. It is a highly organised HOLOCAUST!

We question the “Thanksgiving Temple” exhibit at the proposed Wyong Theme Park, as to how it fits with this culture?   It sure is an ambitious “propaganda” exercise, but propaganda is not the ultimate and entire goal here. And WHY the interest in dealing with such a repugnant, sub-human regime ?


This is about the acquisition of land and transforming Australia into a Chinese state. Mayor Eaton and his ilk don’t care, as they are all too willing to assist. They have money on their minds for themselves via future high paid jobs courtesy of the “investors” they assist now, just like Eric Roozendal, Bob Hawke and many other Australian politicians. It matters not
if they are Liberal or Labor, as both are the self-seeking running dogs of the Chinese. After all, Corruption, Greed, Betrayal and Treachery ARE the “Hallmarks” of today’s Australian politicians.

We say, you won’t get the clamouring crowds Mayor Eaton’s propaganda suggests, because that is not what this is really about. The Wyong Chinese Theme Park is another farcical sham, seemingly a growing trend amongst cashed up Chinese State Agents and greedy, treacherous Australian politicians.

Many of these whiz-bang “developments” are situated in areas of rapidly growing acquisitions, by the Chinese, of residential areas and other lands and “investments” around the nation. Once the Chinese take hold of residential areas in numbers, Australians will never occupy those areas again. Those “captured areas” will become China cities. This is a key factor in the location of this Chinese Theme Park at Wyong.

We predict that the Chinese who come to Wyong will not be tourists, but permanent residents, as they buy up local real estate, just as we see happening in Sydney and elsewhere, pricing all others out of the market by inflating the price of residential properties. This explains the mega theatres and bars slated for the Theme Park. It is to accomodate the soon to be millions of new Chinese residents. The sceptics may care to  Google “China Cities in USA”.

Read More:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2518571/Mysterious-proposal-build-Americas-China-City-Upstate-NY.html

Whilst browsing on those websites, there are “interesting” comments posted including some from Americans living and working in Mainland China. Your “Politically-Correct” Complacency may be in for a severe jolt, because we are witnessing the groundwork for a “China Cities” beginnings here in Australia, filled with Mainland Chinese replete with their “delightful” characteristic Mainland “behaviour”.  Do ENJOY!


When the Chinese “take over” the Wyong area, the Shire Council will be wholly Chinese. Then their numbers will ensure that the State MPs and MLAs for that State Electorate, will be Chinese. Not much later, the Federal MP for the Electorate, will also be Chinese. Extend this pattern to all the areas around Australia where they’ve chosen to settle in hordes, and their “influence” in all levels of Government multiplies.

How many short years do we have before they ARE the State Government and the Federal Government?

Can you imagine an easier form of invasionary take-over? And tomorrow will you still vote for the treacherous political Parties who, with malice aforethought, premeditated and facilitated this treason?

When the Chinese BECOME the Governments of Australia, “their” 34th Province,

1).  It will be Communist China in charge, ruling through its stooges in Australia ?? After all, consider how much of our wealth-producing assets and territory China, by then, will have bought, AND also the, by then, hordes of Mainland China Citizens in Australia who’ll happily serve “Mother China”. Thus, how long would it then take for China to announce that it had taken possession, remove our Flag and hoist their own, announce that the
National Language will be Mandarin, and wheel in its Military hordes ??

2). Do you think we’ll fare any better than the Tibetans, the Uighurs, the Falun Gong, Christians, and un-wanted babies in “benevolent” Communist China ??

I can hear the worn-out echo of the treacherous politicians’ refrain, “This will be good for Australia !!”

More to the point, how many short years will it be before the European Australian AND the Koori WILL NO LONGER BE EVEN A MEMORY ?? There is no longer the luxury of time to dither or to ignore this problem.

Read More:


We make note of an interesting pattern that is forming.  All of these so-called Australian listed companies (Chinese investors, developers) are vehicles for Chinese Imperialism, frontmen to acquire assets for the Chinese government.

Chinese Invasion of Australia

These are not private businesses, because the Chinese Communist Regime hand picks these Agents. All these “companies”, these so called private investors, list their company with ASIC for a specific purpose or operation in mind, yet none of these companies are long standing. They are “Johnny-come-latelys” designed to serve the intended immediate purpose.

