The Victorian government has banned this year’s Anzac Day commemorations in the garden state two months out from the day citing fears over C-19 for their decision. The same exclusions were enacted in NSW and other states including Victoria during the panic of 2020.

However, the obvious criticism being levelled against the Andrews’ government is its blatant hypocrisy in allowing an unnecessary Black Lives Matter protest and an unpatriotic ‘Invasion Day’ gathering to go ahead, regardless that at the time the alleged recorded cases were at their peak.

With only 11 supposed cases active in Vic, and given that this decision has been made two months ahead of schedule, many are drawing a comparison with the extreme ideology espoused through the Andrews’ government support for anti-Australian causes, while disrespecting anything emblematic of national pride. For a government that took the breathtakingly disloyal step of issuing an apology to the Chinese people over the anti-Chinese risings of the goldfields era, it fits a disconcerting pattern.

Yet, the government has unusual backers for its unpopular decision, such as RSL chief executive Jamie Twidale who told the Herald-Sun, “With COVID the way it is, and the restrictions, and the difficulty in organising such a large public event, we just didn’t feel it was in the public’s best interest.”

Given his remarks, it wouldn’t be unfair for RSL members to call for this man’s resignation. He is complicit in the C-19 hysteria which both Qld and Vic have used as excuses to assume authoritarian powers independent of federalism.

“We understand though that a lot of veterans will be very disappointed, and commemoration will still happen,” he added. By this, he means, it will be limited to key personnel and that truncated ceremony televised, while Victorians wishing to honour our dead soldiers and living veterans will be confined to the end of their driveways; assuming they have a driveway.

Callers to 3AW, Melbourne’s popular talkback channel, expressed their anger. Dave an ‘angry veteran’ argued, “They can have their Black Lives Matter marches … this year there will be no march in the CBD and the dawn service at the march will be a closed inner-sanctum activity.”

Dave’s sentiments were echoed by Karen, who told the compare, “I’m beyond angry … just incensed by the changes.”

COVID-19 has been a cover for social re-engineering on a global scale and the Andrews government is a perfect fit for the global-resetters. His record of anti-Australian bias is the worst in the country and the man shows no signs of toning down his disgust for this nation and anybody who pertains to the “old ways.”

Anzac Day has a significance which is often shrouded by the jingoism that masks the underlying tragedy and betrayal of Australians sent to be killed in wars we had no business being involved in. Yet, it is one of the last vestiges of Australiananity that the political classes have allowed us. Both it and Australia Day, are well in the crosshairs of the multiracialists who cannot permit any trace of national cultural identity to remain if Australia is to be absorbed into the globosphere.

After all, it is those we mistakenly call ‘The Left’ who have full control of the cultural bank.