In the case of the Australia China Theme Park Pty Ltd, it was previously known as the ‘Australian Chinese Cultural Foundation’ (ACCF) – a Propaganda “Front”. The people behind the Wyong Theme Park scheme changed their name from ACCF and registered with ASIC as ACTP Pty Ltd for the specific purpose to act as the Agents and front men on behalf of the Communist Chinese government.

In typical Communist style, ACCF served as a propaganda arm for the Chinese government and enlisting agents on the local scene. Their mission complete, they move on to the next phase.This is not a benign, or private investment; it is to be another acquisition of the Communist Chinese state.

Mayor Eaton said, “The developers were Australian based Chinese, but they will raise money through government support in China”. Mayor Eaton is compliant with this DEVIOUS deception. With him, it’s “Buyer beware”…………all the way!

Read More:  http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/great-theme-park-of-china/story-e6frewt0-1226020393874


ACTP Ptd Ltd (formerly ACCF), want to dismantle a 300 year old Ming dynasty building in China and reassemble it at Wyong. One of the Directors and Secretary of ACTP Pty Ltd Amanda Li said: “It will become Australia’s oldest building”. That should confuse future archaeologists and help to re-write history.

Indeed, that has already happened in Young in NSW. The traitor class promote all of this subversion to the extent of re-writing Australian history. The history of Lambing Flat Uprising at Young, has this year been re-written so that it is now to be remembered as a “celebration” of Chinese culture. Australians know that this is not what the Lambing Flat
Uprising was about.

Lambing Flat Riot 1861This is just the start.  These political prostitutes – like Mayor Eaton and associated collaborators – are aiding and abetting the Chinese regime to take over Australia, and to deceitfully “condition” Australians to accept this Treachery.

Why? They are intoxicated by imagined power, and by greed; they have scant regard for Australians or Australian heritage. Like all Con-men, they believe that they are smarter than their would-be victims. These traitors intend to assist the Chinese State to make
Australia the 34th Province of China.

An observation concerning the 300 year-old Ming Dynasty building :- This is obviously the property of the Communist China State, and possibly a priceless piece of antiquity. Realistically, could anyone imagine that the Communist China State would frivolously put this into the possession of ANY overseas Business?  Businesses collapse, amalgamate, get taken over etc, and who knows WHO precisely winds up in possession of the assets?  Clearly the company involved in the promotion of the Theme Park is a temporary “Front”, and ultimately the real owners of the Theme Park will be revealed to be the Communist China Government. ONE MORE PIECE OF AUSTRALIAN TERRITORY CEDED TO COMMUNIST CHINA.


For those with eyes to see, it is well past the time when the improper actions of individuals involved in these and similar seedy ventures be brought before an appropriate “Authority”. How much more evidence do Australians need in order to satisfy them that ventures such as this Theme Park and indeed many other Foreign “Investments”(?) are slowly enacted “Policies” deliberately designed to defraud Australians out of the wealth
and wealth-producing assets of their Country, and their Sovereign ownership of Australia?

At what “Referendum” did Australians agree to the progressive mass occupation by Chinese or other Foreigners, and or to the sell-off of Australia’s territory and wealth-producing assets to non-citizens and to Foreign Governments?

Similarly, when did Australians agree to Globalism – indeed, when was it ever fully explained to them?

And when did Australians ever agree to the pernicious “Policies” devised to deliberately drive our Businesses and Industries “Off-shore”?

It is crystal-clear that we have gone from being almost entirely self-sufficient as a Nation, to being now in an almost complete state of dependency, and our politicians now work tirelessly to place the rest of Australia’s wealth-producing assets into Tax-exempt foreign hands whilst simultaneously punishing our Youth, Pensioners and Battlers because they,
the politicians, have killed off the very Revenue-base which would have supported all government services and programmes.

Others who tried to warn us about these matters years ago, were ridiculed, by the politicians and media, and held to be “Conspiracy Theorists”, and the general public happily went along with that.

There’s no denying now, that the earlier warnings were correct, for we now exist in the disastrous circumstances summarised above, thanks to the real and dedicated Conspiracy of our major Political Parties across more than 4 Decades, and thanks to the vast numbers among the public who continued to vote these traitorous Parties into office.

Try laughing when eventually the “new-comers” own everything, when they overwhelm us with their numbers, when they are effectively the “Government”, and when we or our Sons and Daughters have NOTHING, are DESTITUTE, and totally at their mercy.


It doesn’t take much to review the “Policies” and events which have brought our country to its present woeful state, and it is clearly no mere “accident” that we are now in our present circumstances. That being so, then we are here by “Design”, i.e., we are victim of a CONSPIRACY!

Our “Elected Representatives” have facilitated, overseen and managed the acquisition and expansion of Chinese (and other Foreign) “investments” in Australia to the detriment of Australians and Australian interests.

So, who will stand to save us from these home-grown traitors?

  • ICAC?
  • The Australian Federal Police?
  • Ombudsmen?
  • Australia’s head of state, ceremonially the Governor General?
  • The party political Federal Attorney General?
  • Our PM?
  • ASIC?
  • Our High Court?

Those persons or leaders of those respective bodies are all appointed by the corrupt and treasonous politicians, so don’t count on them to risk their “bread and butter” by doing “the right thing”.

So that just leaves ordinary Australians to protect Australia. Vote them OUT of office – ALL of them!   If we had an honest Justice system not controlled by politicians, the traitors who have brought our country to its knees would be permanently removed from office with loss of all Pay and Entitlements, have their assets confiscated, have their Australian Citizenship removed, and be jailed for the rest of their lives just to ensure that they don’t fall into cosy “Pay-off Jobs” with those whose enterprises they earlier fostered via their corrupt behaviour whilst “in office”. In earlier ages of history, such traitors would have been be-headed.


We would call for the sacking of Mayor Eaton, his supportive Councillors, and the Council Management at Wyong Shire Council.

Similarly, we would call for the removal of all other politicians and public servants supporting such other seedy foreign ventures in Australia as this Wyong Theme Park.

An immediate Inquiry into the ASIC Registration of oxymoronic “Australian-Chinese” businesses should be commenced. The pattern of acting as “front-men” for an enterprise which is going to end up in the hands of or under the control of the Communist China Government, is not acceptable.

Precedent Law should be established to prevent such covert schemes as the Wyong Theme Park and the Chinese Trade Centre at Wagga Wagga.

But don’t expect any action from the treacherous politicians who fostered the promotion of such ventures.


We encourage all groups and individuals who have concerns about this so-called Theme Park in Wyong to participate in the resistance against it.

All objectors will not necessarily share the same reasons. That doesn’t matter. Add your voice to the clamour.


Eureka Flag - a symbol of democracy

  • Put placards up in your front yard and your business premises saying “NO THEME PARK AT WYONG”, “EATON – OUT NOW !”, “WYONG COUNCIL – ELECTIONS NOW !”
  • Call Community meetings to generate positive, active community interest in the issue.
  • Place community advertisements in local media calling for the Theme Park to be scrapped, and the Council to be kicked out.
  • Swamp the Council with Emails of Protest against this Theme Park.
  • Hand out leaflets in the street and drop in letter-boxes.
  • Challenge increases in Council Rates.
  • Demand the names of Councillors who supported the Theme Park project.
  • Ostracise the guilty Councillors in the street or where-ever you see them.
  • Write or Email the Council, air your objections and “invite” them to resign and call an Election.
  • Ask Mayor Eaton how he expects Rate-payers to trust his judgement and “Integrity” when he’s under investigation for Corruption – AND, when he can’t even tell the truth about the purposes of the Theme Park, the Airport, and the University.
  • Discuss the matter with friends and neighbours to generate their support.
  • Complain on Talk-back Radio, write letters of complaint to Newspapers and to politicians.
  • Don’t accept the glitzy “fob-offs” from media or politicians.
  • Get involved in street “Protests”.
  • Ignore the “Political-Correctness” intimidation – it’s just words, NOT “Law”. At next  Election, remember the “Mainstream” Political Parties which fostered the Theme Park.



In the words of Edmund Burke:-  “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing… When bad men combine, the good must associate, else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle”.

If we fail to resist the Wyong Theme Park project, there will be lots of time, retrospectively, to review the then provable accuracy of the warnings herein…. don’t forget to turn the lights out when you leave !